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Friday, FRIday, FRIDAY!!

eric byrne

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Hi All,

Just on Midnight,just about to fall into bed,still got this sore throat,running nose etc,etc,I was just describing the symptoms to a young female colleague to-day,instantly she remarked,exactly what her boyfriend has,apparently its called manflu,its something similar to the flu that a female gets,but its 10 times worse,typical thinks I,why do we always get the short straw,women always get off light?.

Beaten again at bowls,thinks,maybe if I get the heave-ho at work ,I will have plenty of hours to improve my game?.

Got my US visa through to-day,just goes to show they will let anyone into the USof A,dos'nt it?.My daughter tells me she got hers free 2 years ago,my buddy at work said $14 last year,what does Eric pay? $55 ouch-what do they think I am- made of money,thank goodness I didnt wait until next year to visit.

Hey I sent off to the Montana Tourist Board for a brochure,got a nice letter from El Presidente of said state,of welcome,bring all your buddies,you will have a wonderful time,sayth he,and I believe him,it looks just like Scotland,however on a massive scale,really looking forward to dancing round the campfire with Blackfeet,Crow and Flat something or another, was it Head?,no I am not kidding you,may also get to go to a rodeo,can tourists get to sit on one of these jumping about bull thingys?looks like a lot of fun.Oh I cannot wait,I wont be like other Scottish tourists going to the beach with a pail and spade to build sandcastles,oh no I will be bringing a pick and spade to dig me up a dinosaur or two,wonder if they will let me take them home,customs might be a problem?.If anyone has been to Montana,can they pass on any places to visit in particular,they think I might enjoy visiting?much appreciated.Time for bed,good night all.Hey just thinking its Friday,hooray,now how do I move this post to Fridays Air?.

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Oh, it's Friday, happy, happy Friday!

Got a call from Larry close to the time he usually gets here. I guess he decided to go grocery shopping, called me to let me know that after being teased for the last few months, a deer finally hit him. No, he didn't hit the deer, the deer hit him, passenger side of the truck. Nice dent in the door, and the tail light and housing will need to be replaced, for starters.

He called the county sheriff's office and the nice deputy shot the still breathing deer and wrote him his permit so he didn't get a ticket for pouching.

Instead of kicking back and watching an hour or so of TV with him, I had to meet him at the kill site and follow him to his parents' barn where the guys (him, his dad, my son) hung and gutted the mother of twins. Ewww... Since it has to hang for a while and Larry's working a 12-hour shift on Saturday, looks like I'll be butchering a deer on Sunday. I so thought the second week of November was the end of that, crap!

Not totally complaining, venison is expensive. All things considered, after paying the deductible, this bit of deer meat will be around $7/pound. Best thing about venison over beef? Larry cooks the venison... :lol:

On our way out to meet Larry, Andrew and I passed a suspicious vehicle. I didn't see it on our way back through, and after the carnage, I told Andrew he could take my car and go home, I'd ride with Larry. The suspicious vehicle was back, and kept turning around to stay on the same road Andrew was on. Time to get a dog...

Along with our homicidal streak, one mouse is now a memory, head crushed in a trap. Sure looked small, though, the one that was hiking around the dining room appeared twice the size, highly probably we have more than one critter in here. Will have to get some styrofoam and fill up the holes around the sink pipes. Always something.

Off to bed, I hope. With weirdos in the neighborhood, I may not sleep yet again tonight.

What's for dinner where you are?

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Morning All! Can't believe the other day I went to "merge" and moved a post on the first try. Today I couldn't move Eric's Thursday (Friday) post for love or money. Just like the photos, grelims get in my computer and gum everything up.

Rough day yesterday but I made the most of it and was distracted by a lovely boat ride. Hardly a day goes by that I don't have significant gastrointestinal distress. Then I ask myself, is it the malignancy on the abdominal wall or is it the Tarceva. I stayed up later than normal with a heating pad on my stomach and was a little better when I finally went to bed. Had to get up and take an Ativan though.

Stan went to the grocery store at 7 am and I should be getting it together here. Wendy and Dominick are rolling in this afternoon and I'm so excited. I miss them. Haven't seen them since Christmas. So forgive me if I'm not around this weekend--I'm sucking up the love!

