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Morning All! Heater back on for the chilly 61 again this morning. Checked the weater for our NJ friends who are due down tomorrow. It will be about 69 the next few day, up to 74 I think on Wednesday. Hope it's nice for them. They drove down and it's a LONG drive from the mainland, never mind from NJ.

I'm caught up in the office again and I think the last load of wash is in the washer. Will get ready and go to town to run errands and hopefully stop and see my dear deceased Jim's family who are also from NJ. We are having a real run on NJ people this year.

Hope you all have a great day.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 28 degrees when I got up this morning. Forecast high is 63. It's supposed to be over 70 degrees in the afternoons for the next week or so.

Rose went to work this morning, but her cold is bad enough it's a safe bet we'll be staying home tonight. I'm just going to tinker around the house all day and take it easy.

Have a great Saturday, all!

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Good morning all, haven't ventured outside yet - in fact I haven't even really gotten up yet cause once I do I'll have to wake the nephew and get motivated. I haven't heard from my mom and I was hoping she would call and say come pick her up - I am so hoping they are gonna let her out. I think that they are either thinking she had a heart attack or an anxiety attack. Lots and lots of testing going on but she is feeling better so they should let her go darn it.

Judy I know we are going to have a fairly nice week - temperatures well above freezing so it will be a nice week. Laundry, I need to get up and do a load of that too - I'm hoping that the dryer will take care of all the wrinkles in the kids dress shirt so I don't have to iron - which ranks right up there with cleaning.

Bud, I hope Rose feels better - If it's anything like was going around up here that I had I can assure you she will only feel like dying a couple of days.

Katie - glad you made your flight and take it a little easy it si the weekend - us workaholics have to have a little "us" time.

Anyway - time to get motivated.


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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Beautiful spring like day here just back home from Glasgow,warm enough that I didnt wear my jacket,just shirt and jersey,oh oh dont say that Eric,they will pounce,of course also shoes and trousers.

Went into Trailfinders to pay for my flights and rail pass,the guy wanted me to provide him with a list of my intinery,where I am going,how many days I am spending at each stopover,this was in order to book all my hotels in advance.I did try,but its too difficult,how can one decide if you have never been to America before?I mean New York for three days?or Boston for two days?you told me there are 18 buildings in the Smithsonian Museum to visit,so how many days in Washinton DC?.I have now got to the stage is the North route west of Chicago the best one,for me?I do want to see the dinosaurs in Montana,and the Crow and Blackfeet Native Americans,but maybe,the other routes would be better?Yosmite and the Giant Redwoods,Las Vegas,Grand Canyon not forgetting New Orleans.

So no booking hotels in advance until I get there,has anyone been to Montana and can fill me in a bit versus the other choices?

Had a super night at Ethils? 50th birthday party last night,its great to see all the extended family having a good time to-gether,my brother Stewart (Ethils husband)and I had lots of stories to share since we last met,dont see him very often,parties and the like,must try to make ammends.His son is in his third year at Uni,going back for a forth year to take his Honours,he introduced me to his girlfriend,she is here studying the same Business Degree as young Stewart,she is absolutley potty for him,they are both going back to Beijing this summer to meet the parents,this girls English is so good,its unbelievable this is her first time out of China.

Its Mia's first birthday today,a party for the kids this afternoon,I am going with Sally for the adults party tonight,oh I know why I crashed out last week,but its all great fun.

I have just remembered,when I was at church last Sunday,Bob asked me if I could come earlier to set up the tables for the mens breakfast Saturday next,7.00am would be just great says he,no problem Bob you can count on me.Bob will miss this event for the first time in years,his wife Ann,a lovely woman, has just been diagnosed with breast cancer,which unfortunately has spread to other parts of her body,she is going through radio therapy just now,but the prognosis isnt good.To my absolute horror,despite my reassurance to Bob I clean forgot all about the breakfast until now,crumbs,I am going to feel so badly at church to-morrow,what on earth am I going to say to everyone,dont you wish sometimes a big hole will come along and swallow you up?

Katie, remember,all work no play make's jill a dull girl,congratulations on twenty years married,have a great day on Monday.

