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Good enough to keep on course


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Had a CTscan with "smoothies" and iv contrast on Wednesday. Saw the onc today and the report says the liver met that was seen early December has reduced in size approximately 40% with three rounds of this cocktail. No flare up from stopping Tarceva in late December either - everything else remains basically stable (oh, a mm here, a mm there...)

I was considering whether I could face a 4th round or would opt for another week off, or a change in chemo - but I said yes to the whole thing and had the 4th round this afternoon. Hard to argue with "success". Also hard to argue when everyone sees you and says "You look great!" Inside, I was thinking, too bad you didn't see me two weeks ago... Such a boost to your psyche.

I do need to boost those neutrophils - so 4 hits of neupogen for me next week. My first booster in all this (other than the B-12 and folic acid.)

Happy March - coming in like a lion.

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Stephanie, couldn't be happier coming back to your news. I do depend on those "but you look great" comments on having lung cancer. Keeps me going too. Wish you didn't have to go through another round but hang in there. You are doing great!

Judy in KW

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Stephanie -

Two of my FAVORITE words - Shrinkage and Stable! And the fact that you are looking good on top of it?! I take this as all great news! I know it has been a tough road - but you can do it girl - you are always in my prayers -

peace - Janet

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I misunderstood the results of my March scan - the met reduction was not 40%, not 35%, but on the order of 75%!!!

Shows why you should review your results with a qualified professional. I didn't think of the three dimensional aspect of the tumor and just looked at one dimension at a time. I know better - but seeing the scan today (for the first time) made it so obvious.

Wow, just wow.

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