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Hi from South Africa.


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Here I'm sitting very grateful to have beaten lung cancer.

I just got an urge to look for other cancer survivors and started google-ing.

My story. About 4 years back I started coughing up blood every now and then. I saw a specialist and they thought it was my sinuses that was bleeding and dripping into my lungs. During a sinus operation the specialist got a feeling that he must put a camera down my lungs and have a look. I was shocked when he told me after the operation that he found a tumor in my right lung.

It was a carcinoid tumor that luckily is not a very aggressive tumor, but it was quite big allready.

While in hospital for (one of four) a biopsy, my close friend came over from two wards down to see how I was doing. He had brain cancer. Unfortunately he lost his battle a week before I went in for the big operation. That was one of the scariest things for me to sit at his funeral not knowing what lies ahead for my family and I. Two of my three lobes in my right lung were removed and everything went 100% during the operation.

I'm now about 4 1/2 years cancer clean, WITHOUT ANY CHEMO EXT, and living a full life. My family has grown by two lovely babies (2 and 1 years respectively) and still very grateful for every second of my life that was given to me.

My advice to anyone who must go for a lobdectomy.

Ones lungs are amazing when it comes to recovery. Ones lungs will hyper inflate taking over the role of removed lungs. I have no shortness of breath and I love the outdoors, active life.

Jacques. :D

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Hi jaques

Im also from South Africa. My wife's lung cancer story is not as happy as yours as it took only 3 months from detection to her passing away. Today its 10 months.

You will find the most wonderful people here who are helpfull friendly and knowlegible.


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Hi Jaques!

Welcome here and thanks for sharing such a positive story! Like you, I didn't find this web site until 3 years after my diagnosis and surgeryI did take chemo because they felt that my chances for a reoccurence woiuld be smaller if I did that.

Like you I am very grateful for my life and am thankful for each and every single day.

Stay here and take care!

Judy in MI

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Welcome Jaques,

Like the others have said there are absolutely some wonderful people here. Some like you currently with no evidence of disease and others that are still in the middle of the fight. I hope you find out, like I did, that it is such a relief to be able to talk about things with people from all around the world - that actually understand where you are coming from and can help should anything arise. We always recommend that you stop in at cancergrace.org - - there you will find another forum where you can ask technical questions and actual oncologists will respond as best they can with the information you have. (Many of the folks here have knowledge and experience and are very willing to help too.) I hope that you stay with us and look forward to seeing your posts.


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Hi, and welcome. It is amazing because of the internet that we can meat and talk to someone so far away. As far as diagnosis we are not so far away. It sounds like so far you are doing wonderful! Great News!

Welcome to the to the friends of NED.

I was diagnosed in December of 97', I went through chemo and radiations surgery to remove a lobe and more chemo. The good news is I am still Cancer free! I love my friend NED, ( no evidence of disease)

Keep us posted on how you are doing. Any follow up xrays coming up?

Donna G

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hi Jacques,

Welcome to LCSC,it so good to hear of your success in the fight against LC,may it long continue.Looking forward to getting to know you,please keep the posts coming.

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