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help wanted stage 3b survivors


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hi if there are some stage 3B survivors out there would really appreciate hearing from you, as my partner suentonydragon2 has been diagnosed with it at a nightmare time (is there any other kind?) both her and myself could really benefit from hearing positive results or stories of others. We are both struggling to come to terms with this, Sue especially obviosuly.

Good luck and god bless to you all

and thanks in advance for taking the time.


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I cut and pasted this from my other post:

A dx of 3A certainly shouldn't prompt a response of 13 mos. What's with the 13 anyway, why not 12 or 14. It's just crazy. I'm 3B (Dr W on cancergrace says I would be 4A in the new staging system) and I've survived 3 yrs and almost 4 mos.

We don't abide prognoses here on LCSC. We are found of saying we are not statistics, we are individuals with a wide range of responses to this disease. The fear will diminish in time as you find yourself just living on.

Judy in KW

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Hi, Tony and Sue, welcome to LCSC. Key West Judy and I have been internet buddies since she first joined in late 2007, at which time I'd been the proud owner of a 3B diagnosis for 16 months. How's that for semantics? Anyway, my story (see the link below) and associated side-stories will give you far more reading than you ever thought you wanted. Best wishes and Aloha,


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I was told 3B after surgery in November 2008 - they found more than anticipated due to a false negative PTscan prior to surgery and inconclusive EBUS (where they stick a tube down the throat (or was it the nose?) and retrieve cells for study. Like Ned, it's semantics to say I am still 3B since I have mets to my liver now. But it is 2 1/2 years later and I am "still vertical" as an acquaintance said when she saw me last week. People do say the darnest things.

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Well I was 2B, but just wanted to share this statement that I learned from Katie B. here. Cancer is a word, not a "sentence". Prognosis is just a guess. And they are rarely right because we are humans, and our bodies all react to things in our own unique way.

Peace to you both.

Judy in MI

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Hi ,

to you all, Dianne, Judy, Ned, TS, recce, etc sorry if I missed anyone out.

Thank you so much for taking the time.

A great help to hear from others who have proven statistics wrong. We both, well we all, need to hear success stories to help boost our hope. Give us the strength, sue in particular, to fight on and beat this.

It is never over until its over.

heart felt thank you to you all. and good luck god bless with your own private battles, may there be many mroe victories.

Sue we will beat this and hold each other once again.

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Tony & Sue,

The fact that you found us means you are out there looking. Get all the information you can and remember you have choices and can say "No". A second opinion is always helpful.

Diagnosed 3B a year ago. Upper left lung - inoperable. Treatment: Chemo - Cisplatin & Etopiside. Took scheduled etopiside but declined 3rd dose of cisplatin as the kidney function numbers were too risky as far as I was concerned. Also got radiation - 36 zaps. Result after 2 months following treatment - tumor shrunk to 1/2 it's original size. Two months later it had grown back to it's original size and continued to grow. As of 3/9/11 it was 7.9 cm x 6 cm. The good news was that it was not detected in any other place. Due to that situation, I began the second Chemo treatment - Carboplatin, Paclitaxel & Avastin.

My spirits are good and, other than those rough days during treatment, have been good. Take your time and walk through this. It takes awhile to digest everything and "learn the language" This situation can be an amazing opportunity to receive gifts you never new existed.

Love & prayers, Jerry

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