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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Its 2.45am here,woke up cannot get back to sleep,thought I would come on and check the mail.Thought of replying to Mondays,no this is definately Tuesday.Cannot tell what the weather is doing outside,all is very quiet though.

Boy was it busy on that facebook? I spent hours there,that is a full time job,well I wont get bored when I retire now thats for sure,thank you everyone who befriended me,and Judy for the farmville prezzies,even though I havnt a clue what to do with them.Mind you principal port of call must always be LUNGevity,need to properly organise my time on line.

Thinks I have woke up because of the blooming HMIe visit from Mon next,ridiculous isnt it I am retiring anyway but it always increases my stess levels,Assistant Principal coming to see me on Thurs for my final pre HMIe briefing,I am not even on their interviewee list for heavens sake.Bettcha you will also be glad when its finished I must have bored the pants off everyone here-sorry it will definately be my last visit.

Bud, I do hope Marie is OK? good thing Rose and Linda took a trip over to her home.

Thanks Girls for all the jokes.Guy sitting at the bar in the 19th hole, when a girl sits down beside him,she is wearing a all in one cat suit,full of zippers all over it.She chatting to him,asks are you hungry?yeah a bit, replies the guy,she goes into one of the zip compartments brings out a fresh pack of sandwiches,later,would you like a wee drink with your beer of the stronger variety,well says the guy,you wouldnt have some Whyte and MacKays in there? lets see she searches a few more zipper compartments,would you believe she produces a full bottle,Ice? she jokingly adds,after sharing a couple of these amber nectars,she whispers in his ear "Would you like to play around with me?" good grief he replies "You havent got a set of clubs in there as well?"

Old dog joke, in the wild west gunslinger rides into town shoots the whole place up,poor dog lying sleeping on a porch gets hit in the paw,limps off to see the vet.Well as the wound heals the dog starts to practice with a sixshooter,until finally he is proficient,striding into town, holster round his waist and two six guns attached is stopped by the sheriff,and where do you think your are going with them six guns,young pup?,"I am looking for the guy that shot my Paw" Iam off to bed, catch you to-morrow -I mean today,bowling night hooray.

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Morning All! Eric, I do hope you got back to sleep. All this stuff will be over for you soon and you will be joining our retirement ranks with nothing more to do than decide what's for dinner.

What, what a fall in just a few days. Instead of doing our "chink chink" with friends with champagne in one of our staterooms or with fine wine in our elegant dining room, Stan and I found out you can't make a chink sound with the paper cups in our motel room lol. We are in a very inexpensive Travelodge in downtown Orlando that offers reduced rates for MD Anderson patients. We are less than 2 mi from the cancer center with a diner right next door and a fine Italian restaurant down the street. So it is not so bad.

I'm staying in bed all day today until it's time to get ready for my scan. I don't have to be at the hospital until 2:30 and there is no place I want/need to go.

Paulette, your blonde joke made me LOL for real too. I decided to try to help poor Annette out with a joke. It's an old forward. Hope you haven't all heard it.

New Wine for Seniors

California vinters in the Napa Valley area, which primarily produce Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio wines, have developed a new hybrid grape that acts as an anti-diuretic. It is expected to reduce the number of trips older people have to make to the bathroom during the night.

The new wine will be marketed as: PINO MORE!


O.k., o.k, I know it's a little lame but my funny button isn't working well today--wonder why?

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Sneaking in and starting the air in the middle of the night - we may be in trouble if Eric gets on one of awesome story telling rolls. It is hard to stop reading when you can easily picture self in his stories. And Eric, soon the hoops they make you jump thru will be gone but it sounds like you will have FB hoops and hooks to jump thru - a lot of us are on there as well. Very hard to not visit every day. I can say that this week I'm not very attached to it for some reason. So I have lots of gifts to return and games to catch up on. But there is just too much stuff rolling around up in my head to do that. (Trying to keep those few marbles at least close to where they belong.)

Judy - bless you - I hope you have fun lounging until it's time to go please please please get some decent news! I have lots to worry about but my mind will be on you this afternoon!

The jokes were so funny - last night I was reading them to Keith before my stupid tv evening. (Should have kept that Deadliest Catch DVD on.)

Well I had better get back to work since I have to leave for the Foster Care Prevention meeting at 1p.m this afternoon. I will check back in later.


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 34 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 71.

Marie is doing better this morning, but is still in ICU. We're still not certain what's wrong. Rose came home and slept three hours yesterday evening. The rest of the time, she's been at the hospital.

Time for me to get back to the grind. Have a great day, all!

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Hi all,

10:32PM. Tired. Happy. Had a big day with Laughfest and Betty White. No I didn't get to meet her. But I got to stand and direct people to the different venues. Some were VIP VIP'S that got to meet Betty. Others were VIP that got to have dinner with her. Then there were those that got to see her show live. And lastly there were those happy to see her simulcast in the ballroom next to where she was at.

All in all it was a good thing. At the end, as my shift ended, I was so happy to get in my car and drive home, and put a Lean Cuisine in the micro, and have a bit of dinner.

This whole big deal ends on Sunday and I can't wait. Randy and I have not had dinner together in a week! Both of us are off and running to this and that volunteer thing. But I'm so thankful that we can do this, and see the positive effects that this major fundraiser will have on the programming for the club in Grand Rapids. What an amazing endeavor!

That being said, I'm tired and ready for bed. Lately I can only come in at the end of a long, but good day.

Good night.

MI Judy

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