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Friday's Air


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Good monring!

I'm off to NYC to a cancer conference. Seems as though I am travelling every other week these days and I will be until June. It makes for a hectic time but to have all that I have to do in the name of awareness and advocacy is a blessing...

Be well all of you, prayers for Keywest Judy in hospital and MI Judy and all of you who are not feeling well.


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Good Morning everyone. It was cool here this morning (my car said 50 but it felt colder). Long day yesterday - but the evening was capped off by a conversation with Judy in (Orlando) - so it was wonderful hearing that she was feeling better and where they needed her to be. What a hospital - she told me she has her own refrigerator and brought her own food - the first night her daughter was there and they had fun ... in a hospital.... and she can make her comfortable in a hospital bed - I think it may be time to move south where the hospitals are obviously patient oriented. (Of course, now that she is feeling better patient may not be a word I would use to describe her.) More like vivacious and raring to go - anyway that's what I heard in her voice last night which certainly gave me a big boost and smile. What would be do without our family here!

Katie even traveling for all the good reasons you are on the go - can get tiring - at least you spend good time with the kids while you are home - and you take care of us - so we can take care of you - (repeat cycle).

Anyway - I need to make this a productive Friday - so I'll check back in later - everybody's ready for the weekend!!!!


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Good morning, everyone!

It was 57 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 78. North winds are gusting to 30 mph now. This is the front that triggered all the tornadoes in Oklahoma and Arkansas. They were calling for a chance of storms here too, but they missed us to the north.

I rode to work all five days this week. There will be no commuting next week. I'm on vacation. I'm going to start it tomorrow with a trip to Lake Fork. This is the one time of the year that I abandon my crappie to play with largemouth bass on beds.

Sunday looks like the day Rose and I will be planting our garden. It's a late start this year, but better late than never, I guess.

When are they letting you out of the hospital, KW Judy? Have a great day, all!

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Well last day of my hols,OK I know weekend is here,back to work next week,but not for long.Lovely spring day today,picked up Sheila at her home and went into Glasgow to meet up with Robert Lowe this morning.Sheila had bought a nice silver locket in the shape of a heart,modern design,as a gift to Susan Christie to mark her leaving of Roy Castle,well when we arrived she was in a meeting,she had no idea of our arrival,oh I love surprises,after coffee/tea and biccies she was totally surprised to see us all to-gether,kisses and hugs all round,think she was pleased with her prezzie, she put it on there and now.We had a great blether,we were joined by David the new office manager,dont know his official title yet.Well he asked eventually to speak to me alone with Susan to talk some business,still keen to give me a job part time,wants me as a survivor guest on a interview panel to select a candidate for a new position,volunteer co-ordinator-David jockingly added Eric, it isnt common for a volunteer to vote on who should be his new boss.I will be joining the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.org, shortly as a part-time volunteer,I am so pleased I can do something positive in the fight against this dreadful disease.

JudyKW,I remember being agog some weeks ago about another buddy being drained of litres of fluid,do you remember?and now you?I dont understand-how does this happen?thanks to Annettes report you seem to be doing just fine-thank God.Hopefully you get to home shortly and can get back into routine.

Bud,oh I hate it when someone says I am on holiday next week,just as I return to work LOL,I think you deserve the break,enjoy,hopefully you will still find the time to post in,to tell us what you have been getting up to.

Well nothing more to tell you guys,except Jennifer and Chris coming to Airdrie on Sunday,boy he dosnt know it yet but Chris will be roped in by me to post in the backlog of pics,Mia's first birthday,Eric and his students graduation at Glasgow University and some Airdrie snow scenes,oh I am all excited-cannot wait,catch you all later,bye.

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Hello all!

It's a very breezy Friday here! But in the 40's so it's okay. Just got back from my ladies bible study, and it was so nice to see them all. Everyone was on Spring break and off to warmer climes, and it was nice to see them all back tanned and looking rested!

Now I need to get into WordPress, which is a blog that I use for our web site for the Grillin Guys. I want to do a photo albumn, and not sure how to create it. So I'm going to go on line and play and try to figure it out! I love messing with stuff like that!

Yeah Annette! Thanks for the good news about Judy! Yeah.

Everyone else, have a great weekend!

Judy in MI

I can say with all conviction that my "cold" is gone! Thank God. There is still a slight cough, but I think now it is allergy related. But the rest of the yuckiness is GONE! Yeah.

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always working! No rest for the wicked!! Money dont grow on trees!! :wink:

The spammer this am was online posting when I popped in! Not anymore! :D

I am well I dont post as much but always watching and reading and sometimes posting when situation warrants. I do work too much but that is because of a nasty bout of retail therapy :oops: I am paying for.. that and single income home owner! :shock:

Trying o find time to do some DIY projects but at least my neighbor is going to areate this weekend so I can put down some grass seed and start getting rid of the weeds now!! Front of house needs lots of work!

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