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K, I"ll start! It's 10:00AM here. Here's the bizarre part, it's snowing. Hard! 4 to 5 inches. This is nutzoid. But it's supposed to get to 40 by mid-afternoon, so it will go away fast. I don't ever remember snow this late in the year. Wow.

Well it's Monday. This week I'm pulling a triple shift at Gilda's Club. Their volunteer coordinator left, and they are hurting right now. So I'm going to step up for a couple of weeks and help out more until they get this all figured out. The snow must stop though. It's a 45 minute drive there, and I don't relish that on slippery roads.

So strange to wake up and Randy is home. My life is really weird right now. A part of me really likes him being around, but I don't want to get used to it because soon enough he'll be off and about again.

Stephanie, so sorry about your step-sister. How sad that the family will not be honest with your father. And I love that you got knackered in your weeding! LOL

Judy you are welcome for the language lessons. It amazes me that such "sayings" or words are at the tip of my fingers with Google. What a world we live in now. It is truly remarkable. I am always very curious about other cultures, and love that Eric throws that stuff into his posts so I can go learn new things!

Bud, I don't think your part of Texas was devastated by the tornados, but how horrible. I saw the video of the storms and

they were terrifying. How sad.

Well, I'll check back later. Have a great start to your week. I'm betting not many will say they have 4 inches of snow!

Judy in MI

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Good Morning,

Judy, the tornados were from Oklahoma to Virginia. It was awful watching the actual storms on CNN. My only wish is that there will be blessings, someday, from these tragedies.

I hate to say this (for you Judy in MI) but it's warm, breezy and sunny here right now. My gardenias are in full bloom and the yard smells yummy. I also had a magnolia bloom this week. Spring came up very quickly this year and we're already into summer temperatures.

To all, have a very blessed day.

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Judy (MI) - I think Oklahoma also got hammered with weather not sure though.

Yes - It's Monday - the first day of the week that the clock gets a work out on. I wonder if resetting the clock 5 or 6 times counts as exercise - I mean it tires you out so you have to sleep for a few more minutes right.

I have a busy day at work then have to go with my mom and the kid to family counseling - seems my discipline style is different from my moms.....shock. He actually went over to her house around 9:30 last night (later than I wanted). I hope he stays over there tonight too because I am just tired and would like to watch stupid tv in bed and then go to sleep.

For now - I guess I will have to get back to work. Not even lunch time yet - slow clock day!


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Well Annette, not only is it a slow clock day, it's a slow day here too! Where is everyone???? Not like you that did write don't count. :-)

I knew about the N. Carolina twisters. Good heavens what a horrible thing. But I thought I heard Texas had some too. Who knows? Bud will clear that up when he gets in here. Bud?????

MI Judy

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