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Spring Lunch - Possible Dates


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I forget what everybody looks like!!!!!! And I miss Jack too! It's hard for us to plan a weekend in advance since we are making frequent, and often last minute, trips to the dairy farm. I know March 5 and 19 we will be there. As of today, March 12 and 26 are open. Then we get to April. April 2 or 16. That's what we have for now. Hey Ginny.......what about Ellen??? Don't you have her phone # and/or email? Haven't seen a thing from her since forever. Last time she said she could feel she wasn't doing as well as she had been. Worried.

Hope this finally comes together for us.


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I've forwarded all the emails and post here concerning the lunch to the Vice President of Social Affairs. She should be getting back to someone sometime about something. My work here is done. Hope to see everyone soon.

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