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Just some wildlife photo's

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Pat and I were always animal lovers and she enjoyed birds.

We always had some unusual pet such as the jackal, pig and a range of birds both healthy and with some disability.

I always have my camery with me and these are some photo's I have taken of wild animals on and near the construction site. There have been sightings of many other animals by others. There is a resedent mole snake that lives near the canteen and catches any rodents that happen to arrive there. A lot of the people get the fright of their lives when walking down the path and the snake happens to be there.

No animals are allowed to be harmed on our site.

These are the pictures of the zebra and the two horses. there is also a blesbuck with them.




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Ronnie, we are nature lovers as well. Like Pat, I am very partial to birds. I love your pics, you know the foal got top points for me. What is making me crazy is I don't remember what country you live in. It's not in your profile. How wonderful to be able to see these animals so close to your work!

Judy in KW

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Sorry if I havent mentioned it before but I live in South Africa. My home is in Durban and I work about 260 kms inland at a place named Ingula. This is a construction site at present and there are two dams and underground works which will house generators for electricity.

At present the dams are almost complete and the rest has about another 2 years to go.

I live in Ladysmith which is a meduim sized town about 70 kms from the site. It's an hour to work and an hour home every day.

I am putting some photos together of the dams.


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Hi Leslie

I am glad that you are doing a wildlife photo trip to South Africa. Its a very beautiful country with lots of nature reserves and game parks that can be visited. Dont expect wild animals to be walking around the local neighbourhood as those times are long gone. The Kruger National Park is one of the favourites and given a few days you will probably see most of the more common animals. I love to look for the less interesting and watch their antics. There are also many bird species to see. Word of warning if you are going there remember its a malaria area and you must take precautions.

At preseny I am working in Ghana which is part of West Africa. I am working in the capital city Accra where we are building a shopping mall. Not too much wildlife here but inland in the jungle areas there are still a few animals.

Let me know how your trip goes


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