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Wednesday's Air


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Morning all! Sun shining, 71 degrees with expected high of 80. Sounds perfect.

Feeling just o.k. this morning. Not as good as yesterday. Stomach just off a little ever since I woke. Here's hoping....A neighbor is having a cookout tonight. Probably the last chance to see some of the people I'm friends with before they go back to their Northern homes. There's only a small group of us in our circle that stay all year.

Hope you all have a great day and have time to stop in and say hi.

Judy in KW

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Good morning - a little chilly up here in Virginia this morning. I am still so very far behind at work and my brain has decided to leave the building. Hmmm, maybe I should go for a walk and find it. What - walk - me - there feeling better already - let it find me.

Judy - here's hoping your stomach settles down and behaves itself. Maybe you should threaten to move north. I know when I lived on Little Torch Key - my stomach did not want to go back up north. I didn't have the same issues as you do. Maybe it is trying to trick you into taking a day of rest and relaxation. Cater to it - let's see if it was me - a nice cup of tea - a graham cracker (don't want to eat to much since we are resting up for the party tonight) and a little soapy tv for the day. Or maybe a nap - yep - I could take a nap for you. (such a sacrifice.... now writing with only one eye open just in case you say the nap is a go.)

Oh well - the point of course is I hope you feel better Judy.

The week is 1/2 over - and that nap I mentioned - sure does sound good!


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 62 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 85.

I posted right after Lillian yesterday. I never did make it back later. If I had, I would have seen that my post wasn't there.

Katie's "little windy" yesterday was gusts close to 40 mph at times by afternoon. It took me an hour and 15 minutes to ride the 12 miles home, a 10.2 mph on the bike average. That's the longest it's taken me to pedal home since I started riding to work a year and half ago, although Monday was almost as bad. I love the spring here, but sure get my fill of that wind some days.

Stephanie, I know exactly what you mean about that incredible chemo fatigue. You have to experience it to really know what it's like, and I had my days with it. I called those my zombie days.

One such day was Saturday, April 5th, 2008. That was my 57th birthday. My rbent friends were riding in Fort Worth, then having a picnic. I had already conceded that I wasn't going to be able to ride with them, but was planning on joining them for the picnic.

Rose was taking off work early to drive me there, so I wouldn't have to drive. Unknown to me, she was going to pick up a birthday cake on the way home, and turn the picnic into a birthday party for me.

But it never happened. I was never able to stay up for more than a half hour the entire day, so just stayed home. Nothing else I've ever done has made me feel even close to that kind of exhaustion. I hope you feel better today.

I hope your ice has melted by now, MI Judy. Have a great day, all!

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Good morning. Rain and wind here again today. It rained all night and is supposed to continue all day today with another storm even stronger tomorrow. Good days to stay inside. I am very lucky that I can do that. I have to say the rain here doesn't bother me because it doesn't seem violent like it does back there. Still all of this rain has Lake Shasta full just 13 feet from the top. They are releasing water and the Sacramento river is causing some scares in places.

Not much going on today. Just coffee with my neighbors this morning. I say I go to coffee but I drink mine at home. I just go down there to visit and catch up on the news or gossip. I take my sewing and work on that. Right now I am making a tissue box cover in purple with the white ribbon. I'm sure you know those are the Relay for Life colors and white is the Lung Cancer ribbon color for the ACS. I hope to make several before our event in May and some glass cases and checkbooks too. Maybe I can get some donations for them. If I have time I want to make an extra gingerbread house and see if we can raffle it.

I was saddened to learn of Elizabeth Taylor dying. She was always my favorite. She had a very sad life. I know she brought a lot on herself but I think of her like I do Elvis. Too much of the things they wanted and the their special gifts made for a lot of personal problems. I can't imagine having to live your whole life undercover so to speak. I think her marriage to Mike Todd was a fairytail marriage. I also think it was her best. I remember so well when he was killed in that plane crash. Just a short time before the picture on Life magazine was of them with their new daughter Eliza.

Well enough down memory lane. Judy I hope you feel better soon. Just take care and get the rest you need. Everything else will be there when you are ready. I do hope you get to have that dinner with your neighbors. Annette I like your kind of exercise! :lol: I have to do a little more or I would get to where I would be so big I couldn't walk at all. Bud riding in that wind must be like a double workout at the gym. I really do admire you for doing that and sticking to it.

I guess I will go now and get some breakfast and start my day. Take care everyone.

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Well Bud, my world is encased in ice. All of the trees are slick with a white coating. Everything is slick with a white coating. My power is out too. When we built this home, I did have an auto-on generator installed, and I'm very thankful we did that. But I have minimal power. The freezers and refrigerator are on. Heat is on. Bathroom lights work. And one TV works. But it's the TV downstairs where we never sit. I'm thinking I must have thought that if we lost power, it'd be due to a bad storm, and so we'd be in the basement. LOL! The part that makes the storm bad and you lose power is only a moment long! The being without power can last for days!

Oh well, no complaints. I'm warm, my food is not rotting, and I can even shower! No complaints.

Bud, that ride in that wind must have been tough! I loved Katie's description of "breezy". She was not riding a bike in it! LOL

Lily, I didn't know about Liz Taylor! I agree with you. She and Elvis were GIANT stars, and there was no way to have a normal life. She was very beloved in her time.

Annette, you made me laugh with this....." (such a sacrifice.... now writing with only one eye open just in case you say the nap is a go.)


You must be doing better because that sense of humor is returning whether you want it to or not.

