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what do you really know about hospice?


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Katie, Earl was in at-home hospice for the last 6 weeks of his life. It was through Fox Chase Cancer Center. To say that I was less than pleased is saying alot. The hospice nurse visited maybe 4 times in that 6 weeks and the home care attendants did not always show up. We were fortunate that we could afford an LPN to assist us. From the time Earl came home to hospice he was never able to get out of the hospital bed for any reason.

I am now volunteering at an in-patient hospice facility run by Abingon Hospital. It is an amazing facility. Nothing is too much to help the patient and the family. Yes, it is sad, but also very rewarding. It's mission is strong to provide end of life comfort and dignity.

Did not want to post this on FB for privacy purposes.

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Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, I've had a lot of experience with Hospice. Back in 1983, when my sister was dx, Hospice was brand new, and not funded by the government. It was a true non-profit. And there was only one Hospice organization. They were amazing in how they helped us.

In 1987, my dad was dx. Again, we needed them, and they moved into the home, and stayed with him and us during his last days here. Again, the support was amazing.

When my Mom got dx., we again called them in. But this time, their hands were tied by what they were allowed to do, rather than what they wanted to do. The care was much more restricted, and we had to do a lot of things we didn't want to do. Such as give Mom injections of medication. They were not there to help her with her cleanliness, such as a bath or shower. We did that.

But I still believe in the concept. With Mom, she didn't want Hospice because to her it meant death, as in my Dad and Sister. However, I explained that they would be there to give her a better quality of life, and it was okay then. And they did amazing work in helping us with pain control when traditional doctors were worried that Mom was going to "become addicted" to narcotics in her last months of life.

MI Judy

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