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Thanks Judy-Iam really impressed-how on earth?dont bother to explain it will just go right over my head,have a great day,ill get back tonight.

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It is Friday - a beautiful morning - except for the being at work part. But this is a long weekend - I mean long as in an extra day and long as in I have to clean my mom's house before Tuesday because there will be a string of visitors to check on my nephew. He got out of the hospital yesterday afternoon - so all is as well as things can be with a teenager like that around. He slept all afternoon and will probably be doing that for most of the weekend.

I've missed 2 days of work so I have a lot of catching up to do. But I wanted to let everyone know I will be back in trouble causing stirring the pot form in no time - so just watch what you say - and see where we can get ourselves in trouble.

Friday is a good day!


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 65 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 81. The south wind has been tough this week, a reminder that the stretch from February to April is the windiest time of year here.

It didn't help that I seem to have developed shin splints on my right leg. I'm going to soft pedal home this afternoon and take the weekend off the bike.

I was thinking about going to Lake Granbury tomorrow. It would probably be more fishing that catching. I don't really have February spots there, plus there's a golden alga fish kill going on. But the boat hasn't been run in a couple of weeks, and I want to be on the lake earlier this year, to learn the pre-spawn movements of the crappie there, so I may go anyway.

It's less than 6 1/2 hours until my weekend begins. Have a great Friday, all!

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We had an unusual snow yesterday. Doesn't happen often here. It snowed off and on all day and managed to stick to the ground for a long time. In fact despite the light rain all night there is still some snow on the grass. No need to go out so I am enjoying just staying in. Doing some reading and working on organization of old family pictures just to mention a few projects.

Becky did you report that car to the police? The fact that it was following your son in what I assume is your car is kind of scary. He could be watching you and waiting for you to be alone. Please be careful. I don't want to scare you but you do need to be aware and take precautions.

Annette hope that your family problems settle down and you can have some relaxing off time soon.

Bud I am a true believer in the old saying that a bad day fishing is better than a good day of work. I always love to fish but don't get much chance anymore. When my husband and I would go he would end up throwing the bait away so I would quit and go home. As long as I had some bait left there was a chance that the "Big" one was just waiting for me to find the right spot :lol:

Eric I envy you getting to see so much of this beautiful country. Going by train is the very best way to see the most of it. I checked into that same tour package and it is about 3 times as expensive for residents as it is for non residents. I know that you will enjoy it even if you will be missing the best state of all California. Not the city California that most people think of but the real California. The one that exists in places where people haven't discovered how great it is to live.

Well got to run. Just a day to play it by ear but exercise and cooking has to get in somehow. Have a great day everyone.

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Not a problem Lily. No one should ever feel slighted on this site. It is impossible to hit everyone everytime but sooner or later we all get attention (good or bad, want or not lol).

Becky, here comes the word not allowed-eyed optomist. I was thinking are you sure they weren't girls in that car following your son? Many a day I rode around in my friend Bernice's Chevy Impala convertible looking for a particular boy lol. Here's hoping it something that simple.

Bud, shin splints and muscle cramps--both a mystery to me. Why they come on and what sends them away. I'll have to wait til I get back from my next couple of cruises but I've noticed two bike shops I wasn't aware of in town. I swear I'm going to bike again and I do believe it all hinges on me getting the mirrors I used to have. I don't feel steady enough to turn around and look behind me and these were long reaching ones that gave me a great view of the road behind me.

Meanwhile, back on my total gym. Did some extra stretching for you Annette. Wow, what a difference the new rollers made. Thanks Stan!

Eric, can't tell from your response but did you get the real meaning of "manflu." It's the same one we get, you just whine a whole lot more lol.

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Hi Everyone!

Well today is my annual meeting with my Onc. i'm not worried about it. If they found something on the scan, they would have called 2 weeks ago. I'll just be glad when it's over and can say NED again!

Gorgeous day here. 42 right now. Very windy, but that's okay. 42 degrees is awesome in Feb.

