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Feeling the Anxiety and Stress


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This week has been building the stress every day. I sat here yesterday with my chest and back hurting thinking about all the possible scenarios that could happen next week til I was dizzy - wait that may be a normal situation.

Tuesday we have a meeting with the "Foster Care Prevention" Social Services Division - my mom and I disliked the girl immediately but when she talked to my nephew he said he believed her to be on his side - we shall see.

Wednesday it the nightmare CT scan - I am so so worried because of the tremendous stress my family has been on me the past few months.

Thankfully I will get the results Thursday afternoon - since my doctor will be going on vacation next week - one day turnaround here is great - or maybe not great if it is bad news.

Friday - we go to court to see what the judge says. I am planning on writing a speech for the Tuesday meeting stressing all the things that I think they have looked at from a skewed perspective, why I think the assigned Guardian Ad Litum is not the sharpest tack in the box and how upset Marco is that he said that to the judge and was given no chance to talk.

Saturday - I'm not sure what I will do - if Friday is good I may very well get a worry free day - I may not know what to do with that. My poor little brain can't even wrap around the possibility of a good day. This could be, might be, may be a good day.

Scanxiety triplified - - - sigh - - - Annette

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Annette, waaaaaayyyyyy toooooo much stress. I wish I had a time machine and could just make next week evaporate. Then we could all with you the following week when we share in all your good news.

You should treat yourself to something special at the end of the week, a massage, a mani/pedi, whatever turns you on.

All here will be thinking of you.

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I can't wait until we meet and get to just give each other a great big old hug! I'd squeeze all this stress right out of you! However, for now, I'm just going to take over the worry for you. K? K.

It's a done deal. You can deal with the nephew and Mom, and I'll worry for you about the scan. Hopefully that will help you, and I have some spare time to take on the other.


MI Judy

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Annette, I love Katie's sentiment. Double that for me.

Dear, I do know about the anxiety and fear relative to family stresses. Everytime my normally terrific man says or does something incredibly insensitive and I lose it, I worry that it's giving the cancer the edge. Of course I know that I am responsible for my own response but I do wish he'd stop pushing my buttons without even seeming to realize it. After 47 years!!! LOL

It looks like we are on a schedule close to one another--my scan Tue, results Wed. Wish we could cross fingers with each others but we'll have to settle for crossing fingers for each other.

Hang in there.

Judy in KW

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Oh my goodness - I have totally lost my mind - - not that I am thinking about Wednesday or anything cause we all know it's not on our minds - but they put a star by the Abdomen Only - so now I am absolutely paranoid that they are only gonna scan my abdomen - and then all the stress that I am feeling in my back will turn out to be well you know real. So I called to ask my doctor's assistant - and she assured me that they are going to do chest and abdomen - okay - so now I am back down from absolutely positively without a doubt paranoid to just a small pretty much paranoid - much much better - LOL - - sigh.

I know you knew what I was talking about -


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Just want you to know that I am thinking of you and pray all things will turn out right.

Hang in there take deep breaths count to 10 and let is out real slow. Do this 10 times and it should help some of that tention.


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