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had to scroll back thru old postings to compile some data today....in just 6 months...so many people lost, how quickly things change and how suddenly someone you care for can just be gone.....

Broody today.

Thinking about Connie and Don and a lady I support in NJ who continues to decline in health.....Boo....just BOO....I hate cancer...

If I could, I'd kill it with my bare hands.

Kennedy has her first program at school today and my parents should be there to see it.

Broody today.

Ah well....Suck it up like the oak tree... I'll be ok tomorrow.

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I keep expecting her to call me...I listen to her voicemails...I can hear her laugh and voice in my head.....

I miss her dreadfully. I can't believe she is gone either...

Not only was she my friend but she was my anchor, my sounding board, my reality check and my biggest supporter after my mom died....

We talked about EVERYTHING....

We always talked about grief and grieving and the passing of our loved ones ...and now she's on the other side too...it's so surreal.

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I think this is part of our grieving process, even years after our loved ones passed. My little sister died in 1983, and the other day I was cleaning, and opened a cupboard where my giant picture book is, and I had to stop, sit on the floor, and re-visit with her again. I don't do this very often. But it was nice to remember her.

It's okay Katie. Brood away! You do so much, and when the load gets heavy, come here and let us carry it for you for a bit.


Judy in MI

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Gosh some weeks are hard - I haven't really lost anyone to lung cancer - but just this week I was cleaning my nephews room up and looked above his desk and he has one of those Polaroids that developed with a marker - "In Loving Memory" and there was one of the last photos of his mom (my sister). I think of her so very often when I'm down - she was younger than me. I also think of being so very lucky to have needed this site. Because the people here are awesome - no matter which side of the "coin" they are on. So may hugs are offered - and I so very much hope that each one that is offered is accepted and honestly felt because I know how very helpful it can be to just sit for a second and think "thank you" for being there for me. So here I am offering hugs, ears and shoulders as needed!


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Katie I am so sorry that you are going through this. I do understand. I just had my own time of brooding over those lost. Over the years I have lost so many family members and dear friends, many of them to cancer.

I think it is partly the time of year when we feel like for a new year things should start out fresher and better then reality hits and we get down in that dark place again.

He didn't die of cancer but tomorrow will mark 5 years that my ex husband Denis died and one year that Johnny's brother Harold died. As you know I just lost my sister in law Sherrell too so this is not the time of new beginnings like I would want but a time of looking back and coming to terms with losses once again.

My problem and I think many others do the same is that when there is one death of someone close to me I relive all of the others.

I hope there are brighter days ahead for all of us and that you my dear realize how much difference you have made in so many lives and that gives you some peace.

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