After my Onc. appt. we leave for a night up North. There's a Ice (we hope) fishing tournament on the ice tomorrow. We hope there is ice. So we're going up tonight. Found a quaint little place for cheap, and will stay overnight and go to the tournament tomorrow. So I may not be back here depending.

Judy, I hope you enjoy your visit today. Hoping and wishing for the gastro stuff to settle down for you!

Eric, I hope that bug is leaving you today. Me too. This cough bug has totally gotten me down. Have not had a voice for the last 4 days! Randy is loving that. :wink: Manflu. Ain't that the truth?

I don't know if anyone shared anything with you about Montana. But google it. Montana is one of our huge Western states, with tons to see and explore.

Becky, those pesky deer. I've hit one in my life. He jumped out of a cornfield, and right in front of me with no warning. $5000 damage to the front of the car. Three deer have hit me as well. Just literally run into the side of the vehicle. Bummer. In my case, all 3 died. My husband wondered why I didn't have it in the trunk of the car. I'm like, yeah? I'm supposed to pick up a 200 pound animal and put it in my trunk? That is a nice benefit to venison or other game. The man cooks it.

Scary about the suspicious vehicle. We live in the boonies like you. Be careful!

Annette, enjoy the long weekend! Try to enjoy the nephew! Did anything happen to him legally since he overdosed on a controlled substance not prescribed to him?

Bud, good on resting this weekend. Shin splints can become chronic. Back in the day, I was a runner and aerobics instrructor and the shin splints were such a drag when all I wanted to do is get exercise. Now? Not so much. EVTBT works much better for me! LOL

Snow Lily? Wow. I grin when you said "managed to stick to the ground for a long time." Here a long time is 5 months. That's funny.

So, I'll try to pop back in tomorrow or Sunday, but maybe not! Enjoy the weekend.

MI Judy

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I am still hanging around and not back at work - have to go over to my son's later to help his wife's mother with the 1-yr-old. Sad that at our age it takes two of us to keep up! Lilyjohn, I heard about the snow in Redding - they closed the pass down for awhile, but we only had snow to the bottom of the hills, none of the Valley floor unless Ashland got some. Shasta got a lot I bet, which will make all the snowboarders happy.

Bud - fishing for crappie sure sounds good to me. So does the temperature.

Judy KW and Judy MI - hope you both have great weekends - sounds wonderful.

Eric - Glacier Park, Going to the Sun Road and the Little Bighorn Battlefield - will you be making it to Yellowstone? Sorry about the manflu - my husband had exactly the same thing!

Annette - I had forgotten it was a 3-day weekend. Makes me feel a little less guilty about missing work again. Hope you enjoy yours.

Becky - sorry about the deer, but enjoy the venison.

Hope it's a great weekend for everyone.

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Judy (KW) - It wasn't a car full of girls, we had a full view of the side of the car when we got to the second stop sign from our house upon first leaving. It was a single man. Andrew has his posse of girls, none of them would pull that kind of stunt that late, they would have been here earlier for snacks and movies, that's just how he rolls...

Judy (MI) - It is concerning, and I am out in the boonies, but far from helpless. Anyone who's been on here for a while knows that I have a Louisville Slugger used for beating the monsters back under the bed, but I don't think hubby would mind if I dug out the rifle if I felt I needed it.

Annette - Sounds like your nephew needs help, not necessarily tough love and being locked up, but some in-patient facility to deal with depression. Losing his mother had to have loosened some screws, just glad he popped pills and didn't chug drain cleaner. Also good that they weren't BP pill or something that would have worked far more quickly.

Bud - Leg cramps? My diagnosis is lack of potassium. I'm prescribing a banana split to get rid of that problem, in fact, I'll even take your medicine for you... :roll:

Eric - Are you only hitting Montana or just more interested in Big Sky Country? I drove through the state over a decade ago. It's beautiful, but everything is so spread out. It's probably perspective, but the sky really does look bigger there, the blue is so bright.

I'm enjoying the little streams in my yard where the snow drifts are melting from the top down and the bottom up. Not looking forward to the onslaught of pollen, but spring is more than welcome!

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Hi All,

Just finished my post,30mins ago,pressed submit,up comes JudysMI and mine gone into the ether?darn.

