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Saturdays Air

eric byrne

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Crivvens Jings Saturday 9.10pm and no mail to read,come on gang,lets get this show on the road.Imagine a single day to pass and nothing in the Air forum,this will not do.

Well had a great Friday night at Guidi's,food and atmosphere just cannot be beaten,oh you disagree do you?well then why dont we arrange a wee visit soon ,you are all invited,I will stand the first round.

Met my friend to-day,she brought along her friend also,what a fun day we all had,she had booked tickets to see The Kings Speech,what a bummer thought I,I am not really a fan of royalty,however happy to go along with an open mind,well for a film about the British class system,this film had real class,its been years since I have witnessed such quality in a film,the acting by everyone,I think its authenticity of its depiction of Britain at the outset of WW11,was remarkable,OK I wasnt even born then,I just feel it.I remember Sally's gran talking about the past one day I was visiting her,her saying to me remember the rationing during WW11 Eric,for heavens sake how old did she think I was?.The film might be a bit too British for American taste though,I dont know,but I thoroughly recommend it to you.

Well whatever you are doing today,I hope you are having a great weekend,I will see you all tomorrow.

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So - I have not even looked out a window so I have no idea what the weather is today - in fact - I am cooking myself some dinner that could be breakfast since I just woke up at 3:30. I guess the stress of the last couple of weeks finally caught up with me. Believe it or not my nephew is home - they decided he was not a threat to himself and they let him go - lord knows what is next - but I took a step back and took care of myself today. Stayed up and watched DVD's last night - looked at the clock to see it was after 3 in the morning - but I felt good and relaxed.

So gonna miss Judy on the air while she burns the midnight oil on a cruise - but maybe she will share some stories with us when she gets back.

Like Judy and Eric I am wondering where everyone is today.


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Had a crappy day today. Already wished Judy twice to have a great trip. But................

My husband has a radio show. He co-hosts it with a buddy. The producers of the show want him to take over the show. He's "better radio" according to them. He does not know how to tell his buddy this. Ack.

Well today they did the show, and without telling me, he went to a "beer fest" with said buddy. Just for a little while he said. Hours later he calls saying he can't find his buddy, and does not know what to do. Oy! 47 years old and in this stupid situation?

Like I want or need this juvenile behavior in a man this mature.

I made chicken noodle soup for him, and at 7:00 PM he is snoring, and totally ticking me off because I can't begin to focus or hear anything due to his snoring.

Finally at 9:00 I told him that if he didn't go to bed, and stop bothering me with his horrible snoring, I was going to beat him!

He finally went to bed, with murmurring of wanting romance. Yeah right! Jeez! I'm so ticked.

He asked me to set up his facebook account today. Finally thinks it'd be a good idea for the radio show. So I set up an email account for him on Yahoo. But his FB account was deactivated due to no activity, and I had to run through hoops to figure out how to activate that with an email that works. It was very complicated, and took hours for me to make it happen. urgh!

Can you tell I had a bad day?

On to tomorrow. It's got to be better.

MI Judy

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