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Monday's Cold Air


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Wake up. It is a freezing cold spring day here in PA. And to think my golf league starts in 10 days. Can you golf in a parka and mucklucks?

We had our 'quarterly' lunch on saturday. Started out funny. We always meet at Kildare's Irish Pub. Well I got there first. Restaurant was closed, out of business. I didn't make reservations since it had never been that busy that we would have had trouble getting a table. So I sat in the parking lot waiting for the others.

Kasey and Fred and Colleen and Jack got there and then we waited for Maryanne and Joel. We finally put a small purple post it note (thank you Fred) on the door telling them where to find us. Then find out Maryanne is calling me, but my phone was in my car while I was sitting in Fred's.

We all finally got together and had a wonderful time. Everybody looked great, and all are doing well. We went to California Pizza Kitchen, food was good and Fred and I shared a Hot Fudge Sundae. Kasey was on a mission to find a prom dress for her granddaughter - unfortunately, mission was not accomplished.

We missed Ellen very much and wished we had known earlier. Rest peacefully Ellen.

Judy KW, sending you many wishes to feel better.

Judy MI, many prayers that you just have a very long cold.

Becky, good luck with your diet.

Annette, you need a break.

Bud, happy pedalling, wish I had your discipline.

Eric, can't wait to see your beautiful country.

That's all folks.

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Good Monday Morning - - well it's Monday - I'll let you decide if it is good or not. For a second it is pretty darn good here - - My alma mater will be playing Saturday in the Final Four Basketball tournament - it was a great game for all I know - I'm very new to watching college basketball - Richmond will be a little wilder than normal this week I think.

Other than that I had a nice relaxing napping weekend. Now I must get myself busy at work because I have a lot to do.

I'll check in after I get some work done and my eyes open - - yes probably in that order.


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Morning All! Warm and a little overcast right now in KW. I'm sure the sun will be out again soon. Ginny, I am not happy with that "freezing cold spring day here in PA" remark since I'm heading your way on Saturday. Guess I ironed all those cropped pants for nothing.

Feeling just a little off today but will push on. Got to get the office squared away, then the bulk of the packing for the coach trip. I talked Stan into calling a kid he has work for him from time to time and have him come help with the final loading. Can't tell you how many trips it involves including foodstuffs and refrigerator things. It's really hard on him now that I have to limit my participation. I hate it when we start out already exhausted.

Am calling the doctor's office today and canceling that heart echo. I'm fine. My bp is fine. I was just freaked that day after several hours in pain with the heating pad, hoping I'd get my issue together in time to go to the doctor. Anyway, I just had it done awhile ago and don't want to take the time and effort involved in doing it.

Annette, I am so happy you have the distraction of this champion basketball game. You need some fun. Don't work too hard but just enough to feel good about what you accomplished. That's how I approach it now.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning! 19 degrees here with the sun shining beautifully. I must say this has been the sunniest winter I can ever remember. Michigan is famous for having long dark winters, and while this has been very cold and snowy, the sun has been out a lot, which makes it very bearable.

Ginny, it sounds like you all had a wonderful time! So glad you could get together. Thanks for the good wishes for all of us. You might be able to golf in a winter parka, but that frozen ball feels like a boulder when you hit it with your club! Be careful.

KW Judy, good attitude. "Don't work too hard, but just enough to feel good about what you accomplished." Ain't that the truth.

Annette, I'm not a follower of basketball, but am enjoying hearing you enjoy it. You'll have to put up with me as professional golf really gets going. I start to get geeked when the Masters tournament happens. Which, by the way is the weekend of April 9. Did you know that??? LOL

Well, I'm heading out to have lunch with my favorite cousin. Both of our Moms (who are sisters) died at 62 of lung cancer. It was her Mom that urged me to get a CT scan even when I had no symptoms. I always tell her that her Mom saved my life.

Her Father was dx with throat/tongue cancer a year ago, and is in remission, which she is very happy about.

We're going to gab and catch up. It will be nice.

Then I think I will grab a wool scarf, heavy boots, mittens and hat and grab a lawn chair and just sit in the sun. What the heck. :roll:

MI Judy

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The temperature's here are not too cold which mean's above freezing. They are forecasting warmer temperatures for the end of the week which is great with the cow's due to start calving after April 1st. I have to go up north tomorrow and Wednesday for work so I'm hoping it is after April 1st. LOL

Ginny they play a couple games of snow golf up north during the winter when temperature's are well below freezing. If your temperature doesn't warm up for your league start, you should sign up for snow golf next year. On June 21st they have a midnight golf tournament which runs 24 hours straight. It is very popular and even attracts a few celebrities each year.

Annette I thought about you when I heard that Richmond had won. Gotta love cheering for the underdog. Hope they go all they way.

Back on the road again Judy ? I think Stan should make a road trip up north some day and check out the great fishing.

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 48 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 66.

I only caught a couple of crappie at Benbrook Saturday afternoon, but Rose and I went to Lake Aquilla yesterday and brought home 20 fish.

MI Judy, you are right to be concerned about a cold that won't go away. If there's anyone around who knows to watch out for that, it's us. I hope it's nothing and clears up soon.

Stephanie, I'll end up with just a small garden. If we had ended up with a large yard when we downsized, I probably would have tackled a large retirement garden, but this half-duplex has a small yard, the dogs need part of it, plus the privacy fence makes some of it not have great sunlight, so the garden will be small.

There will be okra for sure. I love okra, and it does so well in the heat of summer here that you have to harvest it every day, else the pods will get too big, and tough.

And there will be tomatoes because, well, home grown tomatoes are just so much better than anything I find in a store. Beyond those two, we'll see what I end up with.

