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Been wanting to get around to posting my feelings about my latest progression. It's been hard to even want to try. While I was on CancerGrace this morning, this just came out in my second post:

"Subject: Time does fly....

Yes, time does fly when you're having fun (tongue-in--cheek of course). It seems like yesterday Dr West was explaining to me that alimta was only my second-line treatment because I didn't progress on Avastin. Here I am 2 1/2 years later going on my fourth line treatment. I remember being very scared for my friends when they reached fourth-line, that seemed the end of the line then. I'm there and I'm scared but I've seen them go beyond and still live relatively comfortable lives so I'm ready to do it.

While reading about taxotere here today, I came across Dr West's link to "The Amzazing Case of Rob F." I've only ever had my cancer detected in a single area at a time. It was never found in the lung--just the chest wall. That thickening had been undetectable three months before the abdominal thickening appeared. If I'm lucky....I'm not looking for cure now but would sure be happy with turning out to have a 'very chronic cancer.'

If there are positives to the way my cancer manifests itself, there are negatives as well. It's frustrating to be locked out of trials and not be a candidate for radiation, cyberknife, or proton therapy. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to manifest a tumor after all this time. I just sometimes wish they could just go in and zap this thickening."

This seems to sum it up for now. I'm going to go watch TV.

Judy in Key West

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Judy, I am glad you got this off your chest. Yes, I am sure it would be better is this were your 1st line of treatment. But the 4th doesn't mean that a. it won't work and b. that crazy guy in the lab is not about to yell Eureka.

So please keep up the fight and please keep your chin up. LC is beginning to get attention, so many people are working to help you.

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Judy, I too, am glad you wrote this out. It's got to be frustrating for sure. I was concerned when they wrote that it " Involved visceral pleura but not through it". Was never sure what that meant. I know what the pleura is, it is a lining of the lungs, and don't like that it involved it but was not through it. :?:

You are a pioneer in this fight of the lung cancer battle. Thank you for that. It's got to be hard to be positive when all you seem to get are vague answers. Hang in there. I keep you in my prayers always.

Judy in MI

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