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Thought I may have made a man's day today -


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Was at the hospital today with my family for a procedure. While leaving, found myself outside of an office I visited daily for over a month. As I was wondering about going inside, a familiar face exited the office.

I made sure it was who I thought it was, and just started talking to the man, told him thank you for radiating my stage III lung cancer, EIGHT YEARS ago. I asked him if I made his day, he gave me a big hug and told me I made his YEAR. I made his year, yet he played a part in making my life - doesn't seem like quite a fair trade, huh?

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You are the reason he goes to work everyday - the successes. You gave him strength to keep helping patients fight and he gave you the greatest feeling of all when we are able to truly thank someone for giving us the opportunity to carry on.

Congratulations and I hope you keep thanking him for many years to come!


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