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Sunday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It's 62 degrees outside right now. Forecast high is 74.

I did more running up and down the lake than fishing yesterday. The fish kill looks worse than I thought. There were no bait fish to be found anywhere on my depth finder, and lots of floating dead and dying game fish. I may have to find a new crappie spot for a while.

Bud - Leg cramps? My diagnosis is lack of potassium. I'm prescribing a banana split to get rid of that problem, in fact, I'll even take your medicine for you... :roll:

Becky, I have shin splints, not leg cramps. I can't remember the last time I had leg cramps. I get plenty of potassium. I eat a banana every morning. For table salt, we use Morton Lite Salt, which has potassium. I also take Emergen-C, which contains potassium.

I suspect my shin splints was caused by muscle overuse, doing a 107 mile bike ride last Saturday on a bike that I'd never ridden over 21 miles. It puts me in a slightly different seating position than any other bike I have, used some muscles more than they're used to, and that was likely the cause of my shin splints.

As I type this, I'm sitting with my left foot in a pan of warm water with epsom salts (ingrown toenail), and my right leg elevated on the table with an ice pack on my shin (the shin splints). I'm a real cutie right now.........LOL.

I think Rose and I are going this morning to check out the new Sprouts Farmers Market that opened near us. They're a chain that has healthy food, supposedly at lower prices than health food stores or places like Whole Foods (Whole Paycheck, I call it). We may become regular customers there. Then, I'll probably just stay off my feet for the rest of the day.

Have a great day, all!

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Temp in Minnesota was not too bad this morning. 26 degrees F.

I took my dogs for a walk.

About 9:30 the snow began here. They say this storm will break some 100 yr records for inches of snow in a day, total snow for a winter season, etc. Looks like we'll have the snow blower out for sure!

Donna G

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Hi everyone,

31 here. Donna, we are supposed to get the same here. We already had the storm of the decade two weeks ago with up to 21 inches. Then we had this crazy warm up which caused lots of flooding, and now? They say an inch an hour.

I was up all night hacking again. Sheesh! The worst part is the headache I get from. I feel like the top of my head wants to pop off!

So I didn't go to chuch. Randy did, and he can bring home the service on DVD so I can watch it this week.

I think our agenda will be read the paper, clip coupons, grocery shop before the storm hits, and get back home. Maybe a rousting game of Scrabble tonight?

Bud, I'm assuming Rose is feeling better? We're looking for cheaper solutions for vegetables now. With Randy's diabetes, the only way he can eat enough to be full, is to chow down on veggies. And that does not bother me a bit. I love veggies. But they are expensive!

Ok, see you laters.

MI Judy

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Bud I feel for you - when I was in bootcamp many many many years ago the lack of exercise bit me in the running - and I had the worst shin splints ever. I made the mile and a half run - to graduate with my company and it seriously took about 8 weeks before the pain in my legs went away. Take it easy!

Keith tells me it's pretty chilly out there - I am sitting at the dining room table getting ready to go to work so I'll have to take his word for it.

I feel like I started this bad cold / flu bug going around from when I went to Minnesota - so Judy please rest and get better.

I am lucky today is another Saturday for me because I have Monday off this week - so I hope to get my taxes done today and perhaps a little work.

Hope everyone has a warm day,


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It's quiet around this joint today! :D

Had to come back, since there's nowhere to go now. We got out and got groceries, but the snow started. We were in the store 1/2 hour only to come out to a car totally covered in snow! It was a dicey ride home.

Right now I can see off my deck, but no further. We are getting hammered!

These wild twists in the weather here always amaze me.

MI Judy

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31 this am, up to 44 in the afternoon, mostly a clear blue sky. Internet was down for most of the day - just had a visit from the cable guy. Okay by me, I read and slept with good kitty company while M was outside doing a second day of yard work.

Waiting for the repair guy meant we did not get out for brunch, perhaps we will go for dinner. I don't much feel like cooking and M earned the night off.

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