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Thursday's Air


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We are a pretty sad lot - Judy (KW) is gonna think she has to be here to keep us in line if we don't have a little more fun. Yesterdays air was getting there. Of course I am having trouble causing trouble so someone else needs to start the trouble and I'll help keep it going.

Eric - your stories definitely make me smile - you draw a real picture in the minds eye - and I have learned not to drink while reading your stories

I am going to have to start writing myself a note about things from the day before that I want to comment on. I just read it and someone came in my office and wanted to talk about work....(what's up with that) - and I totally lost my train of thought - some work junk took over - - get out of there work junk.

It is raining here - supposed to get worse and the day goes by - and I promised a friend I would go to dinner with her and to the comedy club (even though it will be past my bedtime when I get back - I think a good night out is called for - unless my mom gets out of the hospital. If she does she will discover that all of her sheets and clothes are on my kitchen floor waiting to be washed.)

Judy - smile exercises are worth a lot more - if your smiling and a family member or co-worker sees you - they will wonder what your up to and so we get extra calories off because we put their minds to work. Maybe even their face muscles if they raised their eyebrows while they wondered what we were up to. Endless possibilities of extra calories off - maybe I will experiment with a small "chuckle" as I walk by my AA's desk and see if I get her curiosity cooking.

(Glad your blood pressure is down, you are right it is sometimes impossible to get a doctor to analyze all the drugs they put us on for some that could go away - they just keep rewriting them).

Eric - cute jokes too - I had to send them on to Keith - he will probably appreciate them a little more.

I'll add congratulations to Libby here as well for the scan results.

Becky - I have a 23 year old daughter and boy could I tell you some "driving" stories on her. I will say that after she got her learners permit I took her out one time to the grocery store parking lot and home. When we got home I threw myself out of the car - ran in the house - and called a driving school. Yep - it was like one of those horrible scary movies and I only like adventure and romantic comedies.

Stephanie - powers of deduction - double funny !!

Check back in later to see how everyone is doing - me back to work.


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Good morning, everyone! It was 40 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 70.

Rose has always liked being around the elderly (which is a good thing, since I'm getting there myself). For years, she had two adopted grandmothers in a nursing home that she visited all the time.

But nursing home work is more than she wants. This nursing home work is just part of her school. Afterward, she'll be working in home health care, but will hopefully later find better work in one of the many hospitals, doctor's offices, or labs around here.

Great story, Becky! Congrats on your scan results, Libby! Time for me to get back to work. Have a great day, all!

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I have discovered a new way to save money. I LOVE eating out, full calories, heavy sauces, lots of butter on warm rolls...but since I started watching the BBC's reruns of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, I'm not so keen on getting out there... Stuff that hangs out in kitchens, old moldy food in the refrigerator, cockroaches, mice, inches of old grease caked on walls and stoves... Yeah, I'll just have a Pop-Tart at home.

Not sure what's up in the house here, it's a plague of flies! We are the first renters, but the house is far from new. I'm not sure where the flies are coming from, since it's still too cold outside to open the doors and windows. No exaggerating, in just a few minutes yesterday, I killed a dozen in the bathroom, two dozen in the bedroom window, and almost that in the living room window. They're constant buzzing around is driving me nuts, and that's already a short drive! If I have this many flies, I fear for summer with the skeeters, they're smaller critters and I have no clue how the flies are entering...

I have my vision back! Finally broke down and went to the salon yesterday. I now have bangs, and don't have to pull my hair back to brush my teeth!

For all you people working M-F, it's Friday Eve!

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Becky - Although I'm sure at some time in the past almost 2 years I read your profile I just reread it. Even though you are absolutely right about the mental demons I had to smile at your humor - (for example about the gastro problems you could only say explosive = not a pretty picture but I painted from the same "can" and when stressed still have some rather fun issues.

Anyway - thanks Becky for the laughs!.

Now let me think about those flies. Are they regular flies - I once had an issue with some old bird seed that sprouted moths for the longest time. My mom had some issues over the summer and she went out and got one of those "sticky" fly catchers. I think it may have taken a while to work but I haven't seen one since then.

Hope you find the answer to the problem.

Where is everyone...


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Katie....How can anyone just delete one portion of a post - don't you have to be a moderator of that forum. I do remember it being here though - so it can't be that it was posted at the same time as someone elses - strange very strange - maybe if you told us a joke or something it would come back.


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Good afternoon it is currently a sizzling 39 degrees!!

I am at work, can you tell..lol. Becky I watch kitchen nigtmares also, I am not sure why, when I go out and eat I am constantly checking everything. If I could go in the kitchen and check that before I ordered I would, most of the time I would probably have to leave after seeig the kitchen. The show does not do much for the appetite, but it is entertaining for a laugh and a shrug of the shoulders.

