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Mondays Air

eric byrne

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Wakey,Wakey Everyone,

Its 8.35am in a overcast Bonnie Airdrie,I am still in my jim-jams,(did you know pyjamas is a Hindi word meaning loose drawers)Seems I can wrest to opening of the morning air for the next fortinight with impunity from you guys on your side of the pond Hee-Hee.

Now what will I do with the rest of the day?too many not fun things available,emusioning dining room,living room,stair well and landing areas,monoblock drive and back patio a real mess still with last years Autumn's leaves.Going to get the garden furniture back out the garage,soon be barbie time,if we can get a day without rain,you can never depend on Scotlands weather we can get 3 seasons in one day LOL.

Sally's going down to meet her manager this morning,I refused to drive her down,since her manager just told me to get her to send in a letter of resignation.She thinks she can have another,very,very,very last chance-fat chance I was thinking,but nothing surprises me with Sally.

Hi Annette,sorry about your B/B team losing,when you support Airdrieonians F.C. you get so use to such disapointments.A reality show called "Deadliest Catch?" I would have thought describing women in these terms,however true,as being politically incorrect these days?

Hi Judy KW,got my Times atlas at the ready,I am following you (gosh does this make me sound like a stalker?)Okay Doky understood the FL and the SC,now GA has got me?its not another one of these states identified by that dyslexic cartogragher referring to Georgia?Think another one that confused me was PA-was that Pennysylvania?.

Hi Stephanie,Gosh is my Times atlas getting big licks today?Salish Sea,oh my goodness checked the index-its not there?this cost me £60-I want a refund-wait a wee minute I will check this out on Google (five minute pause)-I am back-yeah-I know where you were-that whole area if I remember correctly was discovered by Captain Cook in his third and final voyage of discovery.My atlas is a few years old and the name Salish Sea was only recognised by Canada and the USofA in 2009 and 2010 respectively says Mr Google.

Hi Judy KW,Isnt it just great to be on holiday every year the Masters is on TV,well wont be a problem for me next years,me being retired, in all, or is it an all in American speak?I just love Augusta,what would I give to play a round there,probably a load of tears at the price I would have to pay.Thanks for telling me about the young(ish) Scot winning a trophy over there,it was in our press a couple of days later-I have forgotten his name-oh this dymensia can be such a nuisance at times.

Well have a nice day all you workers,I am so envious of you,having some structure to your day,might go back to bed for a wee while before starting my chores.

Catch you all later,byee.

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Morning All! Eric, I hope you are getting cracking on those chores by now. This is not a holiday lol. Sorry about Sally. I almost hope she can't talk them into taking here back again. She'll never make the right decision for herself if they keep letting her off the hook.

Ron, so good to see you on the Air. I love the description of your drive to work--it sounds so cloak and dagger. But I was really taken with the rescued finches. I love birds and have always said if I didn't travel so much, I have birds. The tinier the better. I can't believe Pat was able to rescue them. No small feat.

Stephanie, I did miss you just thought you might be laying low after an infusion. Now where in the world is the Salish Sea. I want to go where there are deer and bunnies! Eric's description did me no good at all lol. I'll have to go do my own research.

Have a great day everyone. Stan's getting ready to pull out.

Judy in KW

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Morning all

Well Im at home in Durban due to a sudden change of plans last week and am due to return to my other home and then its back to the grindstone on Wednesday.

Went to collect my script from the doc and visit my audiologist. After all the years of not looking after my ears because I did not know that noise damages them beyond repair must now get hearing aid.

Pat would have been glad as I battled to hear sometimes.

The weather this morning was rain when I got up, then the sun came out and it got hot and humid and now its clouding over for some more rain.

The work in the kitchen is going slowly as I decided to remove a wall that was serving no purpose. I think its easier to build than demolish.

Helped a friend to collect some hardware as he doesnt have a van so he is happy now.

Thats it must get back to the hammer and chisel again

bye for now


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Oh Judy,

Salish Sea, its in the bay in the Vancover Island Area

you must read the Captains Cook's Three voyages of discovery,what a cracking read-he should have skipped out Hawaii though LOL.

You'll never guess-an hour after Sally to speak to her manager,she phones me-can I pick her up at six thirty,seems she is back on the check out,can you believe it?.

Chores? well yes-you know its raining heavily outside just now and I had my heart set on working outside sweeping up etc.Think I will visit B&Q and pick up the paint I need,but it is a bit late to start now,we dont want rush into these tasks now do we?

Do you know I have been on this laptop since I got up this morning,its so addictive to me,what with LUNGevity,facebook and CBN,playing my sixties cds through it,its much more fun than chores isnt it?.Ooops here is my little Jeeves man arrived on screen again with more mail,excuse me this might be important-catch you later.

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Hey everyone

Eric if you are listening to music online I would be careful. My daughter showed me this site called grooveshark. Was great just type in a song or artist and just sit back and enjoy. Well very quickly my computer got this blaster. worm virus. Couldn't even open the internet to fix it. Went to neighbors and downloaded a fix on disc and tried that without any luck. Being computer illiterate, I probably spent enough on phone calls to my son and daughter to purchase a new computer. Finally gave up and dug out an old computer I had.