Well its Friday,finished self evaluation week at work,decided I am great and dont need to improve or reproach myself over anything,dont fix it if it isnt broke,Ok nobody agreed with me,well tough.

Snowflake lots of All Red Blooded American Male stories this week,shooting guns, blasting animals in cupboards,changing real deers into slices of meat,oh dear,as a kid I accidently one day watched the skinning of a rabbit,I threw up,since then the only meat I go near is the pre-packed stuff, in the supermarket.Love venison though.

Hi Judy,so happy for you on Wendy and Dominick's arrrival,I just know how much fun you will be having this weekend,and the cruise looming,things are looking good.Ah manflu,know what you are saying,yes there are guys like that,but you really have no idea how much I have suffered this week take Tuesday for example.........

Hi Annette well thank goodness wayward is recovering,hope his visitors are well satisfied with him on their meeting on Monday,in the meantime enjoy a great relaxing weekend.

Hi Bud,still to check out your link,hope you enjoy a visit to Lake Granbury this weekend,even if you dont catch,the change is good in itself.

Hi JudyMI,hope you are getting rid of the bug and can get back to raising the rafters with Randy,men need a good shouting at regularly to keep them aware of your presence.

Lily snow in California?wow!thanks for your travel comments,I have deliberately not booked hotels in advance of my visit,for the first time in my life,also travelling light on my own,without having to consider a companions wishes,such freedom dosnt come often and I am not going to waste it,Richmond,Chigago,Montana and Seattle are the only colours filled in on my canvas,I have 48 days and 18 random train journeys available to me,as long as I get to Seattle for the flights home on the 18th of Aug thats all.Just thinking,if I have no work to go back to,I could stay longer,can you cash in plane tickets and get an extension?so Yosemite,Giant Redwoods,Grand Canyon could still be getting a visit?oh its so exciting,wish it was happening to-morrow.

6.30pm dinner time, see you all later,have a great Friday.

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Well a big hi to y'all. I'm usually not in here but had to share my wildlife story. I actually hit a..................bird once! Cried for 2 days!!!! Bet nobody can top that one!

Anyhow, just had so say this to Eric....................why not come to PA??? Free lodging and real Amish. You haven't lived until you've had Lancaster County shoo-fly pie!!!!!!!


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Hi Kasey,

Thank you for your holiday thoughts for me,particularly at such a sad time in your and Fred's life,please pass on to your daughter my love and consideration for the difficult time she is going through,at the untimely loss of her husband.I still find it so hard to understand,why such things happen,and find reason to believe of a loving God watching over us,and yet I will continue to search and hope there is such a being,but as yet still beyond my feeble comprehension.I am sorry but even your stated location of PA in America I am sure makes perfect sense to all the buddies here,but is lost on me, my terms of reference eg the Oxford Dictionary PA dosnt get a mention,if I refer to my Times world Atlas,there are hundreds of PAs in the USA,eg Pahokee,Fl,Pahoa Hi, Pahrumis NV etc,.I would love to meet the Amish people,they are absolutely amazing to me,seeing the documentary series of the small group of Amish teenagers visiting England and Scotland on TV also the film Witness,with Harrison Ford,has intrigued me further,so put me out my misery where in the USofA is PA?.

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Eric, PA is the state of Pennsylvania. I'm surprised there wasn't a big arrow to the state but you could find cities in other states - crazy!

Judy signs KW, for Key West, but it's in the state of Florida (FL). The other Judy is in MI, Michigan (like me).

There's more, give a look-see:


I hit a bird once, Kasey. It got caught in my bumper, made my heart hurt. I knew I'd hit it, was looking for damage, not the poor battered body of the little thing.

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Well, Eric, it seems Snowflake has cleared up PA for you. Yes, it is the state of Pennsylvania wihich is in the Northesstern part of the United States. It is just a bit SW of New York State. And the movie 'Witness'.................MUCH of it was shot right here minutes away from where we live.

Thanks for your words of compassion too, Eric. We are lifted up by the many kindnesses of folks such as yourself. I posted a bit of an update in the Inspirational forum.

Waiting to see you in PA of the USA :wink: !!!!!


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