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A few more photo's

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Hi Ronnie,

Isnt it amazing,I am 62 years old always had a particular interest in learning all about the Planets wildlife,thinking I must have seen them all,and you come up with a hammerkop,never heard of this bird,thanks for the pic.Amazing story of the Zebra,Horse and Foal turning up on your building site,did they get a start?.Did you hear about the cannibal,applying for a labouring job on a building site,the foreman says OK,start to-morrow 8am,next day he shows up with another guy,the foreman is angry with the cannibal,look he says I only gave you a job,not your buddy also-the cannibal replies,oh he is not my mate,he is my lunch piece.

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The hammerkop (can be translated to hammer head) is normally found near water as it wades and catches small fish, tadpoles and anything else that happens to swim past. They nest in big trees and the nest is a mess of big branches and grass. When we stayed in Lesotho they used to fly around our house and scream at the Jackal who did not know why, but it turns out that jackals catch these water birds.

The vultures are hanging arount the area as some cows were struck dead by lightentng a while ago and the farmer left the carcasses for the wildlife to enjoy.

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