No calves yet Judy but the Llama did have a baby that was born premature and didn't make it. I'll take a picture of the first calf for you. Should be any day now.

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It was 60 degrees and storming when I got up this morning, so I drove to work. That proved to be a better choice than riding since I ran into hail and 60 mph winds on the way to work. Forecast high is 70, but it's fallen all the way down to 53 degrees right now from the front that followed the storms, to I don't know if we'll make 70.

I got out and did a little fishing at Benbrook this weekend. I didn't catch a lot, but did more exploring of the lake.

Welcome to the Air, Ronnie! Have a great day, all!

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Good Afternoon All,

Yes, its me again, Iam back,bet you are glad I am off on holiday.What was that groan I heard?.

Been to B&Q got the paint,filler and sandpaper plus for the birdies,seed and coconut filled with fat,phew thats enough work for one day,I am exhausted.

Good to see you Ronnie-demolishing walls,its PPE time, are you are wearing the dust mask and the googles-good-just checking, now dont be going and hitting the hand holding the chisel with the hammer-have fun-demolition is always more fun than building, methinks. Oh Brucie,what a shame about the baby LLama,never mind soon the calf(s)? will arrive,what fun.Tell me about computer viruses,I had one recently had to have Chris out to remove it,it was touch and go sayith he to reprog my whole computer,it turns out it was a scam,the people who planted it offered for 30 dollars to remove it,Chris warned me not to respond to that offer,they are only wanting to get my bank details,to rip off my whole account.No the music I listen to are the cds I load in and also You-Tube.Good to see you Buddy.

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Hello everyone!

Back to a busy Air today! Yeah! I love reading everyone. I must have missed Stephanie yesterday. I'll go back and read it.

It is 42 here, with winds around 50 MPH. They are howling through my closed windows! Our February is usually the no sun and gloomy month. Turns out this year it looks like it's going to be April! I'm hoping this is a short little front that will go away soon.

With the cold from hell gone, I need to get my plan in place. But I'm waiting on Randy. If he needs me for his job, that is first priority. If he doesn't need me, I'm going to join the tech team at church. I love technical computer stuff, and so want to get involved in the amazing stuff they are doing there. So we'll see. In the mean time, I guess I can work on laundry and cleaning today *yawn*.

Eric, that Sally must be quite a charmer. She's been sent home so many times, and finally gets fired and talks her way back in. I'm with KW Judy, in that by them letting her back in, they are totally enabling her addiction. I hope she realizes that this is likely her last chance. Sadly, I don't think she will. But I can always hope.

Bud, your weather sounds like ours! Maybe a little warmer, but just as blustery and wet.

Bruce! Welcome back. We've missed you. So sorry about the Llama, but understand since we live in farm country. Looking forward to pictures of calves.

Ronnie, glad you are looking after your hearing. Randy is getting hard of hearing, and won't do anything about it YET. He claims he can hear just fine, but the volume on the TV tells the story. And when he talks, he YELLS. He does not realize he is doing it, and it's driving me batty. I'm making an appointment for him because he's not even 50 yet, and I can't take this for another 20 years!

Demolition is fun. But the work after, not so much.

Eric you were right about GA and PA. We used to have three letters to each State, but the U.S. Post Office decided to change them to two letters. Some of them make sense, some don't. Another weird one is Missouri, which is MO. Mississippi is MS. I can go on and on.....LOL

Deadliest Catch? Google it. It's a fantastic show about catching deadly sea creatures for a career. It's fascinating that people choose to make a living this way.

OK, got to get going. Have a great day all.

Judy in MI

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Wow - so much going on - where have I been. Oh - yeah - work - sigh.

Judy (MI) - I think that laundry and cleaning take a lot, I mean a lot of planning. You should absolutely not rush into anything. That's the approach I take. Like today I will make a list of things I would rather do than clean. Tomorrow I will look over that list to make sure it is complete. Wednesday Keith works from home and will look at the laundry basket and poof all of a sudden I will have folded laundry on my side of the bed - I know it's a miracle - but who am I to complain. Did I mention that while he is working at home on Wednesday - the kitchen is usually cleaned up too. And while the cleaning fairies are at it they usually clean up my bathroom too. Okay so now Thursday I will make a list of things that need to be done. Hmm, "baby can you scoop the litter for me please". That does it - list complete. Of course, with Randy going back to work - it may not be as easy to get things done that way - but it's always worth a try. And you know that exercising the mind - it pretty much like exercising the body - isn't it?

Eric on holiday - will you still go bowling? I'm surprised that they took her back after telling you they wouldn't - - maybe they found out that that was not a good policy and that they have to tell her in person and she has to get paid in full as they do so. I wouldn't be surprised if it happens again. Kinda like an invincible child - thinks that they will never get caught or in trouble.

I was looking at cancer grace this weekend and did not see an update has anyone seen or heard anything?

I better hit the work button - I have to leave early on wednesday to go to a meeting for the kid - sigh - then next week to court again - it is a vicious cycle.

I'll check back later,


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I like the way your mind exercises, or works Annette! I took your advice. Though Randy, or I mean, the cleaning fairy, didn't get anything done today. Now, he just got home, and he immediately started doing the dishes and wiping the counter, so you may have a plan there! LOL

I have not heard anything regarding NED. Which makes me worry.

MI Judy

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