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Thursday's Air


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I see I am early. I thought I would go ahead and open the Air. The weather we are supposed to have could cause us to loose power so wanted to get in early.

Another major storm is moving in right now. It is raining lightly now and the wind is gusting up to nearly 50mph. They just said on the news that they are expecting heavy rain and gusts upwards of 70mph. I don't mind admitting that kind of spooks me. I don't have any big trees over my apartment but some of my neighbors do. I have one small one in front and it is bending in half already. Another good day to stay in and work on my sewing and a puzzle. We do have several things going on today but I don't have to go out. There is a breezeway between the apartment buildings up here on the second floor. May get a little wet passing there but not much.

I love it when someone tells that they are feeling better. Judy I hope to see you on that list soon.

It is good to kind of take it easy for awhile. The next couple of months are going to be very busy. There is a lot of work to do leading up to the Rock A Thon. We are having a hot dog/ bake sale every Thursday during the month of April. I will be making cookies every week and a cake for at least two of those days. Doing my projects in plastic canvas to try and sell at the event for donations. I still have nearly 2 months so I am hoping to get a few made and that they sell for enough to make it worth while.

Guess I will run for now. Have a great day everyone.

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Good morning everyone, I got a slow start today. Some one kept resetting my alarm clock and then when that someone finally got up she was running late for work. Bad girl that I am - she is. My mom called while I was in the shower - where is the kid - he is supposed to go over to her house before school - well it took me 3 tries to successfully get him up - so the slug thing was going around. Don't know why I am so tired on work days and yet on the weekends I feel great. Just makes no sense ... does it.

Today I am procrastinating because I have to write a report that I have no idea how to start, finish, or write the middle part of. I can do the numbers it's just the writing part that escapes me.

Judy (MI) it may be time to start a list of missing in actions - we haven't seen Bruce in a while now. Do you think the llama ran off with him?

I am really feeling the need for a slow day today - need a nap - for some reason someone called in sick at 4:30 this morning - ruined a perfectly good dream and after that it was tossing and turning.

Last two days they have interrupted shows with thunderstorm warnings - the storms zoom thru but the lightening is horrible. Think today is just gonna be a cool one -

I'll Check back in later to see whose been by.


Whoops - now I have to try and delete that other post.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 49 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 80 and sunny. And that's the day after a cold front, so I won't complain, considering how tough the weather is for some of us right now.

What do you have in your vegetable garden, Stephanie? I kept one many years ago but can't seem to find the time to do it now. It's one of the things I want to get back to when I retire. How'd your cook-out go, KW Judy?

Not much happening here, just another day of slaving at work. Have a great day, all!

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Ah I found it! Just posted in Wednesday's Air that Thursdays disappeared on me. Was not on new posts or unread posts. But sleuth that I am, I found it!

It's a busy time at Gilda's Club, so I'll try to get in later and "talk". Hope you all are well.

MI Judy

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Well it is good that you found Thursday's air Judy. Annette is also another sleuth on the site and tracked me down. I was MIA for a good and bad reason. The bad was I was on the road for week. The good was that I also visited my oldest daughter who had my first grandchild on March 12. A baby boy. So I'm just getting back to the farm and have to leave again on Monday but only for a couple days.

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Good Evening All,

Did you notice 104 read yesterdays air,isnt that just nice to see?.Dont ask where I have been recently,promise not to bore you,but it has been busy for me.Did manage to post a few shorties in Facebook,but thats about it.Sorry guys just rush read the posts,havent cribbed anything to reply to.

Today was absolutely glorious,blue skies, sunshine all the way,warm enough for T-shirts,decided to take the students out of doors to enjoy the weather,by doing some land surveying with the optical levels and E-staffs,great fun, always someone who approaches the students to ask what are we going to be building?,think I even got a wee bit of a sun tan.

Early bowling session to-night 6.30pm-8.30pm,I want to describe the excitement of to-nights game,a time buzzer goes about 8.15pm,to tell you this is the last "end" well at that stage we are getting beaten 9-5,we have draw by winning 4 bowls nearest the Jack,my first bowl finishes six inches from the Jack,my second bowl just too fast carries on into the ditch-rats-my third bowl stops touching the Jack-hooray- I cannot believe it,my team mates manage to bowl some more goodies,we count 5 up at finish of play,we win 10-5,isnt life just wonderful?,got a wee Whyte and MacKays in my mit at this moment to celebrate,must remember Ive got work to-morrow.Big day to-morrow at work, we get a verbal feedback session in the afternoon from you-know-whos,on their findings,the results are compiled into a final report and put into the public domain,so its really nerve racking for all the staff to have a good one,you can even have access to it in the USA,though for the life of me I cannot imagine anyone being that interested.

Oh the staff voted to accept the managment pay rise offer of-wait for it- 0.5%,-they had added a new condition to it -no compulsory redundancies for at least a year,its a shame for everyone left,they are so frightened of losing their jobs,they would accept such a lousy deal,gas and food prices are going through the roof, gas £1.40/litre in some parts of the UK.Average inflation just now 4.4%.

Well on a lighter note,Friday out on the tiles,4 of my colleagues that have left now two weeks ago,are having a big night out at Wotherspoons,meal and wee drinkies.Saturday,my daughter Jennifer and boyfriend Chris have organised a charity night out for Yorkhill Hospital for Sick Children,they have sold over 200 tickets,so I am going to give them some support,she will probably coax my to empty my wallet for the priviledge og the invite,mind you as an old foggie,I will get to dance with all the young talent,which at my age,is a real pleasure,its good as the young girls look on my generation as harmless now.

Enjoy the rest the day everyone.Byee.

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Your post crossed mine, may I say Congratulations,its the very event I have been waiting for,still no luck-sigh-please pass on my good wishes to your daughter.

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