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Tuesday's Air


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Hi Judy. I am glad to see that you are on your vacation. I hadn't been on in a few days and you were having doubts last time I checked.

I seem to keep pretty busy right now so don't come as often as I would like. Trying to get in a little exercise and still keep up with everything else. I am working hard for the Relay For Life project we are doing. Sense it is the first in the country we are hoping to make it a big deal so others will decide to try it next year.I posted an article on Facebook about a team in Red Bluff. They started a Ride for Life team 3 years ago. This year it was held Saturday. Nearly 300 horses and riders took part and they raised about $35,000.

As usual when I start my trying to exercise and eat right problems started. First it was pain in my muscles and spasms then the acid reflux kicked up. Now I seem to be starting another round with the gout. Last year it was the toe next to the big toe. This year I can't really say it is the toe. It is just below my big toe on the same foot. I just hope it doesn't get me down where I can't walk. I don't want to have to take the medication because it causes my stomach problems to kick up and I am just getting past that. When they say getting old is not for wimps I know what they are talking about :!:

Bud I hope you are having a great birthday and that everyone is safe after all of that bad weather. We have been having more Spring like weather but it is supposed to change. A little rain expected and lower temps. Back into the 50s and 60s instead of the 70s and 80s we were having.

Well I have to go and see if I am going to be able to walk a little. Seems like all other forms of exercise are determined to keep me down. Have a great day.

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Try three. You'd think I'd give up and put the computer on the kitchen table. This computer doesn't like motion and play and between the motion of the air desk and the coach (even standing still when someone walks around). It just spotaneously shuts whatever window I'm working in.

Lily, hope you can keep the bout at bay and that your body cooperates and lets you do what you need/want to do.

Long difficult day yesterday. Windy weather, stop and go traffic jams and by the time we were ready to stop, we were out of RV friendly country. Spent the night in a rest area. With the road traffic and generators, not much sleep. Annette, cruising thru VA, I wished I knew what exit you were at. I wanted to wave on my way by. Eric we love having you on holiday. I'm doing my gardening varcariously through you. Oh, and I can't believe Sally pulled it off again. And thanks for Vancouver. Bud, I know it can be a little boring breaking in a new lake but here's hoping the time you put in pays off in a great optional location. Bruce, so sad about the llama baby but nature just does its thing. I'm waiting anxiously for the calf pictures. Judy, I worked in a home office for Stan's businesses for much of our married life. I usually did something else too because I got so bored working in a computer at home. Maybe you could help him and do the church tech thing.

Have a great day everyone. Whew! Contl A Contl C

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 35 degrees when I got up this morning. Forecast high is 75. After driving to work yesterday, I forgot to reset the alarm clock to get up earlier today, so even though the big winds are gone now, had to drive to work again. My riding mileage this week isn't looking too good. :roll:

Sorry you're having gout issues, Lillian. I agree, getting old isn't for wimps. And I have to call myself old now. You can say middle age or whatever while you're in your 50's, but I'm thinking that 60 is officially old........LOL.

I'm with Judy, Annette, and Judy, Eric. It sounds bad, but losing her job might have helped Sally in the long run. My father was another alcoholic who was able to hang onto a job in spite of it, and never hit bottom bad enough to quit the drinking.

I hope you have a better day on the road today, KW Judy. Another busy day at work for me, I better get back at it. When can I retire? Have a great day, all!

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G'morning everyone!

Judy, I don't think I've ever asked about what Stan does? Maybe you've mentioned it and I missed it. But I've been here a year and am seeing these travel patterns that I know are not vacation. I'm so interested in hearing about that!

It's 36 right now, but nice and sunny. Supposed to get to the mid 40's today. Spring is coming!!!!

Well, Annette, I managed to avoid getting any cleaning done yesterday by exercising my mind as you taught me. But today, I'm looking around, and I'm thinking it's more than the mind that exercises. The issue is German Short Hair HAIR. His hair is very short, black, and very light. After one week without a vacuum and mop, it pools in places and it's just disgusting. I will vacuum and mop the hard surfaces today. Randy will vacuum the carpets for me later. Our Gibson is only six years old, so I'll have to put up with this for quite a long time. After this boy dies, no more hunting dogs. Randy can rent one for a heck of a lot cheaper that us having one as a child.

Another sign of spring happened Saturday. We've lived here so long I didn't even notice the noise. The little town closest to us is Grattan, and they have a quite famous little race track. You'd never know it to drive through town. Anyway, here's a link for Eric who is always curious about things like this! http://www.grattanraceway.com/

They began racing Saturday. It's not loud or obnoxious, after the years it sounds like a hum in the background. And they don't start racing until 9:00AM and they stop at 5:00 so it's nice for the neighbors. It's quite fun!

Bud, hope your work day goes quickly! Annette too once she gets in here!

Judy, travel safe.

Lily, hope you are able to get some walking in today! Get feeling better.

Everyone have a good day.

Judy in MI

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I'm here - I got you covered Bud - - I was just up at the AA's desk and we did some pointing and neck exercises. Not a lot but at least we didn't miss today - that's a good thing.

