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Latest visit to Miya the Jackal

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On Sunday morning I did my duty and visited my adopted girl and also to pay my monthly dues.

I was allowed to go directly to the cage but again she just hid away. The others all gave me a good looking over. they are all getting big exept for one thats still very young and small.

I seem to be a part of the people at the centre as I had a cup of coffee and a long chat with the staff. They are preparing a new cage for them and it is bigger and theres bush and they will be able to catch insects and the odd mouse.

I will post again soon


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Hi Ronnie!

Great to hear from you and the update on Miya. Do I remember that she will be returned to the wild, or is she too domesticated now for that? And some new friends for you at the centre - that's swell.

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The plan is for all the jackals to be released back into the wild. They have not been domesticated and the move to the bigger enclosure will prepare them for release. This might not happen until the summer arrives later in the year when food will be more readily available and they do not need to make proper burrows to shelter from the cold.

I will very soon post some photos of the jackals and some other animals which are in the process of being prepared for release into the wild as soon as they are able to look after themselves.

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