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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

7.30am here another lovely spring day,all my newly planted tulips are out,stripey white and red petals,surrounded by yellow and deep blue hyacinths,and the scent,springs great isnt it?,after all the dark cold days of winter,mind you I did get some super pics of Airdrie snow scenes,must get Chris to remind me again how to post some in.

I was up and out yesterday at 7.00am,I was setting up the tables for the ABC mens breakfast which starts at 9.00am.I just dont know how Cookie Jim copes making approx 30 large breakfasts,I struggle with making only two, LOL.Guest speaker after the breakfast,then clear tables and dry the dishes.Then picked up Sally to run her to Asda's at 11.00am.Thats a full week of attendance,thanks for your support guys,I agree with you that getting the heave- ho might have had more effect on her behavior in getting her to mend her ways,it will probably happen yet.I do prefer her working in company for 30hrs/week,than sitting drinking at home during the day when I am at work.There will be restrictions on her access to alcohol,when I have retired,no more sneaking off in taxis to the off-sales whilst I am at home.

After ABC off to sister Dot's house,her grand kids Emma and Jack visit on Sundays,so I will be having some fun with them.Then home for dinner , and back to the masters,hooray another super day-can Rory win this one?will Tiger improve on his scoring with better putting?there are loads of others still in the hunt and can win,so its going to be an exiting finish,maybe even a play off?,isnt Augusta just beautiful?all the azelias and other spring flowers,the TV camera focussed several times throughout the play on an eagle settled on a tree branch watching the action,wonder if he paid to get in?.

JudyMI,I opened the Glaswegian golfer, Martin Laird's link

you provided,well he was unknown to me,did you notice for a relatively unknown player how much he earned from golf in the last 4 seasons it was millions of dollars,think I persued the wrong career.

Ah Annette wasnt that nice of you to suggest a welcome home party for my return on Tuesday?you spoiled the moment though at the thought of Brucie bursting out of a cake wearing his Tu-Tu.However-you did resurrect for me a favourite film moment ,ask Keith bet he remembers it too?It was in the film Under Seige,starring the usually poor actor Steven Segal as a chef on board a US Navy Battleship thats hi-jacked,the scene where a young girl jumps out a birthday cake,she forgot to dress properly for the part,much to my appreciation.

Well better get showered and dressed cannot sit here all day,things to do, you know.Have a great Sunday everyone.Byee.

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Morning All! I'm propped up on the sofa with my computer on my Air Desk. Too chilly to sit up at the kitchen table yet so am typing every so ginerly lest I lose it all.

Things not getting any better. Wish I'd taken an appointment at MDA for the end of this week but didn't know Stan would be starting the furnace today. He didn't either. It's a matter of when they get a torch in and then monitoring temps til it ready to go. Not a precise science. To put it simply Judy, he service induction melting furnaces that foundries use to melt metal to cast all manners of parts, products, etc.

Forced myself to get up and out early for a ride with Stan to the foundry. Not a lot of fun but got a chance to take a walk in the sun. It was cold but it's the first time I've seen the sun in awhile so that was nice. My stomach was acting up by the time we left the plant so we stopped at a little local diner--our favorite places to eat when we are up North. I order a toasted English muffin and tea. Talked Stan into ordering the toasted sticky bun so I could have a bite. Didn't take much to convince him since he'd had his breakfast food at the crack of dawn. What a guy. The things he does for me lol. Friends Tally and Nick came over for wine (not me, stomach won't let me anymore), catch-up conversation mixed with watching the Masters. Fun evening.

Judy, I "liked" the link for you and Randy. Eric, so glad to have you back online. Annette, I got your pm and my Walmart book has specific directions once we exit 95. Stan needed to know N or S because we're not coming straight down 95. We'll be picking up 95 from Route 83. He just can't handle the beltway again. It was awful coming up.

Bud, hope you have fun and happy fishing today. Ronnie, don't work the girls too hard. Bruce, I know you've shared calving info with Gail so you better not forget me man lol. Libby we still miss you. Ginny, I know you have saddness in your heart right now and will come back to us when you are ready. Stephanie, I actually made the granola before I left. Am eating it but wish I'd read to the end again when I was making it. Didn't watch it and let it get too brown (25 min in my oven) so it has a little bit of a burnt taste but I like it enough I will try it again. Hope I didn't miss anyone.

Have a great Sunday All!

Judy in Kutztown

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Good afternoon all!

