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Wednesday's air


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Looking forward to the sun coming up today. It's supposed to hit 43 today and 49 tomorrow. Wa-hoo, c'mon spring!

Did get the chocolate yesterday, so life is sweet and guilt is free-flowing! LOL - Good thing I can exercise with my potato sacks and spend energy stretching the truth and beating around the bush... :wink:

How's your little corner of the world?

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Pretty chilly coming in to work this morning - still need my big coat. It will warm up enough to only carry it home. This is the time of year I wind up with 3 coats and work and none at home every week.

Busy day here - I know I have not been chatty - but I am just slammed at work right now.

I hope everyone has a good day - If Snowflake is going to exercise with the potato bags and Bud rides to work - we should really feel good this afternoon. I may have to go shop for some new clothes I would hate for my pants to fall off walking down the hall because of all this exercise.

Check back in later.


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Well since everyone is talking about how cold it is,I thought that I would join in and make everyone feel better. Right now it is -35C/-32F with a windchill of -41C/-42F. Believe me, h*ll has already frozen over here!!! I can handle the cold but the wind is really nasty and it's been windy all week. Yesterday even the ravens were walking up the road. Oh well it is supposed to warm up by the weekend.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 62 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 77.

Last night, we settled for dinner at Los Tapatios, a hole in the wall Mexican restaurant and meat market in Burleson that has very good food, for our anniversary. Then, we just settled in for a quiet evening at home.

I hope everyone is getting better from their colds and flu. Have a great day, all!

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Our temperature went from high 70s to high 40s. We had rain off and on for two days and nights but the sun is trying to peek out as day starts. Possibility of some thunderstorms and hail later but temperatures still in the 40s. Can't complain after seeing the weather where all of you are.

My exercise consists of a few stretches and simple strength exercises then about 15 minutes of dancing. Some days it is easy and I am more than ready. Other days that sounds like running a marathon :!:

Off for morning visit with neighbors then laundry, exercise and make some good healthy cookies. I found a recipe for some applesauce oatmeal cookies with raisins and nuts. Very little sugar so they should be good for me and maybe even good to eat. I love oatmeal cookies and applesauce cake so am hoping these are as good as the two combined. Still have to watch how many I eat.

I finished one more book last night so now I will put the reading aside for a while and concentrate on some sewing . writing and family picture organization. Tired just thinking about all of that. Oh well maybe the cookies will keep me going :lol:

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Good morning all! 43 degrees today! Whooooo Hoooooooo!!!!! Sorry Bruce. Your temps are just UNREAL. Supposed to be 50 tomorrow. You southerners would not believe how we are up here. This time of year, our blood is so thick from the cold months, that 43 is warm, and we are outside in a sweatshirt and shorts! We get giddy with the sunshine, and act crazy. It's awesome. I love Spring fever.

Well, I guess I'm feeling better huh? I am. Still have a lot of congestion in my chest, but doing much better today. Sunday I looked at my husband and said "how can a human being actually feel this bad and still be alive?".

Annette, you must be slammed to not be the lead comedian in here. I'm sorry it's got you so busy. Be sure to take time for you!

Take care all,

Judy in MI

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Morning All! Made it "morning" by 25 min.

Oops, look at that, it's Wednesday! Better stop typing, time's up!

Becky, did you just transition right into Wednesday Air or did you catch some sleep in between? This morning you said you were waiting for the sun to come up. Girl do you ever sleep. Let's do all go to Walmart. Have you seen those photos of Walmart shoppers that make the email "Fwd" rounds. Hilarious.

Annette, don't mind you not being chatty but what's with the funny, look below--I looked and looked and didn't find anything. Sorry you have to work so hard right now. Be patient, I'm sure you'll find yourself goofing off soon lol.

Lily, I wish I could get up the nerve to dance all by myself in the house. It would be very cool. I might put that on my bucket list.

Bud, lovely weather you are getting to bike to work in. See, that didn't take long did it? Hey good Mexican food, who cares what the setting is. We do funky very well in KW.