Hi Judy. Your weather sounds wonderful. We are high 32, 18 tonight. Ice, ice, ice. I'm heading down to visiti you, once the airport opens again. LOL! Now as for the tummy, I'm taking that from you. So for the next 8 hours, I'll have your upset tummy, and you can have my happy tummy. K? K.

Love you all!

MI Judy

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I absolutely agree with Lillian - Bud - riding in that wind was like double our work - no wonder I'm feeling pretty good today yesterday must have been hard on the EVTB Team.....LOL

I hadn't heard about Elizabeth Taylor - so very sad although not altogether unexpected - I do look at the tabloid pictures, can't bring myself to buy them but I can make up plenty of stories on my own about the covers.

Where are all our missing people - check in please - are we gonna have to get some carrier pigeons to carry notes back and forth to check on everyone?


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3 day of spring and I awoke to snow covered lawns, aaarrrggghhh.

Bud, if I even thought about riding a bike like you do, I would need a gale at my back to push me, and I would need to be going only downhill.

I am so happy to tell you that my 2 favorite women at hospice are leaving, one to a nursing home and one to her home. Why, because they are doing better, isn't this great news. And another woman who I never spoke to because she was basically in a coma, well she has rallied, spoke to me for an hour last night and ate a huge eclair. Small world story, we had a rescue dog there last night, a white boxer, who knew boxers could be white. Well the handler was my good friends brother.

Judy, how lucky to have a generator, losing power is not fun. Duh, since I couldn't watch TV, always thought I would read. Just call me Abe, as I would be reading by candlelight.

One Christmas my Mother announced that she didn't think she had enough cups for coffee. My sister said, "No problem Mother, I'll drink tea". We loved her none the less.

Let's all do a sun dance and follow it up with a good tummy dance for everyone her.

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I have no idea who got Mother Nature's Irish up, but please, PLEASE, kiss her fanny and get it over with so spring will come back. It took hubby twice as long to get home from work last night on the crappy roads, rain/snow mix, with the snow accumulating and blinding him on the drive.

Looked like it was over late this morning, but it was just the eye of the storm, it appears. Hubby had to leave for work and couldn't get traction. A lot of the gravel from the driveway is now scattered all over the yard. He went out sideways, don't know how he missed the ditch on either side of the culvert. Crazy! When he left, there was over eight inches, it's been coming down so hard I couldn't see across the road, so I'm sure it's nasty. Took him some time to get to work, as well.

First day of the diet. Gotta get the fat to behave and stop swelling. My clothes are telling me I'm too fat. Time to diet or burn the clothes! LOL

FB is on the blink, it seems. Works sometimes, locks up others. Guess the animals on the farm will go hungry for a while, and the crops may die in the fields. Oh well!

KW Judy, have you tried adding more fiber to your diet? May slow things down a bit, and allow you to sneeze without worrying...

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OMG, you guys up North are having a terrible time weather-wise. Hope it clears up and heats up for you soon.

Thanks for all the well-wishes for my tummy. I was really intending to take a nap but my stomach went really sour. Instead I opted for making mint tea, was all out of peppermint tea so I threw a peppermint candy in it. The tea along with two spiced wafers (like ginger snaps only better) have helped a lot. I wish fiber were the answer but I've yet to find the right balance. Same thing happened with Metamucil when I was on Alimta--my system just can't make up it's mind what it wants. Wait a minute, a system doesn't have a mind. What was I thinking? I'll be tired but I'm going to the cook-out. Have to, I'm taking the after-dinner coffee drinks with my Bailey's, Kaluha and Amaretto. (Don't think I can spell booze.)

Have a good evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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A 60 ish degree day with sunshine. If I am not mistaken, I think I am allowed to be out in the sun now (chemo? maybe not...) and drink grapefruit juice! I was on statins for 10 years prior to lc, so no grapefruit juice for all those years.

Just had a late lunch - a leftover homemade enchilada. M made them last night with the chicken from the stock (he makes stock almost every week, so there's often boiled chicken to eat - a good snack for both of us) and a sauce made from last summer's fresh frozen tomato sauce revved up with chile sauce he made from dried chiles we brought back from Mexico. Oh, yum!!!

I also planted 6 small plants I bought yesterday - 3 that smell and taste good and 3 that I hope have pretty flowers. And did a small amount of weeding. Now I am ready for a nap.

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Stephanie, what a delightful day. So good hearing you feeling well enough to enjoy it. Good for you. And gardening is the best. I live on a rock and miss digging in the dirt. I must say, my display of orchids right now is gorgeous so I'll have to settle. Still planting gardens, potting plants, gardening was my passion when I lived up North. Someday I'll scan photos of the geraniums I used to haul into my attic in the Fall and bring down to the porch every Spring. They were nearly as tall as I am. Well you all know that's not too tall but is really is for a geranium lol.

Becky, here I am still fat and about to go back on steroids. Wasted all this time I could hardly eat and still didn't lose weight. Problem is things like the coffee drink and piece of cake an hour or so after my small portion dinner. Sigh. Good luck with your diet.

Ginny, bitter sweet when those folks don't need you anymore huh. Laughed at the gale wind at your back with you only going downhill and I loved the sister story!

Judy, been there, done that with the generator power. It's not great but I can remember being thrilled that my food wasn't going to spoil. And how can you complain about watching the TV in the basement when poor Ginny is reading by candlelight lol.

Lily, glad you're staying dry and doing sitting things before you really have to get into the swing of your benefit. You must be so excited.

Bud, so much for relying on Katie to forcast Texas weather lol.

Annette, you still make me LOL, i.e. walking to find your brain NOT.

Have a good night's sleep everyone.

Judy in KW

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