Well, it's sunny and approaching 80 as we speak. Just crazy to see that this time of year! But nice, even if it is only for one day. Ack, sleepy today. Got up way too early for my liking to serve at the early service today. Have really sleepy eyes right now.

Thanks for all that "liked" our radio show. I see 9 new likes on there, most like from you folks. Thanks so much!

Judy, it sounds like a fascinating job that Stan has! I can't even imagine what that is! LOL. Sounds very specialized, hence all the traveling. I'm so sorry your tummy is continuing to plague you. But it sounds like you had a very nice time yesterday. I totally enjoyed watching the last 2 hours of The Masters.

We love those little local diners too! They always have home cooked great food!

Eric those tulips and hyacinths sound so beautiful. It's too early here, but give us another 3 weeks, (I hope) and we should be seeing them. We always hope they don't bloom this early, as we are sure to have a freeze or five before Memorial Day.

Eric, I did look at Martin's tally of money earned and it's obscene! He's a young man, and worth millions! It's crazy. He's not even in the top fifty in the world golfer rankings! I agree, I did not go into the right line of work either!

I do think Rory could win this one! He is a remarkable 21 year old. So composed, and in control! Amazing. Tiger was that way when he was 21 too. And look at him now. I think if he could get a grip on his putting, he could win this. But his head is still all messed up with the scandal he had in his life. Sad what fame and money can do to some people.

I totally remember the movie with Steven Segal. I beg to differ with you about his acting! LOL. Act? Who cares? He was hot!

We're heading outside to start electric fence train Olive. We put it off all winter. Now that it's getting nicer, she is wanting to wander. She's my precious baby, and I want her to be able to run out the dog door and play to her hearts content!

See ya!

Judy in MI

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Good Morning everyone - - I am sitting in bed taking it easy watching DVDs of the Deadliest Catch getting ready for the new season that starts Tuesday.

My hip is really hurting today - my family thinks it might be my sciatic nerve acting up. Me - I think on top of that I'm lazy - but don't tell anyone. I can't lay about all day I have to go out sometime and start the stew and make the corn bread - yumm.

Eric good to see you back - we di dn't even get the cake baked -I would bet that other men enjoyed her costume as well. Aside from that I hope that somewhere in Sally's mind she is thankful she still has a job. I don't think most employers would be so lenient here in the states.

I have watched the Masters before - but for some reason it just still seems like winter to me and I can't get into golf yet. Might be the whole nephew escapade too - we have a court date tomorrow to check on his "progress".

Bruce - I try to remember to hit "Ctrl - C" just in case. After losing long posts several times it seems that I am always trying to post at the same time as everyone else.

Well I'm gonna relax for a bit before I gotta start dinner.


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Barely out of bed this am.

Judy in K-town - I'm surprised by the over-toasted granola. I use one pan, and stir it up every 10-15 minutes, but it takes 45 minutes at least to get a nice tan. Maybe you followed the two pan version?

Judy, again - my Dad worked as a metallurgist. His last consulting gig, in his 70's, was at a milling plant. He was helping them to make better quality parts with less waste. He was a heat-treatment specialist of the engineering variety, but always spent a lot of his career in the plants working with the guys.

Judy, one more time - are you still having heel splits? My best treatment was using AmLactin foot cream - every night, then put on white socks until they healed. That was a creepy side effect.

Golf? Slightly below listening to the political talking heads for me. I would rather watch paint dry on tv - and often do.

Tulips are budding in the yard, trees too, but not much flowering yet. First white cherry blossoms on the big tree in the back yard. They come much later than the flowering one, but the fruit is sour and too high to reach. The clematis is attracting attention as it smells lovely and is right by the sidewalk. Rhubarb has come back strong, but it still feels like the plant is too new to harvest a few stems. I have a flat of sweet pea, sunflower, and mesclun seeds started and ready to plant, but it is still pretty cold and gray outside.

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LOL on the watching golf! I used to be that way too. Then I got involved volunteering for a PGA golf event, and got hooked. Now I must say, we were not home when the Masters started yesterday, and Randy threatened to turn it on in the radio. I gave him a look that spoke volumes!

It's is now 83 degrees! I have every single window in the house open! There's a beautiful gentle breeze, and I am in heaven. Got to enjoy it today because storms are bringing in the cold front. Hard to believe it tomorrow it's going to be 40!

Bruce, sorry about that buddy. In every post now, I finish up what I want, then hit ctrl A to highlight the whole post, and then ctrl C to copy it. Then I hit submit. If I get bumped it's so much easier to paste it back in!

Judy in MI

(hoping I don't bump Bruce again!)

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