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Thursday's Air


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Good morning all. It is a bit chilly today and they are saying that it is going to rain tonight - sigh. I am so tired today I don't know how long I will last at work. I had 9th grade algebra homework last night that almost led to less short people living in the house. It still might because this morning I found out the homework is not really due until tomorrow. Sigh - good to be at work where I can relax.

Ronnie - Once your hair grows out you can still act like you don't hear things - there are probably a lot of situations that that would work really well in.

I here someone unlocking the front door so I guess I better go and look busy so I got them all fooled. - - I'll check back in later.


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Hello all

Rained last night but today bright and sunny. Clouds building up on the horison so we might be in for an afternoon thunderstorm.

Nights are gettin cooler as the winter approaches. This Ladysmith area can be very cold so its better when i go home to Durban where its semi tropical and much warmer. Durban can be very hot and humid in summer.

Thanks for the advice Annette about pretending to still not hear. It could be an advantage to only hear what you want to. Ha Ha

The site is getting quieter as the job draws near to completion and people start leaving. Thats the thing with construction everyone goes at some time as the job comes to an end. I havent been told where I will be going next. New work is starting all the time so lets hope its closer to home but it could also be further.

Thats it for now

Have a wonderful rest of the day


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 64 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 88. It's partly cloudy and the wind is still howling, but it's supposed to ease up a bit by this afternoon.

MI Judy, there's nothing about me that especially likes getting up early. It's just that I've worked in manufacturing for 40 years, and the latest starting work time I've had is 7:00 am. The starting time where I work now is 6:00 am. So I'm used to getting up early. I do like the earlier traffic better. If I had to ride to work in 8:00 am traffic, I'm not sure I'd be riding to work at all.

Ron, I'm reminded of my uncle who had hearing aids. Once, my aunt and I were teasing him about something, and he said, "I don't have to take this abuse!", and yanked out the hearing aids. I laughed and laughed at that.

Have a great day, all!

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Hey y'all!

It's Thursday! Yeah. My Gilda's day. So I get up late (LOL), or that could be worded sleeping in. I get showered, and go to my favorite little stop on the way to Gilda's. Bob Evans. No biggie right? This Bob Evans is the best Bob Evans in the world. The manager is an older gentleman, who is careful to stop by every single table to make sure everything is good. If he sees you are busy he doesn't hang around. But if you are alone, he'll engage you in conversation if you want to. It's nice. The staff is awesome. They check on you to make sure all is well, and always offer you a to-go cup of whatever you are drinking. Very, very nice.

Then off I go to Gilda's Club. Thursday is cancer support day. They have groups during the day for specific cancers, and then general groups in the evening for all cancers. I don't think I ever explained what this is to you. If you come in, there are groups for all. Cancer support is for those who have or have had cancer. Family and Friends is for just that! Caregivers. Then theres Tween talk, Teen talk, Kids Talk, and then Noogieland for those kindergarten and younger.

Wednesdays are grief support days. Same format. And my Gilda's does grief support for any kind of death, not just cancer. I worked in the Kids talk program for a couple of years, but had to resign because physically I just could not keep up with the kids. It's a great program though.

Bud, I can relate to the early hours too. But I was much younger when I did that. When I was in my 20's and early 30's I was raising two step-daughters. And I worked full time. So, it was important to me to do kids stuff on the weekends, so I'd get up at 5:00AM to get laundry and grocery shopping done, or cleaning, so that when the girls were with us, we could spend good time together. At their Mom's house, they had to do the cleaning and grocery shopping, and I didn't want them to have to do double duty. And I did it just fine. It just seems now, I struggle to get up earlier than 9:00.

Ronnie, you can turn the volume down on the hearing aids too I think! My Grandpa used to do that. We knew he did that, so we'd just ignore it when he "didn't hear" us. Who knows? Maybe he did have the volume up, but just didn't want us to know?

Seems weird to hear you talk about going into winter, when we are just leaving it. At the same time, I have friends in Austrailia, and they are the same. Opposite of us here in the USA. It was always interesting to hear the opposite stories on the weather.

Annette, how do you do it with the nephew? "Less short people in the house" cracks me up! Don't do it!!!!! LOL

Ok, got to get going. Hope everyone has a great rest of the day!

Judy in MI

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Bud, that makes me want to rush out and get some hearing aids - LOL. I remember how much fun my daughter, my nephew and I had with my mom before she went and got them - we would whisper at the dinner table and she couldn't hear a darn word we said. It was difficult at times to remember she had them - some funny funny moments when we realized we were no longer going "unheard" - let's just say my daughter got a ton of my sarcastic sense of humor and a ton of "colorful" humor from her dad.

