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LC in hospice


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Last night at hospice we had 8 patients, 4 of whom had lc and 3 with copd. Damn, damn, damn. We need funding and awareness.

The good news is that one of my copd patients outfoxed hospice and is going HOME tomorrow. Another, left and went to a nursing home.

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What you do is so important for the patients and the families and friends. God bless you for that.

It must be so difficult at times. I don't know how you keep yourself positive in this kind of position. I hope that you get great satisfaction from helping others.

Judy in MI

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I don't know why I don't find this depressing. Fun, joyful etc. for sure not. But I do find it very rewarding. I do get a little scared if I put me in the picture.

My mission volunteering here is to make some smiles with the patients. Life is too short for all of us and I know I would like to take my last breath during a good laugh. I don't think I am irreverent and I try and play it by ear with each patient. My volunteer 'partner' does not seem to enjoy the people contact, patient or family, and prefers stocking the rooms inventory etc.

Not me, I enjoy the people contact and have met some amazing people, most are calm and accepting.

The hospice where I am is wonderful. Lovely rooms, each patient gets a handmade afghan which the family gets to keep. There is a kitchen with any number of snacks and goodies for the patients and their visitors. All visitors are welcome 24/7 including babies and animals. There are social workers and chaplins available. So, yes, it is a sad time, but it is done with dignity and respect.

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