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Saturday's Air


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Afternoon All! We're on the road again, da da da da on the road again....

I'm trying to spend more time in the co-pilot's seat and less time on the computer when we are traveling now. But I always have to get on while we go thru Miami and Ft Lauderdale. Stan drives 60 feet of machine like he's driving a Volkswagon. The man is fearless.

The ride through the Keys today was gorgeous. If you've never done it, it's hard to describe. There are lots of inhabited Keys throughout but in between them are breathtaking views of sun and sea and sky. Now I am asking myself why I'm making this trip. Kutztown (our first destination) got 3 inches of snow yesterday lol. Blossburg, our second stop in PA is even further North up near the NY (Corning) border. You know I could have made the man go by himself but then I would have missed visiting old friends in Kutztown and meeting Annette on the way back in VA.

Got to go now. Have to limit how long I do this at a stretch or I get carsick.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy on the road again

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Hello Everyone?

Judy,where have they all gone?just you and me?.

Och well better just get on my ramblings then.Party night Friday,oh what a night (that sounds like a song to me?)twas brill,Fish and Chips Party,you know the difference between Scots and the English? just thought about that you know,well we principally eat Haddock whereas the English eat Cod,deep fried or smoked ye cannae whack a guid Scots Haddie,sorry about that slippage into the venacular.Weather? nearly forgot,another beautiful sunny spring day,dont know the temp but I was out and about in my T shirt and comfortable.

Jennifer phoned asked if I could help move more of her gear from my house and Chris's to her new flat,she says she has already well settled in.Spent most of the day with her,it was fun.Finally happened Sally failed to show for work today,her manager told me to tell her not to return,but instead send in a letter of resignation,she tells me there are so many others out there just desparate for her job and willing to work at it.I thanked her for her patience and I understood her position,I will relay the message when Sally returns from Planet Pluto.Moving into a new flat in Glasgow for me and myself is taking on a new probability.I think its time after 15 years of living "alone" to move on to adventures new,maybe even find a new someone to share a proper relationship with?.

Seems I got confused with Jennifers play this weekend,they have only just begun rehearsals,its on in Kilmarnock at the end of April.Made another Boo-Boo,my six monthly respiratory check up was due soon which also includes the standard X-ray,how soon? I hear you ask,last Tuesday I discovered on retrieving the letter from the drawer.Particulalry noted the dire consequences that will befall anyone who fails to keep an appointment without previously informing them.Its the six month gap thats to blame,must invest in some kind of a diary,probably forget to read that also.I may have to plead dymensia or insanity,the latter being more likely.

Well Judy nothing to respond to with the absence of other buddy posts,just to wish you a very pleasent trip with Stan,your decription of the Florida Keys scenery just makes me wish I could be travelling with you.Yeah I suffer easily from car/bus travel sickness also,fortunately not on trains and planes.Goodnight Judy-God Bless.

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Hey you two! Lonely place here today! I was out and about all day and just got in myself, at 6:11PM. Randy is watching the start of the next Basketball game, and I'm not very interested in that (sorry Annette). But I got him to explain the final four and what all that means. I'd be excited if the little college in my town got there! How exciting.

We went to a friend's house last night, for drinks and dinner. There were 3 couples. We played a game that I have no clue what the name of it was. But it was great fun! You got a word or phrase on this little gadget, and you had to describe it and get your team mates (women versus men of course) to guess the word. Oh my goodness....it was a blast. We were laughing so hard because the words on the machine were very tiny, and we had to pass a magnifying glass around with the machine for us old farts to be able to read the word. Should have made a video. It was hysterically funny.

Randy got into his cups a bit, so I was the DD. I didn't imbibe much at all due to the driving responsibility. As a reward for this, I am in the position of several photos of him with 3 pairs of readers perched on his nose! Oh my! Good blackmail material. I have his facebook password, and I'm feeling naughty! LOL

Judy, travel safe. I've driven that drive through the keys and it's just gorgeous!

Eric, I'm so sad about Sally. Her employer went beyond the normal expectations to give her a chance. How very sad that she chooses to live life in a stupor, when life is so rich and beautiful. I know it's an addiction. *sigh*

K, going to go finish up dinner.


MI Judy

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Sorry for the absence most of the day - slept in - went to the grocery store - wow that sucks by yourself. Now of course I am watching the basketball game - it is half time and I'm a little worried - but it is historic as this is the first time VCU made the Sweet 16, Elite 8 and now the Final Four - so it has been fun even though I am not a huge basketball fan.

Judy, I lived in the keys many many years ago - my daughter was 6 so that would have been 17 years ago. Lived on Little Torch Key - worked at Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge - loved it. My husband (divorced 13 years ago) was a recruiter out of Miami and his parents lived there so he drove up and down the keys every day. (I was down in the keys during the OJ trial - and we moved back to Virginia about the time of the final verdict).

I couldn't go the whole day without checking in - - - Can't wait to hear from you Judy for the exact meeting day - it is April already and you are on the road...... then in July I get to meet Eric - both Keith and I are really looking forward to that.

Back to basketball.


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How pleased I am to hear from you,clique never,I would not be here at the slightest of hints of such a thing,your contributions here have only enbellished my reading pleasure.I have always been one to encourage more readers to join in the fun and I am a little sad that you may have felt even the slightest feelings of not being welcome,gosh is it not rediculous that a Scot should be writing thus to an American website?Ronnie who is an outsider in the world of Lung Cancer?surely we of all people on this wonderful planet have the right to a special affinity that goes beyond petty politics,social status,colour,religion or creed.I hold everyone here in equal esteem,and if ever that slips in your view,please give me a bollacking.Anyway come and share whats on your mind.Hope everything in your world is well.Bye for the moment.

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Hello All

There are two types of Saturday for me. The one is when we don't have to work and i can go home on a Friday afternoon and the other is when I work and have to put in time until 2pm

The day starts with getting up at about 4.45. A quick shower and dress, I normally dawdle a bit after the shower, have a cup of coffee and get my lunch ready.

i have two little finches that Pat rescued when they were very tiny and they have to be cleaned and fed. i also go out and look for grasses that they like to eat.

In the summer its already light at 5.30 but as we are in autumn it only gets light about 6 ish. When i have done all the necessary i pack all my necessary items for the day, computer camera and whatever I will need and load it into my van.

Now we stay about 70 kms from the construction site and its about an hours drive. The road is narrow and windy. Ofter there are stray farm animals on the road and there have been accidents. So during the winter months its still dark when I travel.

When I turn onto the private road that leads to the site, about 9 kms, there are two security checkpoints where vehicle and personal permits are checked. At the second one a alcohol test is done and any one found to be positive is refused entry.

We have a culture amongst some of the population groups to drink and party most of the night and then want to go to work in the slightly under the weather state.

Tomorrow Ill give an insite into what a sort of normal day at work is like.

bye for now


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Ronnie - thanks for joining the "Air" - I think we will all be happy for some new stories - and hope that you enjoy our happenings. We have been known to have some pretty good fun around here - and what party isn't made better by more people. I have seen your posts in other forums and I'm glad you feel like posting in the Just For Fun.

Looking forward to getting to know you -


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Interesting, Ronnie. I'm looking forward to the next installment. Of course, you're welcome to post here and anyplace else - at this site - that you wish. And people will enjoy reading your posts.

Well said, Eric. Cancer is non-discriminating and so is this board.

Eric, I'm sorry to hear about Sally's newest dilemna - when she hears about it. I agree that living alone in Glasgow might be good for you. Keep us posted.

Judy "on the road," Carsick is not good. Hope it warms up in PA. I suppose the Pennsylvanians have the same hopes.


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