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Sunday's Air


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Morning All! Slept another night thru the steriod. Almost 8 hrs but that's good. For a minute here I was thinking it was Monday. So glad for all you working folks I was wrong!

Judy in MI, I'll be waiting to hear how your meeting and dinner went. Here's hoping it kicked this business plan into being.

Annette, you making those pork chops, right lol? Was really worried about you last night with all those storms coming your way. Hope you post early so we know all is well in VA.

Would like to just stay in today but will go to Walmart because I need some stuff. Am a little troubled the hospital did not prepare me or give me (charge me out the ying yang) supplies for drainage. I had a significant amount yesterday and had to rely on whatever I had here. Dave came with the boys and it was a hectic afternoon. Stan was not in such a mood as to send him out for an errand so I made do. Would like to be better prepared if it continues. Don't even have a doc number to call. The way it worked, I just had hospital docs in and out. Don't even remember names there were so many. None said here's my number, just give me a call if you have a problem. Dr Tseng was just a consultant.

Stan's back from his walk. Got to go.

Judy in Orlando

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Good Afternoon All,

Beautiful sunny and warm spring day,yes winter woolies definately gone,well for today anyway,got on my shorts,T-shirt and sandals on,give the neighbours something to laugh about with my short hairly legs exposed, really peely wally also (do you use that expression?or is it Scottish?).Just waiting for Jennifer and Chris to arrive,maybe give him five minutes to settle in then Shang-Hi him up here to get my pics into here and facebook,much watch him closely got to learn how to do this for myself.Just about knackered myself,swept all my monoblock driveway,and rear patio areas,just showing off for the kids arriving,hauled the garden furniture out the garage,but I cannot lift the table up over my stone planters to the upper patio level,another little chore for Chris when he arrives,no rest for the wicked.Bet he just loves coming out to Airdrie,always gets something to do,always gives me this fixed grin when I ask,yeah- sure no problem,methinks one of these days ......

Judy hi,gosh I only have to miss a days post,and I feel so left behind in the news-you at home now?glad everything went well,ye gods that was some ammount they drained from you eh,bettcha you would manage a marathon now with all that weight loss.Oh one of my workmates is off to run in the London marathon today,he did it last year,just over 3 hours,what a guy,I couldnt even run to the bus stop.Well I am so glad you are back on top of the world again.

Look out for my pics later,hoping Chris is obliging of course,I will drop by later tonight .bye.

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Good morning everyone, Judy - I didn't even know it stormed. Well I did hear a few thunder booms but mostly all we got was rain. So as far as I know all is well here. Keith just left to go for a run and then he has a study group this afternoon. So now I'm stuck doing laundry and making the nephew do a little homework every once in a while between playing XBox all day long. I will hang out here and start dinner in a little while. And tonight - tonight I am gonna send him over to stay at my moms - and we are gonna watch Black Swan and go to bed early - sounds so so good.

I am not surprised that they didn't send the appropriate supplies home with you - I imagine you will find what you need at WalMart and hopefully once you get the supplies the drainage will behave and you can stay comfortable.

Eric, the pictures are great - I really like snow in pictures - I remember you saying you picked up some information about some castles in your area that you were going to visit. I hope you take pictures and post them as well.

Tomorrow starts the kids spring break - so it may be a long week - hopefully he makes it - we will take it one day at a time. Several of his teachers sent extra work for him - so we will try and get him to work on that. With the cars turning green with pollen he is out there dripping from everywhere. He is allergic to every tree, grass and pet out there.

Enough of this book - time to go play a while.


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Hi there!

Well Judy the meeting went very well! If we decide to do this new business, we will take quite a hit financially. But long term I believe it is the best way for us to go. We are still young enough to start over. He could just go work for someone else, but I know he would not be happy, and he'd be settling for me. I can't let him do that.

Dinner was sooooo good. Homemade spaghgetti sauce(really, not out of a can), with meatballs, and sausage. Made a big old salad, and garlic bread. We had a nice night.

Annette, you always crack me up. "Tomorrow starts the kids spring break - so it may be a long week - hopefully he makes it". I assume survives the week?

Eric, I'm off to see your pictures next! Can't wait.

Eric, peely wally? We do not use that here. But I googled it and now I get it. White and pale. We use pale for sure. LOL Expecially here in the North where getting sunshine can be somewhat of a challenge.

We also don't knacker ourselves. So I looked it up to and the first sentence scared me! Look up knacker or knackered in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

A knacker is a person in the trade of rendering animals that are unfit for human consumption

But then I read further LOL. expression "knackered" meaning very tired. Oh ok, I get that. LOL again

Just finished grocery shopping. Am a bit sleepy, so may just go take a little nap!

Judy in MI

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Pulled 3 small pails of weeds and now I am knackered.

My step sister died yesterday (sorry, this is bad air) from pneumonia. She was hospitalized for that about 10 days ago, walking around with 20% lung function. Her cancer doc put her in the hospital after seeing her for a routine appointment. She went through treatment this winter for stomach or pancreatic cancer (I don't have the details) that had spread by the time it was dx last October. Her previous care was chiropractic, so don't blame the docs. They kept it from my Dad (so as to "not worry him") and now want to continue to tell him only about the pneumonia. It has made me very upset - the secrecy, not treating him like an adult, having to continue maintaining a lie (or at least not the truth.) I know I shouldn't push her sister right now, but I am pretty sure if he asks me for details, I will tell him the truth.

Time for a shower, or maybe a late lunch. Tulips are blooming! Only red ones though.

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What a great chatty Air. Glad I got back in. Won't be here long. Too uncomfortable at the computer.

Had a great day. Didn't need an ER Randy, Walmart did the trick. Eric I will get to see your pics as soon as I can. I do always enjoy them. And I also enjoy the language lessons, especially when Judy does all the work for me. Judy, your dinner sounded delish and hope the business idea works out for you guys. Stan worked for a corp for years but can't even fathom him doing that now. Annette, OMG Spring Break with the kid does not sound like fun and you have to get him thru to the 25th without a problem. Oh my! Sooooo glad you are getting this evening with Keith. You both so deserve it. Knackered or not Stephanie, I envying your weed pulling. I am one of those crazy people who actually like weeding. I think it's seeing the happy flowers or veggies all neat and tidy afterwards. So sorry about your step-sister. It does sound like an infuriating situation in addition to a family loss. Do what you need to do.

Don't think I missed anyone. Hope Bud is having a happy fishing vacation day! Don't know when I'll get in tomorrow. Have to be at MDA at 9 am. Yuk.

Judy still in Orlando


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Good afternoon, everyone!

It was 51 degrees as I rode to........................oh wait, I didn't ride anywhere this morning. It's 84 degrees now with a south wind gusting to 30 mph. This has been some kind of windy spring.

Here are my "having a great time, wish you were here" vacation photos.

Here I am in front of the fence I built. I put the fence posts up yesterday and attached the fence sections this morning.


Here's the composter I assembled and installed yesterday.


And here's the garden Rose and I put in this morning. I'm thinking I need to go back to work to get some rest.


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Nice work Bud.

Your grass looks like ours in, well August. M just cut it after I pulled weeds (dandelions with 12" tap roots) and I think it was a lush 8-12" tall. Still damp.

I used to like weeding, like a meditation - for hours at a time. But these days, with my limits, it isn't so fun. Never get to the weed free, happy flowers and vegetables place.

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