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very scared


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This is long...sorry.

I'm so upset. I hope someone out there can put me at ease. Long story short went to Pulm dr yesterday because breathing just hasnt gotten back to normal since long bout with bronchitis. (have chronic asthmatic bronchitis, iga difficency so lots of infections) I asked for a xray. She was reluctant but since it had been 1yr since last one she did one. She looked at it and showed me a hazy area at the bottom of right lobe. She said it was resolving pneumonia. I asked her if it could be cancer she said no. Then told her that i thought that area was there last year and i was told resolving pneumonia. She pulled last years and said "oh" "well it looks like the current xray has more haze than last year I'll have to get a pulm radiologist to read. I said "but you dont think it could be cancer" and she said "I cant really say that lets see what the radiologist says" She promised to rush it thru and I gave her my cell..she said she would call as soon as she heard. I realized late this afternoon that my cell wasnt working in my office. I called the center and a nurse said "well let me see if I can tell you..the dr has gone home"..she came back after long wait and said she couldnt. I said you cant tell me anything and she said no "a" dr will call tmo...now I am having a nervous break down...I've always had nurses tell me "everythings" ok...so I can only assume its not ok? Has anyone had these hazy areas and it was ok?

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Always tough to wait to hear news - try to get some sleep tonight and call the doctor in the morning. Hazy xrays can be lots of things - infection, inflammation, etc. Even if they suspect lung cancer (which doesn't really sound like the case based on the pulmonolgist's reaction) they won't know until they can get a biopsy. Just getting evaluated for lung cancer tends to take too much time. So, take it easy, talk to the doctor before the weekend and see what they have to say.

I hope you will come back and let us know that it is scar tissue or inflammation. Take care of yourself.

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Ditto Stephanie's post, be sure to call the doctor TODAY. It's Friday and you don't want to slip between the cracks and wind up waiting until Monday. I'm not sounding any alarms, I am just horrible at waiting.

We're waiting an hoping for a non-cancer explanation for the haze.

Judy in KW

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Hi, welcome to LCSC. I know you don't want to hear any of this, but my guess is that even if a doctor thinks the hazy area is suspicious for cancer, it's probably much too early to confirm that with a biopsy, and you'll be in "watchful waiting" mode for what seems an eternity. That's one of the "bummers" aspects of this disease. But early stage lung cancer is generally curable, so contrast that with the fact that many or even most of the patients here had no clue there was anything wrong until our cancers were already at an an advanced/incurable (though manageable/treatable) stage.

Bottom line, there's a good chance this is nothing, but even if it's something, it's not the end of the line. Color me blunt but wishing you the best along with much Aloha,


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