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Brain mets - Artemisinin ? Others?

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Is the artemisisnin the same as wormwood extract?

I have brain mets - multiples - causing major problems - I'm taking steroids now to reduce brain swelling, and pain pills to help with pain - had one radiation treatment to brain, doubt I'll do anymore -

I have on my list to pick up artemisinin (sp) - any more info on this item greatly appreciated - ANy info on other items that may work to get rid of brain mets greatly appreciated -

Going to add montana yew tips to my essiac tea, don't know if it will help but getting rather desperate here.

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You should never use Artemisinin for a minimum of two weeks after radiation. I believe the link below is one of the best suppliers of Artemisinin, you can call them and they will be more than happy to help you. There are others suppliers that charge between $13-$20 for a bottle. Wormwood is not usually as potent as Artemisinin extract. I believe Artemisinin and its derivatives in specific portions are far Superior.



Wellcare Pharmaceutical Company

PO Box 2858

Palos Verdes, CA 90274


877-728-2073 (Toll free)

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It is my understanding that artemisinin is derived from the wormwood plant. I just started takng this supplement, which was suggested to me by a medical doctor that I am seeing now. He uses a mix of both taditional and nontraditional medical approaches. I am no doctor, but I have read that this chineese herb has been used to to treat malaria, and more recently cancer. Cancer cells selectively accumulate iron (required for cell division.) Artemisinin is attracted to transferrin receptors on tumor cells, which are killed by artemisinin. It also crosses the blood brain barrier. Some doctors believe you should wait one month befor having radiation because the herb causes the tissue to slough at radiated site. Others have not had that experince. See www.doctorrowen.com, or contact drrowen@att.net. To order artemisinin www.allergyresearchgroup.com. I think therapeutic dosages range around 500 mg. per day? Let me know how you are doing!


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I'm confused - that's either because I'm just an idiot,or maybe just because my brain is still swollen.

Are you all saying I should NOT take Arteminisn until at least 2 weeks after the radiation treatment? I had one treatment - that was yesterday (Friday) and probably won't do more -

And are you all saying not to take it if there is to be more radiation to come within a month?


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Irradiated normal cells increase their transferrin(iron) receptors, allowing more uptake of iron and thus become sensitive to Artemisinin. Artemisinin therapy can be started a minimum of two weeks after radiation (preferably more). Basically your healthy brain cells that have been irradiated are trying to repair themselves and may absorb/attract the Artemisinin causing healthy cells to die. Generally people don't receive only one treatment of radiation(as you have)it also depends on the amount of radiation you received in your one treatment, so this rule may or may not apply to you. If you don't plan on doing further radiation I would start Artemisinin two weeks from the date you finished

(Jan 09+two weeks). If you plan on doing further radiation I would wait to start Artemisinin, until two weeks after completion of your final treatment

Artemisinin and its derivatives are compounds that are extracted from the wormwood herb. A mixture of Artemisinin, artesunate and artemether is slightly better than individual components

In general, Artemisinin and its analogs are relatively safe drugs with no obvious adverse reactions or noticeable side effects. Some people complain of skin irritation and scratching in 1 to 2mg/kg/day doses. Artemisinin should be taken with a 1/4-1/2 cup of milk

The drug may also not work under 5 possible conditions:

1) Cholesterol more than 150 and Triglycerides more than 150 (avoid sugar drinks)

2) HDL below 35. To raise it, try enjoyable exercise for 1-2 hour after dinner.

3) Blood or saliva pH below 7.3 and to raise it, drink vegetable juices and take B1 vitamin and magnesium at breakfast and lunch and do a enjoyable exercise for 1-2 hour after dinner

4) Inadequate dose of artemisinin

5) Stress level is too high


(this is just my opinion and you should always contact a medical professional before beginning any treatment.)

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