There was no topic not approachable at the dinner table - I mean - I grew up telling everyone (seriously!) that my mom analyzed baboon sh*t for a living. . . . . well she did - she was a biochemist and worked at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio - nobody believed me....come to think of it - I still like to tell that story. Of course her next job was not at all as fun - there she just did open heart surgery on fat rats once she dropped the guillotine. (That was at the UT Medical School Research Facility).

I'm thinking I'd rather do that that manufacturing - although the offset in hours would definitely have it's advantages.

I haven't Soprano'd anyone in the house - but after last night I may have dreams about it. I know I would never have been a good math teacher - I just don't get how it can be so hard for people to understand - so much easier with a right or wrong answer that having someone slash your grammar (and my grandmother was an English teacher supersonic slasher). I just have no idea how to get him to understand but I'm pretty sure ringing his neck is not the answer - well a little sure - well I guess I need to think on that one.

He is doing very well though - we go back to court on April 11th for the "check-in" (he has passed 3 drug screens) and then back in court on April 25th for the actual charge I guess. Still has that over his head - but if he stays clean he probably will not have to go back to detention - or so that's what everyone is saying the judge will say but ultimately it's up to him. Overall - he is doing good as can be expected having missed 70 days of school so far.

Back to the Grindstone - - - Later,


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Hey folks

Another great day with blue sky's and snow melting. I have the snowmobile put away for the year so now i want the snow gone ASAP. LOL

I've always been a morning person but not quite as early as Bud. Now waiting for cow's to calve, sleep is difficult to get with having to go check on them every 2 hours during the night. This morning I checked at 1am and was still awake when the next check came at 3am. Makes for a long day. Maybe this hobby farm is not such a good idea. LOL

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Good Evening All,

Really thought I could settle into a new routine of starting the Morning Aireachmorning as I rose,other things however got in the way.What is happening with this laptop recently?its taking on a life of its own,printed lines jumping about,missing out spacing between words,if I make a letter error its taking three of four clicks of the delete key to remove it?.Watch out below,this laptop maybe heading out my study window.Another thing,I am getting full page adverts -unsolcited-twenty at a time takes me ages to delete them all.Can you believe one from "Smokey Joe"to sign the pledge about countryside fire rules in the USA,like Eric is going to set fire to America?come on guys get a life,I only want to visit not burn it down. Sorry guys just in from the bowling GBA(got beat again)mind you,we won on Tuesday night by one point-hooray,skimmed the posts,good to see Ronnie posting isnt it?and even Brucie back?,cannot wait to see the pics of his new grand child sorry calf,isnt this exciting,I have seen this on Telly beforeits quite an ordeal for the cow,ooh Bruce will you be the "Mid-wife?"I would probably throw up me being a townie in all. Went into Glasgow first thing this morning,parked the car in a lot where you guesstimate how long you are going to park,and pay up front accordingly.Lawyers off ice a few minutes walk away,No 1 Georges Square,now there isnt a more posh address in all of Glasgow,the interior of this renovated building was just beautiful.I was led in to office,Lawyer,EIS rep and one other lecturer from the college(female)the lawyer read through word for word all aspects of our voluntary severance agreement,basically its a gagging order,I cannot divulge ever anything that was said, on pain of death.The lawyer asked one of us to leave the office to discuss individual clauses in the agreement,my female colleague,said Eric can I go first?I will only be a minute,sure says Eric-45 mins later she emerges.I just sat down with the lawyer when the fire alarm goes off,the whole building is evacuated,we are left in the street to await the fire service,they arrive some time later,check out the building and then sound the all clear,we re-enter the building and continue our chat.Arrive at the car park 11.30am fixed to my windscreen a £100 penalty notice,my ticket expired at 11.09am,oh if I could catch the ****** that did this,but nobody about grrrrr.

Anyway I picked up Jennifer at her flat to bring her into the town centre to do some shopping,my cell phone refused to accept top ups,well being a bit old (I bought it second hand from noah)I thought about buying a new one.Jennifer dosent think I have the ability to choose a suitable replacement so she came along.Had a great day with her,we had a nice pub lunch and met up with her boyfriend and shared a drink to-gether.I chatted to him about posting some more pics in here-Mias first birthday amongst them,I just know you are going to love them.

Question Time just about to start,I love this prog.Oh by the way,to-morrow night sees the start of a new drama prog -The Kennedys-is it any good? Byee.Just ran over what I had written a least 30 words without a space between them?

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