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Sundays AIR


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when have I ever started an Air?


WHile I'm not a regular I do regularly read everyday to keep up with everyone.

Just wanted to wish everyone a good Sunday and send special hugs out to Judy in MI (((hug))) and Judy in KW (((hug))) and to everyone else having a tough go of it lately.

I heart every one of you guys.

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Wow Katie, I don't want you feeling bad because no one has posted in your rarely started AIR! Today was like the fifth day in a row of bright sunshine, but 23 degrees! Um.....could someone send a message to Michigan and tell them, (it), whatever, that IT IS SPRING? LOL

Well griping about this cough/cold, whatever the heck it is, isn't making it go away. So going to stop griping. It was a nice start today because Randy listened to me cough all night, and he got up early and got a head start on laundry. Yesterday he vacuumed while I scrubbed the kitchen. Today I started the mopping, and stopped to take a breather, and he picked up the mop and finished it up! What a great guy. Seriously.

So tomorrow I'll get the dusting done, and we're all set for another week.

This has been cool to have him help me clean. He had no idea how much dog hair his hunting dog produces. Yesterday he attacked the base boards saying "this is unbelievable how much hair this dog sheds!". I'm thinking when it's time to get another hunting dog, he may have second thoughts. Which is fine with me.

Well, I apologize, I have not even read the daily AIRs in the last few days. I was being assaulted by one of my biggest enemies, whose name is "self-pity". Well I'm kicking him to the curb, and going to try to find something sun shiney to smile about.

Judy in MI

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Oops! Wanted to add for Eric. Do you follow PGA golf? A Scotsman (is that proper to say?) Martin Laird won! It was a topsy turvy tournament, with lots of ups and downs. But he had a brill finish! It was very cool to see. Now he gets to play in the Masters, which is very exciting.

I love professional golf! I can't hit a golf ball, but I love following it.

Ok, I'm done.


MI Judy

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Evening All! Believe it or not, I came on line and couldn't remembered if I'd "aired" today or not. Not.

Am feeling decent. Stomach pains down to intemittent-tolerable and expect they will stay there if I can keep the fiber/fluid thing in balance.

Took a little walk again tonight. That makes 3 days, I think. It's not far but feels far for me. Want to get in the habit so I keep it up when we are traveling. At least when I'm home, I going back and forth back and forth from one end of the house to the other. I remember a day when I'd get out of the coach and do laps arounds the truck stops. Now I'll be happy with short jags.

Judy, I was thinking, hey I only have my cleaning lady every other week so....I remembered you have dogs and I do know that pets up the anty on cleaning. Good Randy got to see it first hand though.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and Annettee--I'm so excited!

Judy in KW

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