Must dash,its 5.45pm here got to pick up Sally at work again at 6pm,we are going straight into Craig and Lorna's house for Mias party.Have fun everyone with the rest of Saturday,any plausable excuses for forgetting mens breakfast,would be most welcome,before church to-morrow.

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Hi all,

Thanks for the kindness in my scan time update. I didn't hear from them and not going to worry about it because something much more important happened yesterday that took all the worry from me. Funny how when life slaps you in the face, you figure out priorities and get them straight.

My husband's business closed yesterday. I won't go into the details, but it was circumstances beyond our control. So last night was one of going through the budget, figuring out what to cut, what's important, and planning the next few months finances, and what that is going to look like. Fortunately my health insurance is good for two more months.

The exciting part is we get to explore our options. And now that I'm not doing that 3 day a week volunteer job, I'll be able to help him in any way that he needs. It's an exciting time for us! We've always paid our savings account like it was a regular monthly bill, for those "just in case" times when the unexpected happens. So we should be good for 3 or 4 months. I'm sure whatever opportunity we find will present itself in that time.

So, our weather is going to turn dramatically soon. Predictions of 40's are in the near future. With all the snow we got, we'll have lots of flooding for sure. Not near us. But we have this awesome river called the Grand River (hence the name Grand Rapids for our big city). When we get a fast snow melt the Grand gets mighty and big.

Eric you sound so busy as usual. Good for you. Sounds like things are going well with Sally. That is good too.

Annette, I'm with you. Once I post this, I must get into that laundry room and get moving. Have about 5 loads to get through. I don't mind doing laundry and always get a nice sense of accomplishment with it's all done. I'm with you on the dryer timing. When I have shirts that I don't want to iron, I take them out of the normal load, and then put them in all together, and set my timer, to remind me to go in a check them, pull them out and hang them up! I ABHOR ironing. ABHOR is not a strong enough word for it. LOL

Katie, do take time to smell the flowers. Life is so short. Leave the house messy and enjoy peace and quiet with your husband and kids. I cracked up at your locusts and flooding comment! Truly.

Bud I hope Rose is feeling better. I agree with Annette. I am getting over my cold now, only a couple days where I wondered if it was going to do me in! :D

Judy I hope that weather is gorgeous for you friends from the great wild North! Have fun!

Well, off to the laundry I go! Have a good day folks!

MI Judy

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Slightly overcast today with no wind for a change. It has been windy all week and yesterday it was snowing as well. So made for a miserable day doing outside chores. The animals stayed in their shelters most of the day.

It was a good excuse for me to get doing some inside work. My daughter asked me to build a change table/dresser combination. She is due in 3 weeks and may even be early so I guess I better get to it.

Now Becky I'm not sure how things went from your spring mud to mud wrestling to me wearing Eric's tutu but I'm still holding you responsible for starting it. LOL Well along with your sidekicks Judy in KW and Annette.

Good to see that you are looking at the positives of your husband's business closing Judy MI. Opens up lots of new opportunities.

Hope Rose is feeling better Bud

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I don't usually make it to the "day's air" while it's still "today" - and am already feeling guilty because everyone else seems so ambitious doing laundry, chores etc. I meant to . . . not sure what happened . . . maybe tomorrow? It has been sunny here for several weeks (I love it - very unusual), but still cold - at least to me - mid 50s during the day. Probably not cold to Bruce, Bud or MI Judy.

Eric - I was born in Montana and spent most of my life in DC until moving to Oregon. I lost count of how many times I've been to the Smithsonian - and still haven't seen the whole thing. If you are going to go to Montana, Glacier Nat'l Park is a must see and the "Going to the Sun" road - if you don't mind heights that is. Also worth seeing is the Little Big Horn Battlefield - but unfortunately it's on the other side of the state. And as an Oregonian, I'd be run of out the state if I didn't mention Crater Lake. Don't forget Yosemite - if you're headed down that way, and the Golden Gate Bridge, and on and on. Guess I haven't been much help - but have talked myself into thinking I should plan a trip soon. Obviously you will just have to come again!

I hope everyone had a good Saturday as it is probably almost over for those on the east coast, and a good Sunday and Valentine's Day as well in case I don't make the "air".


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