Have a great day, all!

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Good morning. Nice to see that everyone seems to be feeling better and in a good mood.

For the first time in a couple of weeks I woke without the sound of the rain falling. There are no clouds and I heard the geese fly overhead. When the weather is nice they fly one way in the morning and back the other way at night. We have thousands of them that live here year round. Nice to see them but when they all hang out in one place they sure make a mess. Anyway it is colder this morning too. I keep my heater turned down to 58 at night and it came on for the first time in a long while.

Today is a busy day. I will be going down to coffee with my neighbors and while there we will have a short council meeting to approve some spending. I usually have my fill of coffee before I leave my apartment but it is a good time to visit with my neighbors. During the winter months unless there is some kind of function we don't see a lot of each other.

I guess I have to give in and do some housework I have been putting off a couple of things for a few days now. Spend a lot of time on my sewing projects and now Relay For Life activities are taking up some of my time. We have a meeting to go to tonight. Next week we are having a hot dog sale and bake sale. It will be the first of 4. I am making cookies for each of those and helping with the sale as well as making a couple of cakes. We want to make sure that everyone on our team meets their minimum amount in donations. So far I have exceeded mine but am hoping to double it.

Well time to get busy. I see old Mr. Sunshine and I want to go out and say hi to him :lol: Have a great day everyone!!

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Lily, it is nice seeing everyone feeling tolerably well, and you, of course, busy as ever. Bud, what a great catch you and Rose had. Bet you really enjoyed the day out on the lake too. Judy, I can just picture you all bundle up catching some rays. Sounds great and hope you enjoyed lunch.

Now Bruce, no excuses here. I want you to have the camera ready to take pics as soon as the little one(s) can stand. I'll be waiting. I'm not a vegetarian but one meat I WILL NOT EAT is veal. When I was one of five girls growing up on the farm, I recall my uncle would not allow us girls near the barn if a bull calf was born. That's because we knew the man in the truck would come and take it away. He said he couldn't handle all the tears. Of all the baby animals in the world, next to baby chicks of course, my favorites are calves. They have the softest hair and those big brown/black eyes. I used to be allowed in the pen to pet them. So pictures, o.k.! Stan said we just may do that trip North sometime. I vote for next year--what the best time for me to not freeze to death lol?

Eric, where are you, we miss you. And Libby, are you busy or hiding out? Donna, have you thawed out yet? Anyone else I missed who is MIA, I remember as soon as I sign out lol.

Judy in KW

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Good Evening All,

Oh boy,seems like ages since I have been here,now that was some busy weekend,wont bore you with it all,Jennifers fundraiser on Saturday night for Yorkhill Hospital for Sick Children realised over £700 and still more to come in,I am really proud of her taking this on,the money raised is after deductions for paying for the live band,I was a bit annoyed when she told me the bar had charged her £200 for its use,the prices they were charging for drinks for over 200 people should have been profit enough for them.

You will like this one,Got out the house at 10.30am on Sunday morning for ABC (Airdrie Baptist Church)Picked up the Sunday Times en route,arrived at the church 10.45am,funny the main doors are closed?I entered the church through a side door,and then opened the door into the church to reveal our Minister Ross giving the pulpit address?the penny drops as I take my pew.Its not 10.45am Eric its 11.45am,the clocks changed overnight to BST(British Summer Time)Hooray the light nights are back,now to get the garden furniture out the garage,not forgetting the Barbie.Had to apolgise to Ross later for my interruption,he thought it hilareous.Relief all round.

Sunday pm,first gardening day of the year,I raked up all the leaves from the lawn from last Autumn,did some hoeing of the flower beds and edgings,you know I planted loads of bulbs last October and the only ones showing are the hyathinths?do you think I planted the rest upside down?LOL.

Can you remember the pic of the Grannies I posted in last year?Well my mothers eldest sister Edith died last year at the age of 92,was in this pic as a baby (circa 1915)well we grew up not really knowning Aunt Edith,nor her own family us.Her son Allan was interested in searching his family tree,believing he had no blood relatives,and discovered the Byrnes,we met last year and got to fill in lots of interesting family affairs.Well he and his wife were holidaying in Scotland last week on the Isle of Skye and asked if we could meet again in Glasgow,well sister Irene and I spent a super afternoon in their company,I now discover I have a first cousin Canada BC -Summerland, Lake Okanagon,Kelona.Allan is a retired Director of Pilkingtons Glass travelled the world in his earlier years setting up new Pilkinton Factories all over the place.We spent six hours chatting in a bar and it just flew in,they are such an interesting couple.

Oh Dear,I just wandered again didnt I?,sorry about that hope, I havent bored you to death.

Ginny,what a shame I would have loved to have met up with you,and it seems you arrive in Scotland as I am leaving for the States,I hope the weather is kind to you,and the places you visit are memorable, dont forget the West Highlands of Scotland and Islands such as Skye,they are really splendid.You cannot come to Scotland without having a wee round of golf at Troon,Gleneagles or St Andrews?Dont forget the Midgie repellent cream.

Judy MI,I just love watching the golf tournaments,I begin a fortnights holiday on Friday,so the masters will be well and truly watched by me,got to fit it round some domestic chores though,all downstairs has to be emulsioned and the gardening,you know,this April for Schools and Colleges in Scotland has only 8 working days in it,day off for the royal wedding and Good Friday,then two more weeks max and I am retired.

Hi Bruce,Good to see you making another appearance,thinks another slapped wrist from JudyKW is in order,where the **** have you been?,did you bring a note of excuse for your absence from your mother?no? thought not,Judy he is all yours.Now away and see to them calving cows. Good night all,its 11.10pm bed calls.

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