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It's finally Friday!!! Yeah - still a little chilly and having to wear both coats to work before the afternoon warm up - but it's Friday.

I know I have lots of work I'd like to get done but probably won't because I believe that Fridays are the days of the week that we should goof off just enough to make Mondays Mondays. I mean if we really cleared everything Friday - how could Monday always be bad. Interesting - I think I will not conduct any tests that involve cleaning the desk - if someone else wants to volunteer go ahead.

I am just not sleeping well - don't know what the deal is - I can usually read three or four pages and zonk but even with ambian I am waking up tired tired tired. (I would bet dollars to donuts that it is the recent stress and nothing fancy.)

I'm gonna run on and wait for some unsuspecting somebody to post so I can study over their shoulder. Work carefully - we must be fully able to enjoy the weekend!


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 60 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 77. I rode my bike to work all five days this week. My shin feels much better now, but I'm probably going to ice it for a few more days.

I'm thinking about trying a new crappie spot, Lake Aquilla, tomorrow. But, they're calling for 35 mph north winds, so it may not be the best day for fishing.

Ginny, it sounds like you're pretty excited about your gold membership. Is it warm enough yet there to golf?

MI Judy, the Laugh Fest sounds fun. But, I better quit smiling and get back to work. Have a great day, all!

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I'm as guilty, been really busy the last couple of days. The LaughFest is right around the corner and boy are Randy and I busy. I'm honored to be asked to be the hostess for the Betty White dinner! These folks paid $750.00 a seat to have dinner with Betty White and talk to her. And they asked me if I'd meet and greet all the guests. What an honor that they trust me with such distinguished guests. It will be fun.

We are also in charge of logistics, which is huge when the event is ten days long, and being held at many different venues. It's a big job, but hopefully we'll have lots of volunteers to help us.

Ah, exciting times.

And the rib thing from yesterday? Well turns out there is a syndrome that people can get from trauma to the ribs, called Rib Tip Syndrome. And guess what? 1999 I got the flu from hell, sick for 4 months, got shingles, and coughed my guts out. That's when the rib cramps started, and I've strugged with it ever since then. I am so happy to know this is a separate problem from the other muscle spasm issue, and that there are things they can do to help with the pain! Yeah!!!!!! I'm seeing my doctor next week to take the next steps. I'm so happy!

Annette, I am 100% sure the tiredness is stress. My goodness you've had a lot lately. It will pass and soon you'll be our little clown on line again!

Bud, never stop smiling :D

See ya'll later!

MI Judy

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Hi all temperature is 35 degrees,

I am still alive and kicking. Can't say motivated, but trying to be. Sorry I have been gone. Going through a lot issues and not dealing with them well at all. Hubby and I have lose 30% of income between the two of us and don’t know if either of us will have jobs soon. My husband works for the State of WI and if everyone has been watching the news working as a union employee at a State University right now looks grim.

I go for my scan on Tuesday and Dr. on Wednesday so hopefully I can get some comfort with good results. I sure hope we don't lose our health insurance; we can't afford the $1,800 Cobra payment through the State of WI. I may just have to take some risks.

Been busy working my regular job and doing tax returns out of the house. I am seeing numbers in my sleep. How is the exercise team doing? Or how are we not doing?

Got to go for now. I will try and catch up and read the last week of posts. Hope I can be a speed reader.


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