Stephanie, sounds like a lovely day. We now have you and Bud and Lily, sometimes Libby? exercising. No I haven't gotten on my machine since Stan fixed it yesterday.

Bruce, sweetie, how do you stand doing outside chores in that kind of weather. You probably have to drive that heated tractor from barn to henhouse! Feeling for you.

Eric, so sorry about Sally. How long will they give her or will the jig be up with this one. She says she can go back tomorrow but can you believe her. She told you in the morning she hadn't been drinking. Oh it must be so hard.

OMG Annette LOL. I went back to see if I missed anyone and saw it--duh, right over my head LOL LOL.

Judy in MI, 12 prescription drugs. My goodness. It's hard to imagine someone your age already on a dozen meds. Hope they can pare that number down for you.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Actually, Judy, I finally fell asleep at 9:00 this morning. Woke up at 2:00. I've been fighting insomnia for a couple of weeks now. I've resorted to medication, once, but it made me so groggy for two days after that I'm not sure I want to do that again. Irks me something fierce when I end up sleeping through most of the nicest day of the week (it's supposed rain tomorrow).

I remember those temps from Fairbanks, Bruce. You can keep it.

Keep watching for me on People of WalMart.com. I'm sure one of these days someone is going to snap my pic and post it... ;)

We have at least one mouse in the house. I saw it Monday night. Ever since treatment, I have seen "spiders" in my peripheral vision and am so used to seeing something out of the corner of my eye, turning my head and there being nothing there... So, I saw movement and figured it was nothing, yet again. I turned my head, and this furry beast was running across my dining room floor!

Scared the daylights out of me, since the coast was supposed to be clear when I turned my head. I merely stated to the boys, who were sitting in the living room with me, that there was a mouse. It may have been in a very shrill and loud voice, but that was all I said...

My son told me I sounded like someone was murdering a cat and Larry looked at me like I had lost my mind! The second appearance of the mouse, he saw.

So yesterday's trip for chocolate was actually a trip for mousetraps. Haven't caught the mouse yet. I hope it decided we didn't have anything good to eat and left, hate killing critters - especially by snapping their little heads.

Monday was Valentine's day, so picture the guy bringing me flowers and a card and me scaring the crap out of him in return...

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That is so funny Becky. Possum/Rat story: Get home from church one Sunday morning. My dog was in the corner acting "weird" so I go over to see what is up and out squirts what I think is a rat! It races across the house to the kitchen.

I'm up on a chair, freaking out. Randy was out of town. I'm debating running for the garage and finding a male neighbor to come help me. My German Short Hair hunting machine comes bolting into the house through the dog door.

I point to the kitchen desperately, yelling, "Gibson, go get it!!!" I use that all the time when we play fetch. He ran into the kitchen, grabbed that thing, and brought it to me. I'm like NOOOOOO! So I point to the dog door and say "OUTSIDE" and the dog took this thing out the dog door!

Turns out it was a baby possum, not a rat. But have you ever seen a possum?


My other dog, Huey, who is not with us anymore, brought it in the house.

Just had to share another animal story! LOL

MI Judy

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Becky I don't think your mouse will be that picky about the quality of food you have. But then again you never know. I set a mousetrap one time but then realized I didn't have any cheese. Being smarter than a mouse, I cut out a small picture of a piece of cheese from a magazine and put in the mousetrap. The next morning there was a picture of a mouse in the trap !!!!!!

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Yep, Judy, I have seen possums. A decade or so ago, I lived in an old farmhouse, drove home one night to the biggest, ugliest opossum I had ever seen crossing my driveway. Cartoon possums are so cute, in real life, they are some ugly, ugly critters...

Upon advice of an exterminator, I cleaned out all plant material from around the house hoping to ease the influx of field mice (couldn't keep up with the traps). Under the shrubbery I was clearing out, I found the full and stripped skeletons of one cat and two full-grown adult possums. The mouth contained so many nasty-looking teeth...

