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our story continued

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the internet is a blessing and a curse, as i type this I am sat waiting for news, my partner and i were chatting online and she stopped talking, pains in her left hand and left chest, cant beleive this is happening. I have to be strong but god knows its getting harder each minute. but at least I know she knows I am here for her. she knows I love her. just hope her mind and spirit can fight though this and it is nothing major, she only had a double valve replacement days ago then found out stage 2 cancer on lungs as well. pray. god whatever your plan show your hand.

have to beleive this is a blip and no more. and have to take solace i was there for her.

chersih what time you have, cherish the love, make sure you take each god given chane to let them know you love them.

waiting for news is crippling, any wise words welcome sat here alone waiting not knowing this is not easy.

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I don't think there is anything worse than waiting for news, and there is certainly nothing good to say about lung cancer. Stage 2 is generally treatable with surgery and possibly some chemo/radiation. Did they find the LC because of the heart surgery? If so, perhaps it was a blessing in disguise. Please let us know how you are both doing. This is a great site, with lots of caring people.


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Tony, how awful for you to have this happen in this manner so soon on the heels of the other health incidents. Best I can offer is the old adage, no news is good news. But truthfully, I'm the worst waiter (no pun intended) in the world. Hang in there and keep us posted.

Judy in KW

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Hi Tony,

Stage II is a "good stage" if you can say that about lung cancer. I hate lung cancer. But as Diane said, it is very treatable. And as you get to know us here, you see many of us that have survived much more severe cases. That should give you and Sue a lot of hope.

Waiting is the worst. I'm not a good waiter either KW Judy.

Judy in MI

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Hi well iam here just had bit of panic attack now back fieghting again yes i had my heart op and is how it was found it is now know to be stage 3 after all the tests and is not lookking to hopefull i am trying every way poss for a way out of this and yes so hard being away from i had moved out here to be with family but had then decided was going to goi back to uk to be with tony then had heart probs went into hospital and here we are. dont know if or when i will get back is a waitting game on my health at min know we are odd in our sitution hope u dont mind us joining ur group tony found u online one day while waitting for me would like to say thank u for all ur kinds words and i wish u all the best god bless u sue x

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