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We're we misinformed...AGAIN?!


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My dad has Stage IV BAC and his doctors told him the one good thing about this particular cancer is that there is no mets beyond the lungs...that it would spread bilaterally in the lungs but not to other organs. Please tell me, even if it's not what I want to hear!!! :cry:

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I was told my stage 1 BAC was "the best kind of cancer to have". :roll::roll:

And I am being monitored consistently for any mets outside of the lung. I was told it could travel outside the lung, but it also could develop new tumors elsewhere in the lung. Hope this answered your question.


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I receive CT scans of the chest, pelvis and abdomen, PET Scans, NEOTECT Scans, MRIs of brain, blood tests to watch for changes, the CA125 Tumor marker test, because it has been useful in determining increased tumor.

BAC can and does sometimes travel outside the confines of the lungs, but typically it remains within the lungs.

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