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Thursday's Air


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Wow - we are a bunch of light-weights without Judy - it won't be long before the Air becomes the Nap. It was pretty chilly when I drove to work this morning.

Got to see the nephew for an hour last night. (They only let you visit 1 hours 2times a week). Good and bad - he has a really bad cold/flu - so it was not a good visit.

Now I am at work and the computer issues continue - it took me 5 minutes to copy one line in a spreadsheet - How long do we have to put up with this before they realize that the people in St. Paul that are computer geeks are not any geeky as they claim.

I am horrible at remembering everyone's post and I am late so I didn't write down little responses like I usually do - just wanted to say good Thursday Morning to everyone and mention that that makes tomorrow - another workday. Wait I meant Friday.



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Good morning, everyone!

It was 48 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 77.

The typewriter talk reminded me of the old portable typewriter my dad left me. It was my standard for letter writing or anything that needed to be typed until computers came along. I still had it until we made this last move. We were downsizing so much that I just couldn't see keeping a typewriter that I hadn't used in many years, so it got left on the curb with a For Steal sign on it.

Not much happening here other than another work day. Have a great day, all!

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I forgot about the typewriter - I remember listening to my grandmother type on her "new" manual typewriter. She was a High School English teacher and she would type up all her tests and hand-outs. I remember she had arthritis in her pinky finger that made them curve in just perfect to type. I miss her - she has been gone many years but she handed down a love for reading that has carried on through four generations so she would be proud of that.

Even remembering can make you smile - I also remember (now don't tell anyone this is a secret)....

my aunt had two little kittens that my sister and I loved to go play with at my grandmothers house. They kept wanting to run away (can't imagine why) so one of us (my sister and I - no names mentioned or I might get grounded) put the cats in the typewriter case. Then darned if we couldn't figure out how to open the dang thing. (Smiling - rubbing hide - remembering - never did that again.)


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Just chimin' in cause I am one happy person. Just paid for my golf membership - wooo hooo - here comes the sun, here comes the links. BTW, have I mentioned how much I like golf?

On my way to get my teeth cleaned. BTW, have I mentioned how much I hate to get my teeth cleaned?

Annette, my lap top has become so slow I can't stand it, so I started a full scan at 7 this a.m. and it says it will take another day to finish. Hope it works.

Annette, we had very similar problems with my stepson. It is very difficult.

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Hi All,

You are right! Without Judy, this place is quite quiet. We miss you KW Judy on a boat in the warm sunshine, drinking fruity drinks, resting, relaxing, being entertained. Ack! LOL

I'm at Gilda's Club today! It's so exciting. Our big event is coming up, it's a ten day event with comedians coming in from all over the world! It's a huge event. Check it out if you have a minute, I'm quite proud of it. http:///www.laughfestgr.org.

Ginny, you sound so thrilled about the golf! Good for you. Dentist, not so much. I'm due for a cleaning in two weeks, but my darling niece does my teeth, so it's okay.

Well, I found out something yesterday that is going to change my life!!!!!!!

You know I've suffered with the spasm issues. I was so happy when the medications helped with it. The spasms in my back, arms, feet, hands all went away. But I was sad when the spasms in my ribs remained. Why? And when I overdo, or cough (like I have for the last 4 weeks), the spasms get really, really painful. I was going to wait until my appointment with my neurologist in May to explore things further.

So my husband is gabbing with his buddy, and his buddy grabbed his rib area with a wince. Randy asked him what was up and he replied "I have rib tip syndrome." He said his rib cartiledge was damaged from his years in construction, and he gets these spasms that are quite painful at times. He told him that his orthopedic doctor gives him injections that help with the pain, and that it can be corrected surgically!

Oh I'll have to finish later. It's really busy here at the club.

See ya

MI Judy

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