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Does anyone know where I can buy return address lables with a lung cancer logo or even better, from a place where the proceeds go to lung cancer?

I need labels with my new last name for thank you notes and I know that in the past I had donated to lymphoma society and breast cancer from things that came in the mail, and every once in awhile I would randomly get return address labels.

I did an internet search and came up empty handed, so figured I'd ask if anyone knew. Thanks!

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I wanted to throw another idea out for the on line store, not sure if it would work or not.

Pre-Cancer my mom and I spent days and hours searching for the perfect wedding shower favors and bridal shower favors. I was astonished, amazed, shocked, blown away, etc, by the amount of websites, the amount of favors for sale, and the creativity and cost of some of the products that are really home made.

For example, there are beautiful sachets, flower pens, chocolates with personalized labels that can be done at home by someone with talent. If we could find someone with talent to donate their time in doing the crafts, maybe we could sell the products on line to raise money. I know I would have rather ordered the flower pens from an organization like this.

I have NO artistic talent, I am not allowed at work near documents when they are to be put together b/c I am a klutz. But if there was any interest in this idea, I would be willing to help donate money for supplies. You see, it is klutzes like me who have to pay for people to make their crafts b/c we can't do it ourselves :)

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Another idea,

Since 1999 I have been making earrings (pierced ears) for cancer.

I send most of them to New Zealand and to Australia to the hospices and they are well appreciated, so if it could help, let me know.

With the amount I last sent (1,000 pairs) they are OK for a while, so

if you want let me know.


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