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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! Was going to call Annette and make her my spokesperson. May still do that after I deliver the initial news that they plan on admitting me to the hospital later today. We are traveling to FL from GA. MDA is keeping an eye to providing me with a bed late this afternoon. Big strong brave Judy is a weenie when you say hospital admission. I tried everything to get them to change their mind to outpatient. No, this is what we have to do to insure a timely setup for this procedure. Oh dear!

Speaking of Dears, Wendy has called the hospital, introduced herself to the charge nurse, described the room that includes a little fridge for my personal snackies and has made arrangements to spend the night with me. WOW WOW WOW! Can't image having a more wonderful daughter.

Will be in touch with Annette. I'm not taking my computer to the hospital, a little nervous it could get stolen.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy somewhere north of Orlando

P.S. Thanks Bud but wish I'd reduced the pic so you couldn't see the wrinkles so clearly lol.

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Okay everyone - there is no Wednesday this week it's official - unless your Tuesday was really bad then we can change this to Wednesday - but just think how fun it will be to have tomorrow be Thursday.

Judy - - any time of the day or night - call me - - I will make sure that I have my phone with me. Even if you just need to talk in the middle of the night!!!

I have been working like crazy today - will definitely have to goof off tomorrow at work this is getting ridiculous! Hope everyone realizes this is the "air" and I'll check back later.


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Well, I had to laugh. I saw Eric's Tuesdays air at the bottom of the board, and then this one! Judy thank you! I'm not the only one that gets mixed up on their days! LOL

Bud and Judy are moderators on this page, so they can change it if they want!

Judy, my heart and prayers are yours from now until you get to go home with the good news that your tummy troubles are over. I can't imagine living every day with this! I pray for it to go away.

Loved the picture. Wrinkles sminkles! We are .....ahem....beautiful maturing women! We deserve every single one of them inkles that we have. We earned them through decades of laughter, tears, happiness, agony and everything in between. I'm going to be 57 this summer, and I am trying to embrace the changes going on. It's not easy. But the bottom line is this: We are not the silly, brush painted, skinny 20 somethings that are on the covers of the magazines. And neither are they! It's just the magic of photography.

Well, I made a change to my allergy meds and so far.....fingers and toes crossed.....it's helping. I've been on Allegra 180 for a long time and it just was not doing it's job. I switched to Zyrtec just to see if it would help. And it is. My pharmacist said sometimes it's just good to change for a while, and then change back if needed. That's good enough for me!

Judy, your daughter sounds wonderful. That was something I would have done for my Mom. She spent a lot of time in the hospital, and I became a mighty advocate for her. It was awesome for me to see that what I did helped her. So Wendy will be so happy to be able to gift you with accomodations that are comfortable for you. We will miss you. How long will you be in there? Can Wendy post if you can't?????? We love you.

OK, everyone else, where are you????

I'm off to see Ronnie's pictures!

Judy in MI

Oh! Almost forgot! Sunny and 62. YEAHHHH HAHAHAHA!!!!

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Good Evening All,

Gosh its so easy to get days mixed up when you are on your hols,come on guys and gals stop confusing me further,tell me is this Tuesday or Wednesday?

Lousey day here weather wise,cold,raining and windy,thats more like the Aprils I know,mind you I really have had some warm sunny days these last two weeks,so I cannot complain.

Well went into Glasgow last night to meet with Jennifer and Chris at a Indian restaurant,its called Dhabba's,I had a laugh,they had hung up press clipping of food critics comments in their vestibule,one caught my eye,in large print the headline reads "Yabba Dhabba Doo",good eh?.Jennifer and I have a deal when eating out,she picks the place and I pick up the tab,maybe have to change soon me becoming a pensioner an all.Real posh place,they have a special deal if you book online they only charge half price on the main course,still pricey though.Afterwards we went home to Airdrie,and I had ahem one or three amber nectars(you little liar)anyway to bed in the wee small hours,I couldnt resist saying hello to you all,dont remember what exactly I posted,please ignore,wont risk going back to read it.LOL.

Dropped Sally off at her work this morning,thats nearly two full unbroken weeks of attendance hooray,mind you I am on holiday so it shouldnt really count,should it?.Oh used my printer for the first time,writing an appeal against my parking penalty charge from last week,fingers crossed,oh I hate to lose money this way,typical Scot,no,no thats a total fallacy spread about by the English.(Scots top the UK poll for giving to charities you know).Finished off the emulsioning of all the walls I had to do,taking a day off to-morrow,Sally dosnt work on a Thursday so we are going into Glasgow to see Dot,kids Emma and Jack will also be there so some fun for all.Chris and Jen are coming out to Airdrie on Sunday,I have a backlog of pics to share with you,he has agreed to post them for me,OK no need for the yawns, you are going to get them anyway.

Hi Judy,sorry about the hospital stay,I am sending you a bottle of Whyte and MacKays for your fridge,do you need ginger ale?.Hoping everything goes well,hear from you later.Hi Annette as they say in the Glasgow venacular HOWSITGOAN"?,Bye for now, I will stop by later.

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Good morning, everyone! It was 53 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 83.

I had sat down at my desk a little before break time this morning, got started reading about raised gardening, and break time was gone before it dawned on me that I hadn't made it here yet. So, I'm posting on my lunch break today.

KW Judy, I always reduce any photos I post here, so they'll be small enough to fit on anyone's screen, no matter what resolution they're using, and take up less space on photobucket, but in this case it was just too good a photo of you two; I couldn't bring myself to reduce it.

I sounds like Wendy is doing a great job of looking out for you. Just don't make us wait too long for an update. When I had my surgery, the VA hospital where I stayed had a locker that I was able to put my laptop in while I was unable to look out for it. Rose hung onto the locker key until I was recovered enough to want the laptop in front of me again.

Best wishes for a short and successful hospital stay, KW Judy! Have a great day, all!

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It's a warm, pleasant day in central Florida, expecting a high of about 84. Just right for JudyKW, but the windows probably don't open.

Sorry to hear about the hospitalization. Did I miss something? A lot, I guess.

Hope everyone has a good day and that Judy can put up with the hospital.


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Judy! Hey! I hav'nt been here in a long time.

But, since you're not answering me, you left me no recourse but to try and track you down here and find out what's happening :D

I read your post, Don't blame you for not bringing your PC into the hospital with you.

Judy......I hope whatever is going on is "dealable" I just invented that :D

You are in my thoughts so often, I only want things to be good with you. Stay positive, and move on. That's all any of us can do no matter what our circumstances are. (((((JUDY)))))) :)

Give Stan a hug for me too.

Love ya,


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