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SIADH Syndrome


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Hello again -- my husband suffers from SIADH Syndrome which means essentially that his red blood cells becme diluted from tooo much liquid. It can cause a myriad of problems. My concern then is if chemo makes you dehydrated [and he is restricted to not more than a litre of liquid a day]; -- has anyone else had experience with this quirk of a syndrome? I've read here that the more liquid when taking chemo, the better; and I'm concerned that ne litre is just not enough. He also has low sodium [so we're eating lots of salted peanuts~].

Just curious................... It's Saturday night and I'm preparing for our doctor visit on Monday and it seems, spending way tooo much time on line~ [smile]......

Thank you.


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Guest Denise D

I was told I had the same thing when I was dx'd. My friend bought me three bags of vinegar/salt chips so I could get lots of sodium but then they wouldn't let me drink more than a litre a day TOTAL!!! G-r-r-r- Kids ate the chips...........lol

As soon as I got my first chemo (within a week), my sodium level returned to normal and has remained normal since. Now I can drink as much fluid as I want...........need to buy some more chips though! lol

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