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Left Pneumonectomy - holidays


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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to pop on here and say a HUGE thank you to all of those who helped me out with answering questions and quashing my fears of having a pneumonectomy.

I DID IT! 11th of Feb the Lung went and with it the last of any visible tumors on my PET scans. Scary tho, the PET only showed 1 extensive tumor (that has had everything treatment wise thrown at it for 3 1/2 yrs) in the lung, but after pathology cut it open there were 11argh!

Better out than in! Oh for sure. My O2 sats and Heart rate have IMPROVED since they took the diseased lung. My body was working so hard to keep that organ functioning. I am 6 weeks post and 100% back to the full capacity I was before the op if not better.

I hope my story inspires any other young old or otherwise ca patients. My primary was not lung, but bowel ca that had spread to different areas of my body. After 5 operations and 24 tumors removed I have NED Yeehaa!

I am now a 33 yr old mummy of 3 little boys getting on with life and to celebrate we are going on a fun filled 16 day holiday with the kids here in Australia.....we wanted to come to USA and do Disneyland, but I cannot get travel insurance. So we are doing our own country in style, all thanks to some lovely families here in our local town that did a fundraiser to send us on a holiday.......they are right. We Need IT!!

Cheers Everyone and again thank you all so very very muchxxoo

Mihalo xxoo

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