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Newbie here


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Hello, my name is Pete.

I have joined this group as my 50 year old son in Mass. has stage 4 lung cancer.

He lives in Mass. and I in Florida.

Chemo has stopped working.

We are interested in Vitamin C injections, however the costs are staggering for treatment.

(Will be going to the proper forum to discuss this).

Look forward to meeting you all. Pete

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I am sorry you had to find us under these circumstances. There are so many members here that someone will probably be able to answer any questions you have - if not you might also check out www.cancergrace.org. There are several oncologists over there that answer all of our questions - again there are others here that know more about that site too I just didn't want your post to go unanswered. I hope that you discover some answers that will help.


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Sorry to hear about your son. I was just his age when I was diagnosed with lung cancer. Has he gone to another Dr. for a second opinion?

I grew up in Boston, still have siblings that live in Massachusetts.

Keep us posted.

Donna G

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Thank-you Donna,

He is going to Mass Gen'l for a second opinion.

However the Dr. he will see is somehow connected with his Dr.

Not sure how that will turn out.

His primary Dr. is supposed to be an excellent cancer treatment Dr.

We are still looking at Vitamin C therapy and trying to get a Dr. to administer it at a reasonable cost.

Have found one that does not have the $2000. "management fee" upfront, so we'll see if we can swing that. Thanks again. Pete

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I am in the "it's too good to be true" camp as far as Vit C infusions go - seems like they make someone a lot of money and that there aren't vetted trials to show that they do any good. A few people that I know who have tried it and attribute their good health to the alternate treatments were also doing chemo and radiation - who's to say which worked?

It would be helpful here (and on GRACE) to get a better idea of of your son's treatment history - as you will see from the stories here, we have folks who have been on 4 or more chemo protocols and are getting along 4 or more years later. Has he tried Tarceva or been tested for a EGFR mutation or ALK? There are also clinical trials he might try - with some very good cancer centers in MA, he may find one that he is eligible for and that might make a difference?

At some point, we may all run out of tried options, or may want to stop them due to the accumulated side effects, or we may want to try some of the alternative therapies out there. I just hope that he and his caregivers are able to make choices based on solid information and what is best for him.

It is wonderful that you are able to offer him support in any way - my Dad is just a little too out of it to do more than to ask how I am feeling, when he remembers that I am in treatment. He lost two wives to cancer and a daughter to leukemia - I kind of feel like I have to survive and be well, partly for him! He has his sights set on 100 - that's 8 years from now, so I have a lot of surviving to do.

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Hi Pete,

I echo what the others said. Especially on whether or not the Vitamin C regime is really effective. If you could share what his treatments have been so far. Is it NSCLC or SCLC? What type of cancer is it? Where has it spread?

Any details you can share can help us help you to help him. God bless you for finding this place. I hope we can be of help!

Judy in MI

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Patrick has had 5 top of the line chemo treatments.

The cancer as far as I can find out is in the lungs, and lymph nodes and possibly in the blood stream.

It is I believe the small cell type.

The Dr. says the chemo is not working now and basically has given him no hope of surviving.

That is why we are desperately looking into C therapy.

Proton treatment also seems to be out of the question.

Thank-you for yur interst and advice Judy. Pete

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