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It is already afternoon - I hope everyone slept late today - and is enjoying a relaxing Sunday. Keith is off in the kitchen getting dinner started - (I was hoping for a snack - but he hasn't brought me anything yet - - yes I am lounging around watching DVD's after a disappointment Basketball game last night. Overall it was a pretty good game - except for the ending.

I am watching Season 4 of the Deadliest Catch. Keith bought them for me this is one of my favorite shows - I have watched them all several times - and the new season should be starting soon. (I am a reality show junkie - I admit it.)

Maybe what I will do is sort the laundry right quick - after all he is in the kitchen he should be able to monitor the washing machine while he's cooking right. - - - My middle name is NOT Slug after all I am chewing gum - that's exercise - right.

Come on people - "tell me something good".


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Afternoon All! It's almost 4 pm so maybe it's early evening. Finished off FL, GA and are well into SC. Were in stop and go traffic in SC for what seemed like forever. Plus, I've been on and off for hours dealing with internet connection problems. I finally got in with Firefox which I haven't used in ages. So Annette, I'm not feeling too funny. Sorry about that and sorry about your teams loss. Saw it on the news this am. But if that's what got you all this pampering today, maybe the loss was worth it?

Making my exit quickly here to see if I can respond to any other posts before I lose connection again.

Judy in SC

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Annette, I never watch basketball, but I watched that game with you! Did you know I was there? Honestly I did watch it. Randy was wondering why, when in the last 20 years, I've never watched a B Ball game. I said "My Lungevity girlfriend, Annette, lives there and so wants them to win and go to the final game!"

Well, he understands my on line friends, as I've had them for a long time, but he did crack up that I was so interested because of you! Now that they lost, I'm not so interested again. LOL

Gloomy dreary, cold, wet, icy, nasty day today. It was lightning, thundering, raining, icing and snowing all at the same time for Pete's sake! I think there was an atmospheric crash somewhere over Lake Michigan, and we got it all. I said the only weather we are missing is sunshine and a warm front!!!

So we're watching golf. Looks like Phil Michelson is going to win it, and that would do nicely for him before next week's Master's Tournament. If he wins the Masters again, since he won it last year, I wonder how he will put the jacket on himself??? Usually the previous year's winner puts the jacket on the current years winner (for you non-pro golf watchers). Hey Eric, maybe your Scotland mate will make a great show of it? I hope so.

From now on, I'm only rooting for sports teams, or people from States, or countries of my friends here. Why not?


Judy in MI

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Oh how fun! I just went back and read the last posts on Saturday's AIR and see we have a new friend there! Ronnie! Welcome here. EVERYONE is welcome to join the AIR every single day. We love hearing about each other's lives, traditions, cultures, the weather, etc.! This is the best way to really get to know each other.

Now some of us (me and Eric LOL) tend to get really wordy and long winded, but the rest of them seem to tolerate us well in spite of it! Just kidding.

MI Judy

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Just back from a weekend on one of the islands in the Salish Sea. Forgot my hall pass, but now you know why I was quiet. It was fun falling asleep to peepers (frog variety) and seeing bunnies and deer in the fields. Not much blue sky, but I wasn't out much anyway. News blackout was good.

Had some good food, read, slept, took a drive, and visited with some friends, including one that is a 4 1/2 year survivor of lung cancer - originally told inoperable, she got a second opinion = chemo then surgery, then some more chemo and six months of Tarceva (all she was willing to tolerate). All NED scans since. She admits she is a bit anxious about the one coming up end of April.

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