I swear Lillian has more get up and go that I ever had - - I wonder where I left it. Maybe it is just on holiday with my brain and when they come back - I will be like a marathon racer who can do really hard math questions while running - like factoring 45x2y3 (45(x squared)(y cubed) - I swear this problem kicked my bootie last night - I'll never pass 9th grade algebra.

Judy (MI) - I know what you mean - we have a cat that is mostly white. Drives Keith batty - I'm a cat lover so it doesn't bother me - I just try and remember to roll my clothes before I walk out the door - and if I don't well - I did mention that I've lost my mind right. Keith will vacuum and then trim the claws, give the cat a bath and brush him (not that it helps) - but they have a bonding going on there. Nutcases I tell you.

Judy (KW) - when you are heading back the exit that we were talking about would be Parham 83B (South). When you come off the highway get in the left hand lane and at the first red light take a left and then up ahead is the Walmart parking lot. You will have to take a right or left to come around to an opening in the parking lot won't be too hard. I work maybe 5 minutes away from there. I am getting more and more excited as the days go by.

Gotta get back to work - I'm a busy busy busy bee today.


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Good Evening All, At the Coos tail with this post,really hadto start the painting right off this morning otherwise cominghere first may have had me overstayingagain. Weatherhere dreadfulits poured the whole day,it was so dark I hadto putall my lights onto see what bits of the walls I had painted.Got the porch completedand halfway round the living room,gotto the fireplace chimney breastand thought enough for one day,no pointin sickening myself,plenty other days left.Tomorrow is Stobhill LC Support Group,invited speaker Palliative Care Nurse Specialist,then Thursday I haveto go onto Glasgowto meet with an EIS (EducationalInstitute of Scotland) lawyerto read over the voluntary severance document I have with Anniesland Collegeto ensure I fully understand its conditionsand I am not being disadvantagedin any way by signing the final agreement. Talking about laywers I received this morning the cheque from Uncle Charlie's and Aunt Nora's estate,made out to Sally and I,this money (and it only one sixth of her estate) should have gone to their son Bruce and his wife Morag.They were all my neighbours when I lived in Bothwell, many's a great night we had at parties and the like.Bruces ambition was to Migrate to Cape Cod and live next to his lifelong buddy who lived there.Tragically,Morag contracted Lung Cancer and died 3years later,Bruce never got over his loss and became reclusive,I tried to encourage him to come out with me for a game of snooker,something he always enjoyed,he always refused preferring to stay in his parents company exclusively.Bruce died last year, the cause of death was never revealed,I was given the task of clearing out his house by his parents,in preparation for it being put up for sale,it was a real sad time for all of us. Annette yes bowling to-night,8.30pm-10.30pm,this is the last Tuesday of the indoor league,here after its outdoor on grass until the Autumn.Thursay for some reason has three nights to go?.Your maths problems brings back memories,40 years ago I had to study such wonderful maths such as Differential Calculus,3D Trig (did you know there was such a branch of maths) Standard deviation etc,etc,not my favourite subjects but I had to pass them,dont think I have used them since. Judy,no I was not, unlike my daughter- an English Major either "I am doing my garden varcariously through you" ahem,you are? of course you are,whatever that means,I will check out my dictionary later.Hope your trip is going well.

JudyMI thanks for the Gratten Raceway link,maybe we could all meet there with Bud and have a race round it on recumbant bikes,what fun.Oops there goes the dinner bell must dash-beef olives to-night- yummy.Byee

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Had a lot of bother tonight my laptop is doing something with the spacing after I have typed, thought I had corrected all these apparently not,sorry.

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It's okay Eric, about the spacing. What a lot you have going on as usual! Sad story about your cousin Bruce and Morag. Sounds to me like he died of a broken heart.

Eric, you have nothing to fear about retiring. You are such a busy man, you will inevitably find much to do when work is no longer needed. You will find another "cause" and you'll do great at whatever it is.

Annette, I officially am dubbing housework exercise. Today I vacuumed the tile surfaces, and then mopped them, and cleaned the kitchen thoroughly. I got up, and started it in my PJ's thinking why get dressed to sweat and undo my morning ritual. So finally at 2:30PM I finished, took a shower, and cleaned up. I feel like I ran a marathon!

Annette, you have a gem in Keith. Clipping the cats nails, and brushing it? My husband would never, ever in a million years do something like that. I do not miss my cats. The work they created in this house was horrible, and I am very happy to have uncomplicated my life.

When you and Judy meet, please take a picture and post it here! Can't wait to hear about your meeting each other!

tired but happy Judy in MI

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Hey folks

Like you Judy MI, I think spring is on the way. It is +10C/50F here now but still dips below freezing during the night. I find it different for the snow to be melting in April. When I lived farther up north, snow in late May was common and there was still ice on the lakes until mid June.

Juby KW and Annette are meeting up ??? Hopefully Stan and Keith can keep you two ladies out of trouble. LOL I hear that Judy is a real partier. Always nice to hear that members are getting together.

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