I wouldn't want one in my house, especially one that was alive! Have you heard of PetSmart? They sell dog toys so your fur babies don't have to resort to finding their own outdoors... :D

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Thank you Bruce for the laugh - really needed it. Not long after my morning post Keith called me to say the ambulance was on the way to my moms house because my nephew was obviously out of it. Turns out he has taken an overdose of something and is now in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit on a respirator because his breathing was so shallow. Hopefully tonight the doctor said they may try and bring him out of it to see if he is more coherent. What a terrifying day it has been. With all his court mess and my mom diagnosed with "panic attacks" because of him - she came home with a prescription of Xanax that at least 30 are missing from - go figure. Not a good day.

So if you do go to the Wal-Mart and they take that picture - I could certainly use a copy to brighten up this day.

I think he will be okay - this just will not look good to the judge in April - silly kid - this may even be the last straw and they will say that my mom can't handle him.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day - so wish things went differently.

I hope everyone had a better day than me.


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Good Evening All,

Miserable cold wet blustery day,decided to go back to work still coughing and spluttering,here if you are male you are a wimp if you take time off with a silly cold,OK guys then I will pass it round see if you like it.Sally also went back to her work also,asked her on return what was said about yesterday?nobody said anything,I just got on with my work,she does have a charmed life.Still taking the Lemsips,for all the good they are doing me,think these things just have to run their course ,serves me right for calling Anette Rudolph,my nose is as we say here, Rid Raw.

Just about bedtime,watched another round of European Championship Trophy Football Barcelona V Arsenal,excellent game,Arsenal won 2-1 despite being one goal down for most of the match,Barcelona should have beaten them but took the foot off the accelerator too early,thinking they would coast to a 1-0 win,serves them right,it may be a different match when they meet again in the second leg,should be really exciting.

Just reading the posts today,what a mixed bag of human lives on show,Snowflake exercising with her potato bags,Lily dancing in the moonlight,Stephanie swimming,Bud cycling,Annette losing weight just reading about you guys,have I entered the asylum today?Bud hate to over egg the pudding,but just one last reference on the subject-promise -no more -35 degrees to -41degrees factoring in the wind chill,how would you like it if I posted you over my fur lined Tu-Tu,youll be as snug as a bug in a rug.

Bud, congratulations on your wedding anniversary,sounds like you had a really enjoyable evening.

JudyMI,aw a wee baby possum as a guest,you could have kept it as a pet,forget Snowflake saying they are ugly,I thought the pic shows a cute wee creature,incidentally,snowflake,you dont have to squish mouses yknow,you get them" humane" live traps then release them outside.

Annette,really sorry to hear about the kid,its so unexpected,hope he will make a good recovery,he is such a worry to everyone just now,was this accidental?think he could do with some councilling support.You certainly have had more than you deserve on your plate just now,hope everything can work itself out soon.God Bless.

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Oh, Eric, I know I don't have to squish them, but they don't just vaporize in the house, they come in from outside! It'd be like throwing Briar Rabbit back into the briar patch, he'd be a return guest!

I mean, think about it... He comes inside where it's warm, finds a cozy little cafe with some crunchy peanut butter on a little plate for him. He has his nummies, and must have lost sight of the time, as the cafe has closed... Free travel back out to his friends, he's released and the pattern begins again. Although it turns my heart a bit, and my stomach, they're rodents and the price for trespassing is death. Of course, if I only get 'em by a paw or the tail, I do release them. Guess it's a mouse Lotto...

As for the possum, have you ever really seen one, Eric? Their heads are gray, the skin looks as though it is peeling - they look like zombies with sneers full of fierce pointy teeth.



Yeah, cute... At least the younger ones have fur on their heads. Our locals are a bald bunch and they are creepy... Not that being bald makes you creepy, being bald and scaly does. Some of my favorite people have no hair.

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You are right Snowflake,I havnt seen a possum before,not even in the zoo,we dont get them here in Scotland.They do look a bit fierce and nasty,glad they are keeping you company rather than me.Tee-Hee.Playing possum,where does that come from,do they really lie about playing dead,then go for you when you get too near?.Sheesh.

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