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Use your story to raise awareness


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Often, many of you ask me, what can I do to raise awareness about lung cancer?


(patients/survivors, caregivers/family members/friends)

It can be as easy as filling out the My Story survey. It's quick and easy and prompts you to answer some key questions about your lung cancer journey.

Many times major publications will be looking for a specific story, or we will be highlighting a story on our website, webpages, blogs, patient or caregiver resource area (coming soon)

Your story can lend a voice that raises awareness about lung cancer and help us fund much needed innovative research.

Please take a moment to fill out the My Story Survey- even if you have a story in the My Story Forum.

Email me at kbrown@lungevity.org and I will email you the questionnaire. Take a few minutes to fill it out and email it back to me!

I will appreciate it so much!!

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I've sent out a couple dozen surveys and

I've only gotten back 7 stories.

It's very easy. Just answer the questions of the My Story Questionairre and we can then use it as a guest blog entry or a feature story on our website or in other ways.

We are giving a voice to lung cancer survivors and caregivers and their families so please take a few minutes to do the survey and send it back to me.

My personal goal is to have a guest blogger once EVERY week and featured website stories several times a year.

So I'm going to need many more stories to make that goal!

We will put your stories in our mailers and eNewsletters and even submit them to certain media outlets.

Let's not just put attention on lung cancer during the month of November or when we are promoting an event...let's put the focus on lung cancer EVERY WEEK. To raise awareness and quelch the stigma associated with lung cancer.

Don't stop.

I promised my daddy I would never stop.

I promised all of you I would never stop.

Help me keep that promise and help me tell your stories.



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