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Hello everyone

The reason for the absence this last while is twofold.

Firstly I have been very busy at work as the safety manager has been promoted and I have taken his place. A step up the ladder also means more responsibility and work.

Secondly, emotionally I have been struggling. There have been days that I could not focus properly because I was missing Pat so much and was constantly thinking about her. On the 18 February it was 8 months since she so suddenly passed on and I just could not seem to manage. I also could not cry and I think this was part of the problem. While I was at home that weekend I was looking through some of Pats things and found a poem that was given to her when our pig died. Well that brought on the tears and I really felt better that I could get rid of some of the built up tension and emotions.

This past weekend I was at home for 4 days and really felt better. I also promised myself that I would not feel sad all the time enen when I thought of Pat and really missed her. I was actually sad to leave on Monday.

I know I will always miss her and I will have bad sentiimental times but I will try and not be sad.

Thanks for being concerned and for all the positive thoughts and help


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After Bill died I relished sad movies just so I could cry. I really felt that crying got rid of so much sadness and hurt and the frustration of the new life without your loved one. Crying is so very healthy.

It's coming up on 3 years since Bill is gone and the crying has diminished. I pray that the day will come when you are smiling more at the wonderful memories with Pat. God bless you and good luck in your new work status.

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Is it okay if I got a chuckle that Pat received a poem when the pig died? And that she saved the poem? I'm clearly not the most sentimental of folks, but the idea has me smiling.

On the other hand, last Thursday night I had a real cryfest after feeling bad for a week. Friday started much better days. I think crying clears things physically and emotionally. There was a time in my life that I did not cry for years - when and why I started again is a mystery to me. I think it was good to experience that sadness and hurt, as it also allowed me to appreciate the pleasures as well.

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Hi Ron,

It's so nice to hear back from you. I think of you often. I agree, crying is very therapeutic. As you are beginning to see, the memories of Pat are beginning to be happy memories, instead of invoking the acute pain of her leaving.

The pig poem is about the sweetest thing I've ever heard. You romantic you!

MI Judy

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Hi Ronnie,

Congratulations on your promotion,health and safety is getting really big here in the UK,with lots of work oppetunities in this area,I teach this subject to construction students and it is getting more complex with the passing years.Is your firm offering you some training,or expecting you to learn "on the job".I think you will find it difficult to get used to your new role,but I guarantee it will exercise your brain,you wont get bored and hopefully you can find the work enjoyable and rewarding,you may think some people you work with will resent your dilligence at times,but everyone does respect and appreciate the efforts of a good health and safety officer.Best Wishes.

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