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No Sunday AIR?????


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Well, it's quite late for starting the AIR. Guess everyone is very busy today. Hope you all are having a beautiful day, free from worries, free from stress, with lots of sunshine and joy. :-)

It's very dreary here today. Leaving in a half an hour to help make the Guiness Book of World records largest smiley face for the Laughfest event here. This is the closing ceremony. It was an awesome 10 days of laughter and joy. A helicopter is going to fly over all of us and take pictures of the face to submit. Fun!

Last night we saw Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood, of Whose Line is it Anyway, fame. Oh my goodness. It was the best show of all of them, totally impromptu with tons of audience participation. Our ribs hurt from laughing so hard. It was a blast. I needed that!

So I'm bundled up with long undies, extra thick socks, fur lined boots, turtleneck, heavy sweatshirt, scarf, woolen hat, ear muffs, gloves, and a super warm winter jacket, to go make this smile. It's about 38, and raining. Ack! What am I doing? LOL

Have a good day.

MI Judy

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Honestly - I stayed up late and slept in so I'm just checking to see what's going on. I'm a little jealous Judy - laughfest sounds like so very much fun. I loved that show (Whose line is it anyway - not a real big Drew Carey fan but the others did most of the work.) Bill Cosby the other night - so much good material.

We had a good evening here playing with the Playstation3 the guys playing some new game and taking turns. A successful weekend as far as this side of the family. I would have slept later but my mom called and woke me up with questions because she can't seem to remember what appointment is when for the nephew and if she misses any there will be big trouble. I invited her over to dinner and will try to maintain my cool long enough to get through that. We went over there to work on painting the wall in the kids room and had a little tussle over me not being willing to carry her laundry basket for her - she has to depend on herself to get the kid back. So then it was what did you wash my clothes with while I was in the hospital....oh my..... I took your hypoallergenic stuff and used it....oh well then I don't know what smells funny.....and with all that is good in me I chose not to say - your shower is located at the other end of your bedroom...sigh.

Now I am home relaxing waiting for the stuff we sprayed on the walls to dry (who knew how easy it is to make the walls bumpy - and you can even buy a can to do the old style ceilings too.) My dad is a painter and I can remember spraying the stuff up there and then painting it - what a nightmare.

Oh my - I better close before I start sounding like Eric with my story telling. It's a little chilly here to be out and having fun - not that we could since the kid is on house arrest - but maybe if he behaves it won't be long.

I'll check back and see if anyone has peeked in.


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I haven't been here for a while and looked in on a very slow day. I keep pretty busy most of the time but like to check in once in a while. I check facebook often because my family is on there and I can do it quickly.

I have been spending a lot of time helping get us ready for the rockathon. It is my job to arrange activities and sense it was my desire for us to feature and work for Lung Cancer I have been gathering information. I wish the money could go to Lungevity but Relay doesn't work that way. We are supposed to have tv coverage at the event in May so I plan to try and get some of our points across especially about the low funding and the stigma it carries. I also want to let people know that they can not catch it by becoming involved!! Crazy the ideas that people get.

I have also been spending more time on family contact and taking time for myself to read and just be a little lazy with some of my neighbors.

This has been a pretty eventful week and not always in the best of ways. On St, Patrick's day we had a soup luncheon and that went great but on the same day I found out that one of my cousins I visit in Bakersfield passed away from a stroke. You may remember I talked about her and how her stage 4 lung cancer showed NED even in January. Other health issues just caught up with her. It really took me by surprise.

This morning I found out that my ex husband's uncle has Bladder Cancer. He is going to MD Anderson , I think in Houston where they will remove his bladder and put him a bag.

Just a couple of hours ago another of my neighbors passed from Lung Cancer. We knew that it was coming for a while. Just a few days ago I learned that another neighbor is going to start CHemo and Radiation for palative reasons. She is in her late 80s so it won't be easy on her but she has cancer of the womb and the tumor is coming down out of her.

Cancer seems to take so many that I know and so many that I love. That is why I am working so hard for this Relay. I want to help make a difference and I just can't get out and do a lot and never have any spare money to donate. This way I can do both. I will be making cookies and some of the plastic canvas things I do to sell and raise extra money for our cause. We are having a hot dog sale every Thursday in April to help raise more funds. The community seems to be stepping up to give us a hand.

I want to thank Katie for her support and for posting my link on her facebook page. It really means a lot.

Well I have to go now. My daughter went fishing today and is on her way home so will be calling me soon. Did I mention that she is coming with my granddaughter in July for a 10 day visit?

Anyway tomorrow starts another busy week. I will be helping distribute commodities tomorrow then most of the week is planned after that.

Well I guess I am writing a book here. Time to get off and Judy I don't see you here today. I just want you to know that my prayers are with you and I have faith that you will continue to fight hard and have a good outcome.

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