Judy in MI I am glad that you are starting to feel better. You need to get some more food in that tummy.

Annette, yes sure is very quiet. I hope your Mom gets out of the hospital soon and you get her laundry done first..lol I may go to the gym today so I will do a work out for you today :)

Well got to get back to work. Friday for me, yeah.


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Hi Everyone,

Just back from the indoor bowling,hooray after weeks of receiving a real drubbing from 85+ year olds,we actually managed a draw 8-8,this could be the beginnings of a new dawn.Weather,still cold,some snow on my car leaving the club to-night.

External Verifier visit to face to-morrow,he arrives at 9.00am and will stay until 5.00pm,checking all the students assessment materials and curriculum delivery by the staff,think I mentioned in an earlier post that my former student,now a HOD in another college was supposed to do this visit,but had a heart attack over Christmas,the guy thats coming is what we call a typical "Dour Scot"no sense of humour and totally job focussed,if he is not satisfied with all my paperwork he can issue a "Pink Slip" against the department,hey,do you really think I am concerned,maybe leaving end April -dream on buddy.

Becky-Gordon Ramsey-what can I say?-fellow Glaswegian-I didnt realise you would get to see BBC progs in the USof A,I have watched him for years doing kitchen nightmares in the UK,then he started doing same as with you guys,OK the format is a bit repetitive,but I still find it so engrossing viewing.

Do you mind if I can mention another horsey memory with you?,sorry I forgot to note everyone's post today,Bad Eric.

Bet you thought in yesterdays post I was fibbing when I said I got to know all the horses and cows at Bothwell,oh ye of little faith.Well one day I found about a dozen apples in the fridge that were past their best,so I said to Sally-think I will feed these to the horses in the field,good idea sayth she,so went out to the separating fence,leaning over, I flashed my apples,oh for goodness sake girls-stick with the plot,in no time I was surrounded by the horses,which I fed to each one,all the horses bar one-Mandy-she had missed my cue-was munching on the grass some distance from me,so I shout to Sally-I am just climbing over the fence to feed Mandy-OK says Sally-coming out to observe the proceedings-I reach Mandy-totally ignores me carries on with the eating the grass-so I slip the apple into her mouth area,she takes the apple from me without a by you or leave you and starts munching apple instead of grass.Eric watching her,starts to plot,wonder what would happen if I climb onto her back and get a wee shot of trotting round the field?,nothing ventured nothing gained thinks I,so I climbed onto her back,I just sat there nothing-she still ignored me,carried on eating the apple and then back to the grass,this will not do,thinks I,so I clicked my heels into her rear end,damn and blast does she not go into a franzy,jumping up and down violently,trying to throw me,and me with nothing to hold on to,gripping her mane like grim death,imagining being thrown and her subsequently trampling all over me to death.Panic,Panic my gaze crosses over to Sally,can you believe it she is hung over the fence laughing her silly head off,does she not realise my position?,after a god knows how long I throw myself off to the ground and Mandy gallops off into the sunset,what a sigh of relief for me.

See you tomorrow all,goodnight.

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Everyone knows I am very undependable and seldom show up to post anything --- but I just want to tell all of you regular "Air" posters how much I look forward to reading about your days and exploits. I can always count on a good laugh - or two or three!! More often than not, you make my day. Thanks!!!


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I didn't delete you, Katie. In all honesty, I don't know how! Nothing like being the hall monitor and not having a notebook... :roll:

Eric, are you daft, man? You could have been killed! And in Sally's defense, what the heck could she have done for you at that point? I would have laughed so hard I would have had to change my drawers when I got home!

By the way, I catch Gordon Ramsay on BBC-America.

Normal house flies, everywhere. But hey, that's not the worst part of the day... Washing machine isn't spinning correctly, takes hours for one load. I'd do better to join my Amish neighbors at the wash board, take less time! Shoulda known how the day would go, I forgot it was garbage day and had to hustle it all around and out this morning instead of taking it out last night.

Almost time for "Big Bang"...gotta warm up the TV.

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Well I just got in at 11:28Pm so I have no idea who deleted Katie's post! Or why?

It's very late. I had a relapse today. Lots of coughing, Lots of sneezing, and lots of feeling horrid.

There are a ton of posts today, but I can't respond.

At Gilda's Club today, a member asked me what to do if I fell out of the chair choking to death. I told her to stomp on my chest and finish the job off.

Seriously. I can not feel this bad 4 weeks into it. And yet I do.


Gilda's kick off event was the chicken toss, supposed to be the biggest ever to make it into the Guiness Book of Records. I was not there. I was at the club answering phones, and tring to help people get where they wanted and how they got there.

I'm so bummed. How can anyone be so sick for so long? sigh

And yet tomorrow is a new day, and I pray it is much better than today.

I'm off to guzzel some cough meds with codeine and see how well I sleep.

Judy In MI

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