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Something Has To Be Done, by Nick C


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Nick! That was awesome. Someone remarked the other day, at Gilda's Club, that it was strange that I was their only Lung Cancer Mentor. It's not strange at all. I'm one of the lucky ones, and I hope it continues, so my work can continue.

Thank you for doing what you do to help further the cause. Your Mom is very proud of you.

MI Judy

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Judy has a story coming out next month on our homepage too!

EVErYONE here can use their stories to raise awareness and make a difference!!

Do you want to be a guest blogger for LUNGevity? Submit your story to me (you can write about anything, topics, etc...affected by lung cancer) and I'll put you in the cue.

My goal...an amazing blog post every week and a featured story once a month!!



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WOW Nick,

Your words touched me so so deeply. My story almost the same as yours. I remember my mom going in with neurological symptoms..... Lung Cancer? WHAT? She was only 38. I was so uninformed back then. Now it seems sooo long ago. I have since had 2 other family members who I knew they had lung cancer before the tests were even done.

My mom knew it was too late for her as well, In 1993 they really had very little to fight stage IV, She always used to say "We need a battle plan"

Thank YOU Nick for all you do. The words seem inadequate.

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Nick, I have always been impressed with your love and devotion to your Mother. How wonderful that you are still active in the cause on her behalf!

O.k. Katie, I've been a little distracted lately. Where is this blog I should be reading?

Judy in KW

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scroll to the top of this page.

In the blue menu bar, it says "blog"

Click on it. All the stories are there.

If you go to the homepage www.lungevity.org we have a feature banner at the top of the website. That's where we put our featured stories.

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Thanks Katie for asking. I must admit, I am so happy I got to get this out there.

As spring is here two things happen. The flowers come up and I miss mom's enthusiasm for such things. But my enthusiasm has grown.

The other thing that happens is we begin to kick into high gear for the golf tournament which will be held in Stamford CT on September 19th this year.

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