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Surgery and No insurance


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A friend of mine in PA Is looking for some ideas on how to pay for a Tracheal repair surgery. this is not cancer related I know but its surgery and insurance and Disability issue. Was Thinking maybe some one might have an idea of how to get some help for this person in this situation because of surgery insurance situation. For More info Please PM Me!!

Thanks You For Taking time to read this Note!!!


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Randy, one thing I learned is the hospitals with the big names are most likely to have monies to give. If you can get your big toe in the door and find a champion of your cause like I did, you can get help thru the touch no insurance/medicade not kicking in for 2 hrs on disability. Crazy. What MDA did for me was allow me to pay for a dx. Perhaps your friend could find a prestigious hospital and talk them into letting him pay for a second opinion. Once in the door, I don't know how it happens but my onc just went to bat for me. I wasn't supposed to be able to get treatment until I proved ability to pay.

Another tip I got (but didn't follow) was from the surgeon who put my port in. We had to pay up front for that but he said "or you can just come into the emergency room on the weekend in pain, and on Monday I'll have to do it for free! Have found out since them there are people who use this "back door."

Luck to your friend. We should not have to deal with this horrid financial challenges when we have health issues to deal with.

Judy in KW

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her problem is due to an accident 2 years ago she has a trachea tube in her neck now and needs a repair surgery. Since its not all that common she is having a hard time finding someone who can do it and also how to pay for it. She is physically able to work but economy and her trach tube prevent her from doing this and since she is physically fit she can not qualify for Disability is my understanding.Its a bad catch 22 and you know me .. Champion and helper of underdogs!! IF she could get surgery she could go back to work is my understanding!!!

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Hi Randy,

I'm sorry I didn't respond earlier. I didn't know how to answer this. But my husband sells insurance, and when I asked him, his first reaction was to ask what kind of accident this was. If it was an automobile accident, and she had insurance on her car, the first place he said to go is back to the auto insurer.

He said they have to pay for disabilities for the rest of her life, if it is related to an auto accident.

Let me know!

Judy in MI

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Randy - I can't add much to what the others have suggested, but I did have a friend in San Diego who needed a heart transplant - this was back in the mid 80s before they were as common as they are now. Her insurance wouldn't pay because it was considered "experimental" - the hospital would perform the surgery until she had a certain amount of money in an account (if my memory serves me, they wanted her to have $200,000). They recommended she contact the media, hold benefit car washes etc., until she could raise enough. It took awhile, and the help of church friends and her husband's co-workers, etc., but they did raise the money. Just a thought.

Prayers for your friend.


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