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Saturday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 39 degrees with a north wind gusting to 35 mph when I got up this morning. There was also a large area of rain, including the area around Lake Aquilla, where I was going fishing, so I just decided to stay home instead. Forecast high is 59, but it better get started if it's going to make that.

I seem to have no pain in my shin at all now, except after I've been on my feet all day, so maybe a couple more easy days will mean the end of that. We're having dinner with daughter Linda this evening. It's her boyfriend's birthday. Maybe I'll go fishing tomorrow.

Libby, good to hear from you, but sorry you're having a stressful time right now. I didn't realize you did taxes at home. I guess anyone who does that it pretty busy right now. I hope the job situation is still good after the dust settles with the state thing.

Good luck at the doctor next week, MI Judy. Annette, I hope you're catching up on your rest this weekend.

Have a great day, all!

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Well well well - still no one here - - Judy must keep us straight. I slept in and now here I sit getting ready to work at home a bit - or go shopping I'm not sure yet. Maybe it will all turn into a nap. I hope that everyone is out and about having some fun anyway.


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Hey Bud, Moderator man of this page. Can you bring Annette's post in here? I'm not moderator on this page, so it won't let me!

Saturday! It's 12:30 and I'm still in my jammies! I love that. Randy taped the radio show this week, so we got to sit and listen to it together, critique it, add recipes to the web site, and just enjoy the morning. The show today was on Cajun cooking, in light of Fat Tuesday coming up this week! You can check it out at http://www.thegrillinguys.com

I put up all the recipes and pictures. It's really a lot of fun.

Last night we laid low. It was nice too.

Now today I was very disturbed to find that NBC is no longer on my DISH network cable. Turns out the LIN Media who owns a lot of local TV stations all over the USA is refusing to negotiate with DISH. I called DISH and they said LIN is demanding a 175% increase in price. I said I could always change to a competitor and they warned me that LIN will be doing this with other Satellite providers. They are withholding local programming, hoping the little people will blame the local TV station, and the Satellite provider, rather than the owner of them.

Well, I did an internet check on LIN Media and I see they have been causing trouble all over the USA with their greedy tactics.

The only way I can watch my beloved NBC is to watch it on my lap top. Bummer. We watch that channel all the time. Hate it when big companies lord it over the little guys.

Dang it!

Anyway, I'm okay. LOL. It's big business, and I'm a teeny tiny little fish in the sea.

Speaking of fish, LOL we are going to a fish fry tonight. We have so many friends that fish on our lake. The benefit to it is when they cook up their fish, they invite us over! :D

The Labra in my Labradoodle is becoming apparent as Spring approaches. I mentioned the other day she broke through two screens wanting to get to a pheasant and a squirrel in the yard. Today I found her outside with something furry in her mouth. I opened it up to get it out of there, but it was mostly gone, and unidentifiable as to the nature of the little beast.

And I used to kiss that cute little face! Now I'll have to resign my kisses to her forehead!

Bud glad to hear the shin is feeling better. Take it slow. Shin splints can be pesky to get rid of.

Annette, come back! *wink*

Judy in MI

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Hey Judy - they are doing the NBC thing here too (well at Keith's house and his Direct TV). I have Comcast so they aren't there yet - but I remember several years ago with other main stations. They have to negotiate contracts - you'd think with the way the economy is they would realize that these companies can't raise their rates so the only way they could pay for it would be less profit - and they don't want to lose that. I know my cable costs are outrageous - and even though I only watch one channel at a time I do love my HD and DVR - even though I buy Season DVDs all the time.

Speaking of Fish - everybody so far has anyway - we are talking about hitting Red Lobster tonight. They are having lobster specials and although I am not a fish eater I can tolerate fried shrimp - lots and lots of fried shrimp. Then we will hit the grocery store for my mom - sigh - this is why I miss my nephew most he was her little gopher. (I hope that wasn't him in Judy's doodle mouth?.....LOL - I am funny.

I would like a little puppy like that - he is so cute - and if you give him some little treat bones I think it will be safe to kiss him cause he his your baby afterall.

Anyway - time to shop - hope that everyone is having a fun day.


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Boy, I've tried to type out a "whazzup" post and am just to b*tchy to do it today. Sorry, can't even type an abridged version without steam coming from my ears.

Tried again, just can't do it...lol

Let's give the weather a whirl. Rained last night, on the ice in my driveway. Slippery as all get-out, about plopped right on my fanny when I walked out to the car. Now it's snowing again, and a wet, heavy snow at that time.

Looks like there may be a warm-up coming. Not looking forward to mud dragged in the house, but am SOOOOOO sick of snow!

Off to the housework. Never ending housework.

I'm thinking barbecued chicken for dinner tonight...and mashed potatoes, comfort food! Any takers?

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Bud, my son had to stop running in college due to shin splints. So he took up boxing - never went to see him to that - did not want to see someone try and hit my baby.

Went to the golf driving range today, it felt great, but boy do I need practice.

Judy, bummer about the TV situation. I have tv on all the time when I am home and would be bonkers if they took away any of my stations. Watching the Good Wife from DVR right now.

Becky, if we get anymore snow, I will go bonkers again, like above. Hope the mud doesn't come.

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